Daniel Parra – Photographer | Documentary WedProduction

Hi, my name is Daniel Parra and I’m a cinematographer The first time I grabbed a camera was about ten years ago when I had the chance to use the professional equipment. I always thought interesting how the sound and images mixed all together and whenever I got a chance to work on a video I do it happily. I work on weddings because I believe in the power of capture this special moments that you can look back on over and over again. I found my work very valuable for the couples that get married. I have a very unique style that I will define like a documentary because I like more spontaneous things instead of forcing pictures. I really like to catch natural emotions, of each couple and as a part of my work, I also do editions and I focused that they really transmit an emotion to the bride and groom. I really think that an appropriate edition and a really good music as a final touch it could be very special and powerful. Just filming this images and adding music to them is a process that takes a lot of caution to really create a video with every special detail as it occurred and give them a good memory of their wedding. Emotions of guests, the bride and groom all this memories is for the couple. WedProduction is a very good option for anyone that is looking for experts that really can take their wedding into a film and production in a way that you can feel safe that it would be professional. I really believe that a community such as WedProduction is the best option that you can get.

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