DIY Black Lava Aquarium Decoration – Avatar like levitating floating rocks for Aquascaping

What’s up guys and welcome to another pro tip video. I’m here at the beautiful world of aquascaping the… GreenAqua workshop So this is actually backstage and we’re doing a little DIY today I’m gonna show you in today’s pro tip how you can build one of this tiny kind of invisible Levitating lava rocks, with some riccardia moss on top, or whatever you want to attach to it Okay guys so into this pro tip I’m showing you how you can build your very own Fake levitating rock. What do you need for this? This is going to be: a piece of lava rock, can be black, I really like the black color. Then you’re gonna need a saw One that is kind of (I don’t know) strong enough to cut the lava rock, which works just like magic you gonna need a drill To drill a hole and you’re gonna need some suction cups Then you’re gonna need some tools like plant glue Mosscotton or the Riccialine (You know) the fishing line to attach things and then maybe some Riccardia moss or any other plans that you want to attach to those rocks So, how does it work? First of all, you choose a small size rock that is
(you know) the size that you want Don’t use too flat rocks, because those will then
(I don’t know) display the suction cup next step you cut the rock in half That works surprisingly easy
those of you who have tried before Cutting or smashing lava rocks, they are very soft and they’re even softer if you try to cut them with a saw So once you have cut the rock you go and you pick up the suction cups of the right size that are matching the rock Diameter then you are drilling a hole.
the hole is preferably Slightly smaller than the suction cup
because then it just fits there Securely and you don’t need any I don’t know glue or anything to support it in there So in my case, I found the perfect drill diameter I drilled a hole into the rock
and I squeezed the suction cup inside and now it’s already done Now It’s up to your creativity
I found some spare Riccardia here at GreenAqua It was left over from the 60cm aquarium
that I have scaped during my visit So I attached some of it. I did one rock with a super glue method and the other rock with the Riccia Line I just demonstrating that both are possible It’s up to you, if you like gluing things,
then you can use the super glue if you don’t like gluing things,
then you can use the Riccia Line. If it’s a type of moss that will attach by itself,
or if It’s a Bucephalandra, or a fern, or Anubias,
whatever it is Then you can use maybe even a Wood Tight
or something or Mosscotton,
a cotton thread that will dissolve over time or a Zip-Tie anyway Just anything just to secure the plant on top of the rock the big advantage of using the glue with the moss is then because no strings or nothing is visible and Then I basically cut off all the excess moss
and here I have some little tiny Levitating rock that can be attached to the side wall to the back wall of the aquarium to create some I don’t know Avatar, Pandora style layout.
And how do I came up with this crazy idea? Balazs was adding some ferns to the background
of the 650 liter aquarium in the gallery and Yeah, he wanted to have the ferns in the back and we’ve been thinking:
How to attach them? To what? Just to a rock and throw them into the background and I said well we can do this I quickly made a prototype it worked just magic and the benefit,
of having a fern attached to a rock like this, in the back of your tank,
you can raise it, lower it, tilt it in all kinds of directions Giving you all kind of possibilities, whatever you want so yeah, that’s Maybe you can even propagate some Moss like this,
in your display tank and quickly remove those pieces from it for taking a photo or something.
So just make use of the naked walls inside the tank I hope you appreciated this pro tip,
if you did so, please share with your friends,
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‘See ya’


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