Day 29- It’s OK To Feel Like Shit

we have reached the penultimate episode
of the bridezilla 30 days of wedding planning and this to be honest is one of
my favorite topics to share information about and share a little bit of a change
of ethos hopefully with you I’m Alicia I host bridezilla the podcast
that hopefully will help you plan your wedding hopefully I think hopefully a
lot that will hopefully provide you with some recourse to de-stress when it comes
to wedding planning gee I should put that on a fucking t-shirt bridezilla the
podcast that provides recourse to do look it just helps you ditch the wet
stress basically and I said I’m Alicia oh my god it’s like I’m having some sort
of problem today’s episode is all about just not enjoying wedding planning and
how fine that is I’ve got a chapter in the bridezilla Survival Guide called
it’s okay to feel like shit and it is here’s the thing wedding planning like
50 other million events that happen in your life is a blip and it’s an
important blip no doubt but it’s a blip and throughout planning you’re probably
still going to work you will be dealing with family relationships money stuff
health things keep going the life that you were living before you got engaged
continues to go while you’re engaged and getting ready to get married and I
guarantee you after you get married stuff will continue as well I get a bit
sort of shitty when people say everything’s great a wedding will solve
all your problems and you’ll be happy and delighted all the time
which is absolute rubbish just because someone’s put a ring on it doesn’t mean
firstly any relationship issues that you were having before will be magically
solved by a diamond or a ring that’s not true that if you are having marital
problems or you are having problems with you
health mental health issues these are a big topic in our bridezilla community
and a topic that is not discussed really at all in wedding media and that is that
people suffer from depression and anxiety and all of these extra things
that everyday parts of real life that it’s just like people should pack them
up in a box and forget about them for the next six to twelve months because
you aren’t allowed to not enjoy the process and I disagree with that
entirely stuff happens you get stressed they’re going to be facets like we’ve
been speaking about in the last twenty eight episodes that some people will
really enjoy in other people were like oh this sucks
I hate having to make guest lists and I’m not really interested in dacor but I
love music and I love booze or I really like choosing the menu but I’m not very
interested in my wedding dress everyone’s going to take different
experiences from the experience and it is really one of those things that I
feel like we just get trapped in this idea that you have to be all the time
and that’s just not the case so I want to just encourage you to be able to step
away from things if they get too stressful wedding planning and all the
tasks Wedman as I like to call it will always it’ll be there tomorrow if you
feel overwhelmed if you are not having a great day if you feel like you don’t
want to think about this stuff anymore then don’t you don’t have to be excited
about it all the time and you don’t you know I think that’s one thing actually I
always forget to mention this friends at work and people go how’s the wedding
planning going you having a great time and sometimes you just want to go no no
I’m not but that’s not socially acceptable it’s like when someone says
how are you and you just go yeah I’m good thanks even though really you’re
like actually I’m not good I woke up with a terrible headache this morning
and we’ve been having some truck I mean relationship-wise great but money-wise
we just feel a lot of stress no one wants to hear that shit I mean I think
it’s great if you’re honest but people get very
confronted with honesty especially people at work and sort of acquaintances
doesn’t always work so it does get frustrating when people like are you
having a great time and if you say actually this is sucks we don’t have
enough money I’m having a lot of family troubles I can’t find a dress I’m not
very happy with my body image I want to correct my mindset about that people are
like what’s happened to her why is she being honest she should be having a
really good time so that’s it I this is a big topic I talk about it a lot in the
bride Sheila field Survival Guide God get the name right girlfriend I wrote
this and I just said the wrong name of the book the here it is it’s okay to
feel like shit so look it’s one of those things it’s there’s a lot to say and a
lot to say I can’t say in a four-minute video but I encourage you if you haven’t
purchased already have a look you can buy it on Kindle as well I keep
forgetting to mention maybe you’re a digital folk buy it on the Kindle read
it it’s a bullshit free wedding planner and I put my heart and soul into it and
love hearing your feedback about it there it is
tomorrow is the last day day 30 and I’m going to in my very own Alysha way recap
the last 30 days but also give you some extra tips on what being a bride chiller
is and how to reach that sort of bride chiller status and also just how to
actually try and enjoy this process even when you’re sort of feeling like shit
I’m not I’m not going back on what I just said for the last four minutes
thanks so much for watching if you want to learn more about me and what I do and
the bridezilla podcast and the books all you need to do is head to the Brad
chiller calm and you will find all the information and you can also sign up for
a seven days of wedding planning sort of mini course right to send an email a day
and give you very similar to this a rundown of all of the stuff links handy
spreadsheets if you’re a digital person and just ways to get you into the
bridezilla mindset which i think is a really healthy mindset to be in and I
encourage everyone to get in touch and take part

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