Cruise Ship Private Island vs Exploring a Caribbean Island On Your Own

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you’re here if you’re someone that’s interested in cruise ships going on a
cruise getting away on a holiday enjoying some summer weather in the
middle of winter you’ve come to the channel you this is where we talk about
that big-time this channel is perfect for someone who
loves to go cruising who’s always wanted to go cruising and someone hasn’t
cruised in quite a while maybe maybe you were on a cruise 10-15 years ago and
you’re thinking about doing it again and you’re kind of figuring I wonder is
there anything new I need to know yeah there’s a lot you’ve come to the right
place this channel here we talk about cruise ships
how did great getting it how to get a good deal for occurs how to what you
know how to pack for a cruise what you can take on a cruise how to save money
before and during the cruise there are certain expenditures that you might run
into that you really might not want to or have to run into I have some some
tips and tricks on how you can save a lot of money on your next cruise on
every cruise basically every single cruise you want to take I can help guide
you towards the the light guide me to the light where I will not overspend and
get a good value for my money I’m the kind of guy that loves to go on a five
six star cruise and I love to pay or star prices or less yeah that’s my my
shtick really I mean if I can get a balcony unit
on a on a cruise ship you know beautiful view all the amenities and I can get it
for the price of an of say an ocean view room or maybe in the inside in some
cases you get it like really cheap oh that’s my kind of cruise that’s my kind
of deal and my job or my part of my passions that can help you get those
deals or steer you in the right direction
and yeah you know saving money is what it’s all about enjoying life while we’re
here we’re not here for a long so you might as well enjoy it the channel I was
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I want to talk about but first I’m going to go to my phone because the comments
have been coming in as they do every day you can probably see them those of you
are watching the show on a rerun you can now see your own comments that you make
on the on the chat and I love to read the chat site everybody that that
signing in as long as long as I can because at this point I have had upwards
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pretty good we hit a thousand messages that they I don’t know if I’ll be able
to do it anymore but for now I can do this I say I didn’t Michelle Lucas who
is saying to me sunny sunny sunny 65 mountains of California what a nice way
to go fantastic Michelle welcome back Judy asked us is hearing saying she’s
here she’s saying morning Bruce Mark the lost traveler hello everybody marc has a
youtube channel for those of you who don’t know and marc has been posting
videos of his latest trip on the getaway the Norwegian cruise ship getaway he’s
been doing a video for every day of the trip and I think he’s up the day for or
day 5 now so you may want to check him out for that and they’re young hello
everybody hi Heather Martin lost round we’re saying I need
help but not for a cruise laughing out loud
Tommy heat in 73 and raining in Jacksonville Florida sorry about the
rain but that’s the way it goes sometimes millennia Aaron Zeller is here
45 in Aurora Colorado with snow on the ground oh by the way it’s 42 here I’m in
Creston British Columbia Canada for those of you or don’t know 42 degrees
Fahrenheit we started with looked like a glorious sunny day with few clouds and
now it’s all clouds and now it looks like we’re getting showers and so we’re
not getting as such I neither westmore’s and he’s here today from New Braunfels
Texas Wes how are you pal 87 degrees over there he’s got the heat wave of
heat waves got your email Wes thank you for that Debbie Emanuel hi Bruce and
everyone beautiful sunny and 60s in Northern California today boy that’s
fantastic Debbie way to go Debbie is one of my key
supporters Charles Jordan good evening Bruce it’s 62 cloudy with a chance of
thunderstorms and who’s gonna be entertaining
Peter hekima another frequent super chatter is here i Bruce a little okay
overcast but 78 degrees in Tarpon Springs for today but no snow I hope you
had a good weekend I had a great day off yesterday Sunday that’s the day I don’t
do anything III kind of forced myself to stop and just not do anything I keep an
eye on my channel all day long and and I constantly do some Twitter work and
maybe some Facebook or maybe I’ll do an Instagram message or two that kind of
worked it just sort promotes channel but I’m not making anything new I’m sort of
relaxing and getting a bunch of naps I’d just watch some TV and hang out with my
wife and just take it easy Heather young 55 degrees in Kentucky
starting to rain here she’s saying mark a lost traveller 84 in Orlando that’s
okay Pamela turn hi Bruce and everyone
Charles gave our weather for today laughing out loud
Bob Hollis hi Bruce 63 and raining in Atlanta
