DIY Как сделать снежинку из ленты Украшение на елку Christmas tree decoration Ribbon and Beads

hello everyone my dear viewers I will make this beautiful snowflake. You need a ribbon (168cm) ruler, 12 light beads (plastic or wooden) I bought beads
8 millimeters (diametr) needle and thread marker and scissors.
You will have a six-pointed snowflake and on You will need to measure each side
five segments segments we will measure in such
sequences the first segment – 10
centimeters, next – 2, then 7 and 7, and again 2. so you will need to
measure six times. well let’s get started the first segment is 10cm
but I will leave 2cm at the beginning. measure 10cm then we measure 2cm next we have two segments of 7cm and the last one – 2cm. Do the same 6 times 10cm 2cm 7cm and 7cm, and again
2cm 10cm again I finished making segments.
now I can cut the end of my ribbon I will leave 2 cm at the end I need to mark the points where I will sew the last segment is 2cm
and I will mark the points exactly on the bends. then I have two
segments of 7cm and I mark points about 5 millimeters from the fold the segmentn 2cm. I will mark the points on folds 10cm and again 2cm go back to the end of our tape.
Take a needle and thread and start flashing the first segment is 2cm there will be a bead here 2 segments of 7cm there will not be a bead here next segment is 2cm there will be a bead here again you can see how it will look like 7cm and 7cm. No beads here. 10cm and 2cm. There will be a bead My snowflake is almost done and now
I will bend all edges outside and inside now I can trim the unnecessary ribbon I made a beautiful snowflake thank you for watching and see you in next videos

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