#destinationwedding YEP Primeira Websérie de Casamento em Pipa RN – EP 5 #casamentonapraia

COME TRUE This morning, the 19th … is the morning that
precedes everything… to their vows renewal. We thought with much care, much love…

Photographer and YEP Producer to make them breakfast. That they wake up,
admire the house’s beautiful view. Admire the sea and take breakfast. The three of them…
Enjoying family, enjoying their love. That this day start great. And will end wonderfully well. Jacy? – [Mayuri] Good morning, baby.
– [Jacy] Good morning. I’m looking for my slipper,
but I didn’t find it. – Thank you.
– Just so you know… that breakfast is served on the balcony… just open the curtain and you’ll see. – Okay?
– Okay. – Good morning.
– [People] Good morning. Good morning. Good morning.
Good morning. Good morning. – Don’t you sleep?
– [Person] No. CASA AZUL
Furniture Partner Man, it’s been… Because, i always say Jacyara is crazy.

Photographer and YEP Technical Support And we are even crazier
because… you have to get into her vibe. [Anderson] One, two, three and out! Speaking of… About Jacyara been a little crazy… [Anderson] One, two, three and go! [Anderson] Okay. [Anderson] So good. [Iago Videomaker] I‘m recording this ok? – [Júnior] Sing Iago.
– [Iago Videomaker] Let me see… ♪ [Singing] ♪ ♪ [Singing] ♪ [Júnior] He damn sings. ♪ Vai, vai, vai. ♪ [Iago Videomaker] I’ve never seen
someone do the dishes so happy. [Iago Videomaker] Come on, come on.
Give example, give exemple. ♪ No groove… ♪ [Iago Videomaker] Yeah.
Wash dishes it’s not a bad thing, guys. On ours couples’ events…

M&J CEO – Event management specialist – “Bride” it works… because there are lots of people
that works for the whole… and not just for the individual success. We know who we have on our team.

M&J Director How our team works. The client has to understand that… he’s hiring those suppliers… because he trusts their work. Exactly! Those people i consider, like, friends really. They are people that i admire their work… when they working with my brides. Now we got to the point which… All the suppliers arrived.

INDRIELLI MIRANDA – M&J Events Coordination Right? And everybody is engaged… giving their best to do the renewal… happen. And now we are on the top… because everybody is preparing. But everything it’s working. Everybody is engaged to that ceremony… happens well. Mayuri, Paulo is here on the bedroom… there’s any way the guy to come here quickly? Please. [Mayuri] I’m coming. Thank you. We are making the bride’s space, right?

PAULO GOETTEMS Decoration The bride’s room. And she brought a few objects to make the décor, in this room. Important things to her, to her life,
to the couple’s life. And i have the image, right?
The image it’s from her mother. Trips they made, the rings, right? Memories of important
moments of life. Be careful with the basics. And the basics it’s the cleaning, it’s the generator. The part that it’s not pretty, that it’s not fun,
you have to have. Have to have because
that’s important… keeps your event okay. Did you imagine? Your guest going the
restroom and it’s all dirty! Not cool, right? [Iago Videomaker] Ask him to talk too. So, the guys go there and do the work. – Wesley!
– [People] He left. So, the cleaning it’s crucial… to any kind of event.

WESLEY NASCIMENTO – Cleaning Your event will be clean,
we’ll keep it clean, let your guests on a comfort zone. But here’s the deal, we are cleaning, doing the…
EDVAL – Cleaning I’m cleaning the windows
to make them clean. We are making it very clean, you know?
To keep it organized… We are from Oficina Ricca… and we are here to celebrate Jacy and Júnior’s renewal.

RICARDO NORO – Furniture Rental and Montage of Events And in partnership with
Paulo Goettems Decor… in the montage in this beautiful
place Pipa beach. Well, today is the day. We got here to Jacy and Júnior’s renewal.

LUIZ SILVA – Buffet And we brought some of our
cutlery here today. You can see the glasses
chosen by the bride. Part of cutlery also…
It’s a little different, right? All rustic. Menu… according to her choice,
very personalized. And it’s according to Pipa. Nature, clean things, very light, enjoying
the environment vibe. One thing that happened it’s that… in my ceremonialist… head… i was going to be welcoming everyone… Not to follow the montage,
nor inspecting anything, because i’m very calm. When i give the event to my team,
i really do and i’m good with it. But the point is to welcome the
people, the suppliers… that are my friends, like… And hug all of them. “No, you have to stay here, because otherwise you’ll see
one thing or another and… it will lose the surprise”. “It’s true Jal, i didn’t think about it”. So, she’s bringing everyone here… i insist that she brings everyone here,
so i can give them a hug. With each one that comes here
i get emotional… by the energy that everyone brings.
It’s so good. Thank you… Thank you. Amem. It’s so good. It is. God bless you, bless your
work, your family. I’m very happy, very emotional.
My heart is: “tu tu tu tu tu”.

KELLY OLIVEIRA – Instant Photos Very fast. Because i’m very happy. Because what Jacy does comes
from God. It’s very illuminated. All that she thinks, that she
projects has the good involved. If she says: “Let’s go Kelly?”.
I’m coming. I’m already in. I insisted to be here. I’d be here a thousand times.

KARINA AZEVÊDO – Beauty and hair A bride so calm, zen. Almost Buda. Wonderful. Because… i feel part of… M&J’s family. Thank you for invited me. And i’m here to retouch
the lipstick. But Karla came with this energy,
with a smile on her face. When a met Karla, was on workshop
Mulheres dos Sonhos. It was wonderful. Since i met Jacy,
everything changed.

KARLA FERNANDES – Cake designer And keeps changing… my life. And Karla was going through… she said she was not in a good place. That she was fragile, her work was not going well. Now i have this opportunity,
this privilege, right? Of making her renewal cake. I’m very happy for her… Because i know how we met. I get emotional because
she was really fragile… Thinking that her things it
was not going to work out. She’s doing our cake this is the best, like… Wow, i was excited. I was like: “I can’t believe!
Me? Is it me?”. Jacy, you are ten.
Ten, really a ten. Not ten, a thousand! Thank you so much for the invitation
and always count on me. They are very important people.

Pharmaceutical – Businessman – “Groom” They are committed to work. We see how gratifying… is to work with qualified persons. That’s why i’m so happy
to work with event. It’s a fucking challenge… You know? You take a place
and transform the whole place. On the next episode… PARTNERS PARTNERS FROM PIPA

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