Debbie Manuel Shh don’t see that my boss may be watching Paul Paul Hill
is here 63 degrees here in Virginia but to four inches of snow tomorrow night
I’m wondering Paul are you new I don’t know if I’ve seen your name here before
are you a newbie to my channel if you are welcome if you’re a recurring guest
and I’ve forgotten I apologise and welcome back if you’re new tell us tell
us if you are and and if you’re a cruiser or you’re thinking of going on a
cruise if you’ve been on a cruise tell us which which one is your favorite
what’s your favorite ship and if you haven’t been on one and you’re thinking
going on one tell us what cruise you’re thinking of take and everyone here will
be saying idea loves to travel is here today hi Bruce 44 Fahrenheit here in
Kansas and I finally had some rain earlier this morning there if you needed
it good good gracious thank God it happened
Tommy Eaton given thumbs-up so Wendy Thompson hi Bruce hi everyone 42 in
bland is it bland Missouri is that right Wendy Scott actually hi Bruce the Sun is
out before the next rain and 66 degrees another nice day and Ventura California
fantastic man askew Park is here hi Bruce from Thunder Bay Ontario again six
below here and sunny welcomed you it’s good to have you back here a little
cooler than I am obviously but that’s expected you’re right on the north shore
of Lake Superior of course sill and forest hi Bruce and everyone it is a
beautiful 86 degrees fahrenheit in Delray Beach sitting outside here with
dad with R and C a rum and coke and a cigar RN C for some reason Costa Rica
doesn’t seem so appealing anymore you got some of the Costa Rica weather
coming your way and we don’t have to leave town all of a sudden yeah nice
going Mike lost Trevor I like the onshore tours I really don’t want to
spend two or four days on private island okay yeah that’s my topic of the day
marks going on say I cruise to go to other countries if I want a private
island I’ll just do it all inclusive Pat Reid is saying hey Bruce sunny and 49 in
Cherry Hill New Jersey we’re waiting on six inches of snow
yikes another storm up there on believe all Pat welcome back back super chatter
– sunny Wallace Hybris various mushy wet here in Mississippi raining for the week
hot and 80 degrees right now and Oh wouldn’t it be oh my gosh can you
imagine those days in the 40s 30s and the 40s days before air-conditioning
down there oh my gosh there was a reason very few people lived there in those
days that was tough that was tough Wendy Thompson yes just
north of Cuba Missouri fantastic Paul Willis I knew and haven’t been on
one yet but I’m gathering info to go on one Paul you have come to the right
channel this is the place we love talking about cruising and going on
cruises we talk about different subjects all the time and if you’ve got any kind
of question about cruising there is no dumb question at all just just type one
in there and I can answer it on the spot you got an answer if I can’t it’s likely
one of these I’m pointing at my phone by the way that’s what the messages are in
reading it’s likely one of these guys will have the answer for me so yeah
you’re in good hands welcome to the chat and like I say I
think you’ll learn I hope you learn a lot today that’s fantastic Elizabeth
Breen arraign uh and a tornado warning tomorrow in Orlando and Daytona she says
just to finish the roof today from the last hurricane oh yeah why are there so
many nice new roofs in Florida well let me tell you yeah it’s a it’s a practice
that goes on often wow isn’t that amazing cross your fingers for you I
love to travel I see where you can buy the old carnival holiday for 55 million
says he loves to travel yeah it’s up for grabs I don’t know if there’ll be any
takers for it you know none of the big other cruise lines are gonna buy it you
know it is in effect so it I don’t want to say the world but the word old what
I’m gonna have to use it it is so old for the new cruise lines that there’s
there’s no way they can they can offer a cruise on it for regional cruise lines
and or third world type cruise lines it’s too expensive well they’re looking
for cruise ships that are really tired for ten fifteen million bucks and
they’ll might they might put a few million into it but 55 million is that
gray area where that’s too expensive for a small cruise line and the ship just
won’t cut it for the other guys right now the blue
the Norwegian bliss is going through sea trials 800 million dollars for that one
and the the symphony of the Seas with with Royal Caribbean which will become
the world’s largest active cruise ship by tonnage and passengers it’s gonna be
handed over later this week or next week for Royal Caribbean so you know these
that’s 1.3 billion that they spent on that
now that’s 55 million for Royal Caribbean it’s chump change but they
won’t spend it on this ship why would they if it isn’t enough for Carnival you
know they’re they’re not using it for just a you know run from say Canaveral
Port Canaveral to Bermuda and back they’re not even using it for that it is
you know it is that out of date for today’s expected bells and whistles that
