Disney’s Boardwalk Resort’s Gingerbread House Display & Christmas Holiday Decorations 2019 – Wow!

We’re going to the Boardwalk. The Boardwalk’s all decorated for Christmas. Some really pretty trees. All kinds of ornaments on it. Popcorn balls, and Santa’s belt. A Carousel rabbit. Nutcracker. A goose. Poinsettias. All kinds of stuff. And another tree over here. Some different animals. A carousel tiger. A horse. More Nutcrackers. They also have the Boardwalk Bakery made out of gingerbread. Ask me if I like it. Do you like it? I do…I love it! I do too! And it has the ESPN Club, the Boardwalk Bakery, the Trattoria al Forno, Flying Fish, and Crest Of The Wave. And the ingredients are: Honey – 42, gallons, Whole Rye Flour – 364 lbs., Light Rye Flour – 364 lbs., Eggs – 336,
Ammonium Carbonate – 10.5 lbs., Bread Flour – 336 lbs., Egg Whites – six gallons, Powdered Sugar…so much stuff! And 25 Hidden Mickey’s. There’s Mickey and Minnie in the Bakery
hard at work. Very cool. Looks like some carrot cake and some gingerbread men. A chocolate Mickey back there on the shelf. Really cool. There’s all the seats where
people can sit on the Boardwalk. A wedding chapel there. And a gazebo. And we need to find at least one Hidden
Mickey. There’s a Mickey on top of the tree. There’s a Hidden Mickey on the back of
that chair. And behind the Gingerbread Boardwalk
they have this rollercoaster. And these are holiday treats that you can buy here. White and dark chocolate peppermint bark. Jumob coconut macaroons. And a Spritzkuchen. Which I don’t know what that is but it looks great. There’s another tree out in the open courtyard. That’s very pretty. Out there is the lake, and the Yacht Club and the Beach Club.

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