Hi guys! I’m here at the airport right now. I’m about to take a flight to Taiwan from New York. I’ll meet Wilson in Taiwan. Afterwards, we will go straight from Taiwan to Saigon. Follow me to see what we will do in Saigon 😉 Okayyyyyy… See you in Saigon 😉 I’ve just met Wilson and we’ve decided to go home by bus instead of train. This is the part when I hung out in Taipei.
It will be posted soon. Let’s goooooo Goooo 3…2…1 Right now, I’m at Taoyuan Airport. I’m waiting to hop on the plane to Saigon. I’m here in Taiwan for about 2 days to hang out with Wilson. After that, we continue to fly to Saigon. Basically, you will see me
eat and sleep at the airports this whole week. I’m flying to Saigon to attend
my friend’s wedding in one day. Her first part of the wedding ceremony. After attending Nhi’s first part of the wedding ceremony in Saigon, we are going to fly to Phu Quoc. Basically, this whole trip is going to be super fun. Please follow us till the end of this video 😉 Okayyyyyyy…. Let’s follow us Okayyy… So I’ve just arrived here in Saigon. I’ve just arrived at my house.
I’ve just finished my shower. Super exhausted Because our flight was delayed. I’ll be at my friend’s house at 7am tomorrow. It’s 2am now. I’ll have only few hours to sleep. I have to get up early to get ready. See you tomorrow. Okay Wilson, you. wanna show how you look like? I’ve just booked a Grab taxi, but he cancelled it.
So, I think we’ll be late. Now, I’m on my way to Nhi’s house. It’s been a long time since I last wore a suit. I feel shy a little bit and kinda weird. I don’t really get used to wear a suit. I am super excited and eager to get there.
It’s just… a bit sleepy lol The bride’s family takes some photos before the groom’s family comes I don’t see his car. He has arrived Please look at me now. Don’t look at your husband Ignore him Oh god. He must be sweating his ass off How cute he is! We can see them in the bathroom now. Let’s go to the bathroom lol Very few people know that she was hiding
in the bathroom to see her future husband.


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