we’re looking for for our you know for our vacation so yeah there’s no way that
that ship is gonna set a sail really in the u.s. it’s destined for a third-world
area let’s say so man force is saying Elizabeth it may train just enough to
grow the grass and winds only blown dying leaves away tornado tornadoes I
have to say Nene stay safe stay safe yeah I use a lot of either Michelle Dory
is here hello I knew too from Northeast Pennsylvania welcome Michelle this is
fantastic trying to find a good cruise for a solar
solar tracker either looking to go princess or Norwegian nervous and
excited at the same time aren’t wheel we’re exactly like that yeah I got some
thoughts for you on that just hang on one sec let me just say I hide a few
other folks here Preston Bester hey bruised eighty-four and sunny
and string or Mississippi new to the group another newbie welcome this is
fantastic Preston goes on to say hey Bruce 84 and
sunny and stringer Mississippi news group welcome Preston to the gang
fantastic to have you here let us know if you’re a if you’re cruising before or
if you’ve never been on a cruise and you’re thinking of it let us know desi
Wagner is here hi desi hi Bruce is saying partly sunny and in the 40s in
Buffalo Grove Illinois feels like 32 Bob Hollis welcome Paul and Michelle the
gays gonna start saying hi to all the newbies now charissa McFarland hi Bruce
once Celsius today in the water – it’s about 34 degrees
Bob Wallace welcome president Scott actually hi Michelle check out NCL the
studios are synced are for singles and are really nice with extra I was just
gonna go there if you’re a single cruiser you’ve got a couple of options
one of them is through Norwegian a number of the newer ships have built
inside a cluster of inside cabins that are designed for singles and they have a
little kind of a miniature lobby area for themselves with a coffee maker and a
few other amenities they also have a host a cruise host that kind of greets
you on the first day of your cruise and the rooms are smaller than a typical
inside room or a balcony obviously but it’s a designated area amongst for for
the insult for the insider so let’s call them for the single insider so you may
want to look at that through Norwegian cruise lines website you’ll find
information on the rooms also if you kind of want to know what the rooms look
like YouTube of course just just enter a search term on one of the search boxes
like on the top search box for YouTube put in there like Norwegian Cruise Line
inside or single single Suites for Norwegian care Norwegian cruise lines
and a number of videos will pop up and you can see what some other youtubers
have filmed already for their the room that they had so that’s a good idea
pricing unfortunately is it’s not you know it’s not half the price of a of a
cruise for two it’s it’s probably one hundred twenty percent under forty
percent of a single fare because you’re you’re you know in the cruise business
theoretically if you’re taking an outside room or an inside regular room
you’re using a room that would you’d only be used by two people and you’re
using it by yourself now these individual units they’ve designed them
for singles but they’re not half the price of what it would cost for two
people to have a regular inside room there’s a premium there and it varies
depending on the cruise in the time of year but I take a look at that a rope
here being I’m not sure if they have single
designated singles rooms either I’m not sure on that but I know Norwegian has
made a bit of a to-do on it I had heard last week that all in
America specifically came up with announcement that their newest ship will
have enhanced Suites or cabinets for singles but that ship is yet to arrive
so we’ll have to see how that goes but it is an up-and-coming area of the
cruise business more and more people want to go cruising in there on their
own and they’d rather they’d rather cruise on their own a Paul is saying at
Bob Willis thank you let’s see here we got Debbie Manuel
seunghye Michelle had the young hi to all the newbies had the young welcome to
the channel Debbie Thompson welcome fallen Michelle askew Park have been on
two cruises first was on Disney’s wonderfully was fantastic even had an
adult area to get a break from the trip from the kids there’s new things of
everything and then Preston Fester’s going on sing Haber’s for 84 and sunny
and steer a 116 days till our for a day a four-day cruise leaving on a Port
Canaveral for the first time right on right now I’ll give you I’ll give you a
taste of what it’s about and you’ll you’ll see it all and you won’t see it
all you won’t have enough time to see everything but that’s a way to start for
sure askew part ii was excused on where the second-ever cruise was ten years ago
on the carnival glory which was a Western Caribbean seven-day the Disney
was a short four day and something tells me ask you that the Carnival Cruise
might have cost you less but probably not more than the Disney Cruise if I’m
right depending on the rooms you were dealing with on each case but very good
Bob Hollis Preston what ship are you sailing on and Michelle says thank you
