Destination weddings the Bahamas | Bahamas Top Google 2013 Destination Wedding Searches by Americans

Hi I’m Glenn Ferguson your Bahamas wedding planner and wedding officiant at Bahamas Destination wedding.
Destination weddings the Bahamas. Google is great for so many things including marketing and research. Making it easier than ever to access information
on topic you desire. And we like to see the trends for destination
wedding and in particular destination weddings the Bahamas – Well Google released its annual review of
searches for 2013 and destination weddings the Bahamas topped the list at number 2. The list of searches performed in the U.S.
for destination wedding locations showed the trending locations, that is the destinations
with the greatest increase in search volume from the previous year. More and more Americans are viewing The Bahamas
as a dream location for destination weddings. This strong increase in the amount of Americans
looking to marry in the Bahamas could have to do with the beautiful beaches, luxurious
resort, superior wedding services and perfect tropical weather. Google’s statistics prove that many people
are interested in sharing the Bahamas with their loved at destination weddings. And we enjoy helping them create weddings
that are talked about for a lifetime by their family and friends. If you have questions about destination weddings
in the Bahamas give me a call Glenn Ferguson, your Bahamas wedding planner at 1-(242)-327-2453
or simply email: [email protected] Talk to you soon about weddings in the Bahamas.

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