Danger of Food Allergies at Events

– [Tracy] So how did you like the session on food risk and liability? – Tracy, I just wanna thank you so much for having the session. You were passionate
about it, and it showed, and for people like me who have
life threatening allergies, it’s awesome to have someone
who’s an advocate for us because it really is a
matter of life and death, and people kind of joke about it and talk about, “Well, people
just have these preferences.” But for a lotta people,
it’s a violent illness or life and death, and just
getting through the day and being able to eat three meals truly is a measuring and weighing on whether or not
someone’s gonna kill you. And so I just really encourage you guys to continue to spread the
news and fight the fight because we wanna be able
to go to these meetings and just have a normal
experience like everybody else, and we not being able to because we’re leaving to try
to go find food somewhere else. So thank you so much because
it is a serious cause, and I wish that there were
more sessions like this so there was more awareness.

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