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home holiday events wedding and DIY decor today I’m gonna show you how to
make a circus theme party centerpiece and setup here we go I am very excited to make today
centerpiece because it’s going to be circus themed and I’m going to be making
a cage yeah a cage a cage for ferocious animals from this circus and here are
three watch out okay don’t be scared here they are so cute I got this three
from Walmart and these two were 297 each in this one was 1997 and the reason is
997 is because it does this all right so cute so so cute and then
you know which to decide from so one of these I want to go back I’m not sure
which one why don’t we just keep it yeah so I was thinking I’m either gonna use
this too or this one by itself but I’m not sure yet so it’s gonna be pretty
easy to make but there’s lots and lots of paintings so let’s get started I’m
going to be using for a by tens picture frames from Dollar Tree for my
centerpiece which is going to be a cage for my circus animal so I’m going to
take the content out out of two of them the other tool you don’t need to at all next I’m going to pull the tabs back to
its original position so I can take them off if you leave them up and you try to
pull them out it’s going to break the frame so I’m going to push them back to
its original position and then I’m going to pull with my pliers now I’m going to
paint both frames in gloss red for my other two frames
I’m leaving the glass and an all the content inside the frame but I’m also
going to paint on both sides and red I’m going to be making the wheels off my
cage with this container from Dollar Tree this is a magnetic container that
they have there there are dollar each obviously duh I can’t believe I said
that anyway I’m going to only use the lid and
I’m going to be painting it in gloss red I found this pretty cool mason jar lid
at Michaels and I’m also going to be using it on my wheels and I’m going to
paint it a metallic gold I’m going to be using 5/16 inch wooden dowels to make
the bars on my cage I’m going to use a total of 8 4 are going to go on one of
the frames without the glass and four are going to go on the other without the
glass and I’m going to be painting them in metallic gold I’m also going to be
using four of these beautiful decorative shapes that I got from Michaels and I’m
also going to be painting it a metallic gold to make my animal cage look really
really cool I’m going to be using this laser cut wood frame from Michaels I’m
going to be using the two shorter sides these two sides are a little longer as
you can see so I’m going to be sign these two sides off and they are going
to go so you’ll know what I’m trying to do they are going to go on top of the
frame as so okay alright so I’m going to grab myself and I’m going to cut I’m painting these metallic gold alright
guys so let’s start putting this baby together it has been two long days of
painting for me it really has alright so I’m going to be placing the dowels
inside the frames the ones without anything in the middle and I’m gonna
have to cut down I’m going to be using my wire cutters to cut them because it
has worked for me in the past you can you know use a saw
or whatever you will like I’m going to just measure them where’s my pencil he
fits perfectly now I’m going to go ahead and cut all eight and I’ll be right back
alright so here they are and I’m going to only take four for this one I will do
this one later and do not dispose of the part that you cut because you are going
to use it later so keep that and I’m going to place it inside here so I’ll
know where I want them to be okay before I glue them and I’m going to be using
hot glue to keep this in place okay but let’s see where I want them first I like
how this one is snug I like that you know you probably need any glue if you
have them you know snug like that darn make sure your other catch lines up with
the other one by placing it right next to each other or under each other next I’m going to cut out two pieces of
this white foam board in this shape of the back of the picture frame so I can
replace this part right here with the formwork so it can be all white now I’m
going to replace it but I think I’m going to end up pulling out the tabs
because I don’t think I want that look I don’t like when tabs show on projects I
see them a lot like on lanterns where people leave that and I always cringe
when I see it so what I’m going to do is push this back down and pull them all
out and then I’m going to glue it right on top of here so in a perfect world I will be using
e6000 only to glue my cage together and let it sit for 24 hours until he dries
because it will be very solid but it is not a perfect world for me and I need to
do this in front of you guys right away so I’m going to be using hot glue to
help me out and keep this case together while e 6000 dries okay do not I repeat
do not only use hot glue to glue your cage because it will fall apart on you
the second you have it in there’s a little bit hot the glue will
melt on you in your cage and your animal will like come out and start biting
everybody okay all right so let’s put this together okay so this is going to
be my front and back okay and this two are going to be my sides going to place
the cage or the bars frame on the front and the side frame behind it
don’t put it next to it place it behind that looks neater to me if you like it
on this side go right ahead but I think this looks better now I’m going to use my second foam
board to make a top for my cage and to do that I’m going to use a pencil to
trace inside the cage and then I’m going to cut it out with my craft knife now
let’s place it you know let fall all the way to the bottom now you’re gonna have
to add some glue to the corner so he can stay put so you know be very careful
about doing that because you don’t want it to be or to get sloppy okay this is
gonna be the top so you’re not really gonna be able to see it but at the same
time you know you never know so just very lightly alright so now I’m going to
glue my laser-cut part of the frame right here on top and I would suggest
that you use e6000 to do this and then you should place something right behind
it so you know it can stay put and let it dry for 24 hours but now I’m going to
be using hot glue instead because I need it to be upright now remember these little pieces I talked to
you about now you are going to place it right here on these sides right here and
right here now I’m going to be using this pretty cool wood decorative shapes
from Michaels and I’m going to be placing it on the red side of the box or
of the cage and they’re going to go on as so very cool right oh you can put
them up here or in the middle or wherever you like I think I’m going to
place them right here now I’m going to make the wheels that are going to go
right in front and on the back of the cage and I’m just going to glue the
mason jar lid on top of my other lid in a perfect world here I go again with
that don’t get annoyed so in a perfect world you will use e6000 let it dry
overnight right now I’m just going to use my hot glue gun I’m going to be
gluing on the wheels for my cage and it’s going to go as so make sure to use
e6000 but right now I’m just going to use hot glue to finish up the look I’m going to use
an assortment of balloons that I got from Walmart for 97 cents I’m going to
be placing it right on top of my cage and you know cuz you know I have to have
balloons on all of my kids projects because she’s gonna have it plus it’s a
circus you gotta have balloons so I ended up blowing up the balloons fairly
small these are 9 inch balloons by the way and I ended up blowing up only one
of each color I may add more but I have to see how it looks on top first and I’m
going to be using this ribbon to tie them together but you can use whatever
you have at home long story short you are going to need two balloons of each
and it looks perfect love it look at that now I’m going to switch to
my low temperature gun to secure my balloons to the centerpiece and this way
my balloons won’t pop I am going to add one more red balloon here because
there’s an empty spot right here that I didn’t realize I hat so I’m just going
to place this one right here on its own now all there’s left to do is to place
my little buddy right in there he’s gonna look so good in his new cage I
mean only because he’s a stuffed animal real animals don’t belong in cages
anyway I have two of these so I might just place both of them in there so he
won’t be all lonely or I might just place one I’m gonna play a wrong with it
and then I’ll let you see the final project okay guys this is it
this is my circus Tea Party centerpiece and it is absolutely oh my gosh wild it
is while I know I am being corny but it is wild I love it and as you can see I
decided to place both plush animals inside the cage and I think it’s perfect
this way because if you are going to use this as your centerpiece on your table
your guests are going to be able to see an animal on both sides you can also
place a Plus animal in the middle and that’s
totally fine if you are going to use it only for her the third table there is no
need for a second plush animal and you can use this centerpiece for many
celebrations you can use it at a baby shower a first second third fourth and
even fifth birthday party I am truly truly truly crazy about the
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