DIY – Aspen Log Decorative Outdoor Yard Light

hey guys in this video we’re going to change things up a little bit today and we’re going to create some decorative yard lights out of an old aspen tree, now the very first thing we need to do is we need to cut these logs down to our preferred size, so let’s go ahead and get started alright so here i have my three logs and the very first thing we want to do is going to measure these out and you can cut these to any size that you choose but i think we are going to go with 26 for the first log and what we’re going do is we’re going cut this first log first and then determine what the measurements on the other two logs will be so on this log here all we decided is that we all we needed to do is straighten this top up so it’s not seen such a slant but as far as the length it’s good to go like that what we’re doing is we are taking the three logs what we wanted them do is you want them to step down so this one we took about four inches off this one we just trim the top and this one we’ll go ahead and cut about eight inches off once again whatever logs your using it can be any length or size that you want so i got one more like to cut so let’s get this and cut and then we’ll start putting things together ok now we have our logs cut next thing we’re going to do is we’re going to wrap some twine around these to hold them in place and you’ll be able to hide the twine later in the project we have some stuff we’re going to decorate them with alright there you go ok so we’re going to turn these logs into outdoor decorative lighting is we actually have these solar lights you can buy in your hardware store what I’m going to do is I’m going to pre-drill holes in each one of these logs and these are going to countersink probably about four inches into the log so next step is to drill our holes hey my friends now we have our logs tied together we have our holes drilled we have our solar lights in place the next thing to do is decorate so you can use anything that you want we purchased some pine Garland and also some of this red beaded garland so we’re just going to determine what looks best so it’s going to take a little bit of time to put this on so we’ll be right back good yep alright guys we chose the pine garland it looks pretty cool. we did make a couple alterations originally i showed you how we only tied it in the the center what we did is we took these apart we actually tied it in two different locations which makes it a lot more sturdy so that’s the finished project we’re just going to wait for the Sun at the down and we’re going to see how it looks in the dark alright this is what it looks like at nighttime looks awesome we did have one small issue and that is the top solar light put off so much light at the bottom two lights didn’t turn on this is easily fixed by placing a little bit of a black electrical tape on the bottom of the top light so it’s working good now looks great if you have some logs at home this is a easy little project to create some pretty cool outdoor lighting my friends i hope you enjoyed this video is so please subscribe to our YouTube channel and I’ll see you on the next video have a great night bye bye


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