Dana and David’s wedding day ends with a tragedy | Love Thy Woman Recap (With Eng Subs)

Dana’s calling. Hello, Dana? What?! You’re in the hospital?! [KNOCKING]
Dana? Papa! Auntie. Dana, how are you feeling? Someone else is
here to see Dana. Good morning. David… How’s the baby? The baby’s fine. Miss Lucy… Sir Adam… I know you don’t think I’m good
enough for your daughter. But I have good intentions. I’m not after your wealth, power, or anything. But please… Let me take care of
Dana and the baby. [THEME MUSIC PLAYING] You guys keep bumping into
each other coincidentally. First, it was at the
convenience store. And now, in Singapore? Do you think you were
fated to meet? Yeah! So I could bring him to you. So you guys could fix things. Why would I lie to you? And for what? I’d never do that. Did you notice anything
off about David in Singapore? Do you think he has
another woman there? Of course not! Maybe you followed him there! Jia. Tell me. Do you like David? Yes. I like him for you. I think
he’s a really great guy. David loves you
so much, Dana, so there’s nothing
to worry about. And why are you
butchering your pancakes? I called him but
he never picked up. That’s because– I didn’t know you
were together. He was upset over
what happened, okay? Dana, you have nothing
to worry about. He loves you, and I think
he’ll make a very good father. So just calm down, okay? You can have this for lunch. No, I’m eating that now. Hi. Good morning,
Miss Lucy and Mister Adam. I’m sorry to come this early. Sir, I consulted a lawyer to draft this for me. Aunt Kai and my best friend,
Patrick, already signed it as witnesses. We want to meet your mother
as soon as possible. Sir? The woman who
raised you well. You won this round. Thank you. Hello, guys, we’re at
the gown-fitting of Dana Wong, the eldest daughter of
real estate tycoon, Adam Wong. Preparations are now underway
for what might well be the wedding of the year. Ma, Pa! Oh my god!
You’re here! [CHUCKLES] – Hello!
– Welcome! Thank you. Hi. Ma, Pa,
this is Auntie Helen. I mean, Mama Helen. David’s Mom – And this is…
– Patrick. David’s best friend. – Hi.
– Patrick, hi. – Have a seat.
– Okay. Well, well, well… We are honored and
pleased to meet you, Helen. The honor is mine. I’ve seen so many of your
company’s billboards and advertisements from
the airport all the way here! Mom, they literally
built this city. That’s too much, David.
Maybe half the city? David, give me your word. You’ll be a good husband to my daughter, right? I am giving you my word, sir. I can kill anyone who
makes my daughter cry. Dana Wong. Hou Nian. Your future is bright. Year of the Monkey. Very full of life. Wealthy and fortunate. Also, hardworking. You are pregnant. The baby… It’s a boy. You are secret friends
with the Snake. David Chao. Jiang Yin. The groom is a Snake. Full of wisdom. Full of mystery. Snake and Monkey are
a very good match. Friendship is present. But you should not marry! It will bring great misfortune
to your family! Do not open the door and
let the curse enter your lives! Cursed! Cursed! You will suffer the way
you made me suffer. Your family will
never be happy. You should not be here.
Bad for you. Bad luck. Cursed! Adam? [THUNDER RUMBLING] Dana… Dana, wake up. Dana! [SCREAMS] Dana? [“EACH DAY WITH YOU” PLAYING] That home is never a place. It’s you. And I promise you this. From this day forward, I will choose you. Always you. For the rest of my life. I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride.
[GUESTS CHEERING] How are you feeling? Tired? You aren’t nauseated? I’m fine, Ma. You know what? I will never forget this day. This is the happiest day of my life. – Ma! Pa!
– Bye! See you at the reception! He’s excited! Bye! Love you! Babe, look. What? [CAR HONKING] [TIRES SCREECHING] [CAR CRASHING] – Dana…
– Dana! – Dana!
– Ma’am, please. Only the parents are
allowed inside. Check the vital signs. Papa. I already warned you! You shouldn’t have let the
wedding push through! She said it was cursed! Cursed! This wouldn’t have happened
if it weren’t for you! This is all your fault! If you listened to me,
this wouldn’t have happened! We could’ve prevented
this, Adam! David! David, sit down!I Sit down. – Sit down.
– Where’s Dana? Dana’s still in the ICU. – Mom, I have to see her.
– No! Calm down! She survived. But she’s still unconscious. Your baby… Your baby didn’t make it. I’m so sorry. I’m sorry, dear. [SOBBING] Maybe there’s still a way
to counter the curse. Let’s try everything we can
to do that! Stop this nonsense, Lucy! Can we just pray and hope
that everything will be alright? Even if you don’t
believe me, I’ll do whatever it takes
to bring my daughter back! Go back to where
the curse was released. Refurbish
your ancestor’s grave. If all this really is happening
because of your curse, then you better stop. You will never win
against us. I will keep on fighting. We all will. Do you hear me?! Papa. You don’t have power over us. Dana… – Come back, Dana.
– Come back, Dana. Dana, come back. Come back, Dana. Come back, Dana. Papa Adam’s already asking me
to report to work. I’ll come home
immediately after work. Mom and Mama Lucy
will take care of you. I’m heading out, Mom. [HEARTRATE MONITOR FLATLINES] – Code blue! Code blue!
– Mom? Code blue! Code blue! Mom, what’s happening?! – What’s happening?
– The doctors will be here soon. – Code blue!
– Oh no! Not my daughter ! Lucy? [SOBS] Dana! Lucy, what’s happening?! Shelly, call the driver. Hurry! – Dad?


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