Daughters Try On Their Mother’s Wedding Dress

– I’m excited to try on her dress. I never really thought
that I would ever wear it. – You know what, I really
don’t know what to expect. – I’m probably not going to get emotional. Sorry about that! – No, it’s okay! – I might cry. But I might not. – Oh God! – I’m definitely gonna cry. – It was a nice dress for $25. – It’d be like a $40 dress today, right? – My mother in law wore it in 1952, and then I wore it in 1987. And so, this’ll be the third time it’s been put on by
somebody in our family. – This dress was meant to be a symbol of dreams and hopes and
what I wanted for my life. – [Blonde Girl] So Mother, turn around. – Okay, you can turn around now. – Turn around Mama. – (gasps) Oh my God! – [Daughter] (laughs) Mama… I look like you. – (laughs) The sleeves! – Your arms are longer than mine. – Well, I think you look great. – I feel like Keira Knightley. In a good way! There is nothing bad, ever, about feeling like Keira Knightley. I just feel like this
looks like the nightgown of a queen in the 1700’s. – Obviously, it doesn’t fit so I couldn’t wear it. I could just go like this right now and just bust the whole thing open. I do think it’s really pretty. – Oh, Mom. I used to idolize my mom when I was a kid and I just remember
her looking so gorgeous like a Barbie, so it’s really
interesting to be in this. I never thought that I’d wear it. – I think it’s a really nice dress. – It is a really nice dress. – There wasn’t a Lifetime
movie moment here, no one cried. – No, no one cried. – So when are you gonna get married? – (laughs) Nice try, Mom. (laughs) – It was very emotional for me just to think that she
might try on my dress and it was just nerve-wracking to think of this step in her life. – Oh, Oh my God! – Mom! – If it would have fit me perfectly I think it might have been
a different experience, like, “Oh, I could see myself
walking down the aisle!” But this is more like I’m playing dress up when I’m ten years old, or something. – I expect to see you in a dress like this maybe when I’m in a nursing home. – That’s upsetting. – I don’t think that’s a question! (laughs) – I think that you wear it best. – Yeah? – You do, yeah. – I actually think you did, ’cause I think that the hat makes it. – Oh, my mom totally wore it better. My mom, for sure. – No… – She is so gorgeous. – She totally wore it. – No, I think she did. – [Mom] When I saw you with the veil on, it was actually kind of funny! (laughs) – [Daughter] Oh yeah, the
veil made me look like the – [Both] Bride of Frankenstein! – That’s what I thought
when I first saw you but I didn’t want to say that because I didn’t want to offend you, but yeah.


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