Kidi…What?! Kidi Fun! Excuse me sir ! Ah! Hat’s Off ! Hi Kidis! Today, we show you three easy origami ideas to decorate your home for Halloween. Except that at the time, I did not know how to make origami so, I tried, I failed, I tried again, I still failed Anyways, all that to say that I’ll show you paper decorations. Okay, well, that’s it … [Car noises] For this first tutorial, you will need thin paper, or a garbage bag. The inside of it being black. Perfect for our spiderweb! a pair of scissors, I first turn my rectangular sheet into a square of 21 cm per side. I cut. And then I can start my folding. I start with by folding the square in half. Then a second time to obtain two squares. I unfold the whole thing. And I fold my rectangle to make a cone. I cut the edges that are sticking out. And I fold the triangle again. I cut. And now I can start cutting my spiderweb. Simply cut strips inside the triangle. Be extra careful to cut the folded side, or you’ll cut everything and it will not hold. You now unfold it completely to discover your spider web. Do the same with all the colors of your choice. I chose white, orange and black. When your cobwebs are ready you can stick them with sticky paste to create nice decorations. You can also do the same with a garbage bag. You just have to cut a square inside the bag. I used a ruler to be sure to have sides of equal length. I draw marks using a permanent marker so that it adheres well to the bag. And then I cut. All attached sides must be cut. And you get two squares to make two cobwebs. Then it’s the same thing. You have to make the same fold. And you get your big cobweb. I even discovered that the trash bags were so thin and electrostatic they stick on windows. I do not know if they stick for a long time but it’s still a good tip. For the second tutorial, you will need a pencil, black thread, a ruler, black and white papers, and a glue gun. I first make a mark at 6 cm from the edge of my square. Then I draw a line. And I draw a half of my bat. Feel free to take your time and erase to make the ideal shape. Then I fold the paper. And I cut. This way, I get two very similar sides. I unfold. My bat is ready! I just have to drop my template on black paper. And trace the outline with a pencil. I repeat the process as many times as I need bats. When they are ready, I only have to cut them out. It takes a little patience but the result is worth it. You can also ask a friend to help you, it will be even faster! Take your time to remove all traces of pencil. Now you can stick the bats together. I superimposes three of them. I stick the first two with a glue stick. And then I use hot glue to place the thread. and paste the third bat. I repeat the same operation with as many bats as necessary. To make it even cuter, I add “googly eyes”. But you can also make eyes with felt. Then I fold the wings so as to imitate a bat in flight. Your garland is ready! For the third decoration, you will need cotton paper handkerchiefs / tissues, black paper, and glue. First, I take a piece of cotton which
I roll into a ball with my hands. Then I apply a little glue on my cotton, and I fix it in the center of my handkerchief. I fold the handkerchief. And I add a little glue for the ghost not to be too open. Now I draw black eyes and mouths of my ghosts on paper. And I cut. You now only glue them on your handkerchiefs. I used hot glue but it is much easier to use a glue stick. I take a cord. to which which I attach the ghosts with glue. Here, your garland is ready. I hope you liked these ideas. Do not hesitate to LIKE and COMMENT or SUBSCRIBE for more videos. See you soon!


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