DIY Easter palm, Easter decoration (ENG Subtitles) – Speed up #316

Hi. Today I will show you
how to make Easter palm. I made it by request from my viewer. Detailed list of all needed items is in the description of this video. Cut a strip from crepe paper (4 cm x 25 cm). Scretch it a little. Fold a corner. Twist the edge as candy (about 1.5 cm spacing). Glue the end of strip to wooden skewer. Wrap the wooden skewer. Secure the end by using glue. Wrap the remaining part of skewer by using crepe paper. Make a few more sticks as this one. Cut a strip of crepe paper. Apply glue on the end and twist it (make a twine). We need a few twines as this one. Take all sticks and put boxwood between them. Tie them by using thick thread. Add more boxwood. Tie it. Now, attach the roses. Add more boxwood. Tie it. Attach the ends of twines. Make another row of roses. Add boxwood. Tie it. Attach second ends of twines. Make third row of roses. Add boxwood and cypress. Tie them strongly. Make a handle by using wooden skewers. Tie them. Wrap them by using strip of tissue paper. Cut a few pieces of ribbon. Tie them in the middle. Attach them to the palm. Add a few more. And it’s done. This palm is a great Easter decoration. You can make it together with children. This can be a great fun. You can decorate it also by using catkins, dried cereal ears or dried grasses. Please give a like to this video
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