so much loves to travel saying I’ve checked into the studios but they are
always booked not unless you booked way in advance and really that that much he
for sometimes they’re higher than the inside rooms yeah there are times I tell
single cruisers you know what you want to do is you can look for insight you
can look single specific rooms yes but I
recommend that you also price shop all the time using vacations to go calm it’s
the one I use my online my favorite online site check the prices of cruises
all the time and keep an eye on the inside rates inside ocean view because
sometimes a cruise ship will have such a deal on an inside room for like 399 or
for the cruise you can get this you can get as a single for double at well now
it’s $800 well you know you’ll see cruises where you’re gonna have to pay a
thousand dollars for an inside room or here you can get it for 800 now some of
the cruise lines will offer that inside perhaps with a 150 percent cost so it
might be 300 like 400 plus 200 600 bucks instead of 800 and you only pay the
taxes and fees for one person and you only pay tipping for one person so keep
an eye on on all the prices don’t be just don’t be lured into the web sites
of the cruise companies for just a single supplement only keep your eyes
open for everything because sometimes you’ll find like I say a larger room for
less than the cost of a single supplement type room what do we have
here now okay desi saying anthem and ovation have studios there we go there’s
a that’s Royal Caribbean so again check girl Caribbean as long with along with
Norwegian for those inside door rooms Samantha do you use any credit card that
gives you points for cruise discounts I personally don’t I know people that do
and I believe all the cruise lines now have a version of a credit card that
gives you points towards future cruise credits cabin credits that kind of thing
you could find that through a Google search or going to you know Royal
Caribbean zone website looking at all the on the bottom they’ll have all the
tabs and tags you can find a connection to one of those and then check into the
program Michelle Lucas Debbie rebel at rebel rebel at work and multitasker you
are rebel at work Michelle we use princess credit card love pulling that
card out there you go someone is using it works for John Johnson Royal
Caribbean’s newish class of ship off to Ultra called spectrum of the Seas will
have studios there we go another one coming a Preston sailing on
the magic okay carnival magic right on Debbie Emmanuelle Michelle don’t tell
laughing out loud John Johnson they just had a big announcement and a few days
ago about their private island of great and the new ship having its keel laid
this is definitely the private island is certainly the news I heard well I’m not
sure if we’re on the same page here I heard a lot of news last week about
World Caribbean and its upgrade to KK – yeah coke okay sorry Bob Hollis we did
the magic last April best cruise we ever had there you go Preston there’s some
positive for you some good news for you he’s giving thumbs ups to that news
that’s good news yeah my topic today was my first my first top point of
discussion was going to be what’s what’s the better way to go if you know that
you’re going on a cruise say with real Caribbean Norwegian Carnival whoever and
you can see the itinerary of course you’ll know where the cruise ship is
gonna stop you know one-week Caribbean cruise for example what’s the better
cruise to take the one that has a stop or two at private islands private Caze
that these are outfits run or just taking a regular onshore visit whether
you’re on a tour or not let’s say to San Juan Puerto Rico or st. Thomas or or San
Marcos have noir or someone told me say my team I say everyone San Joaquin
Cayman Islands that type of thing I’d have thoughts both ways but I’d be
curious to hear what you folks think about it
I know why the cruise lines are doing this I know
big-time why they’re doing this there’s two reasons for it the first one is is
money it’s all about the money but the second one is passenger safety that’s
the second one and cruise lines do not like surprises nasty surprises like the
one out of Mexico about three four weeks ago where we had some kind of explosions
explosive device being found on a ferry that passengers take from cruise ships
we had he surprises a couple years back where
passengers were on a bus on a tour ship sponsored tour what was it this just
only a few months ago index ago was involved in a bad accident and tourists
got killed or injured and then there was the the incident I think it was in
Jamaica maybe a year or two ago where there was a tour bus that was in effect
commandeered and taken over by thieves and there were there was an incident
there now there were incidents where the passengers only got robbed
but I had heard an incident where a passenger got killed and cruise ships
don’t like this kind of stuff and their attitude is you know we have one we have
one instance where a passenger is is hurt accosted assaulted or worse that
will cost us so many millions in insurance premiums court fees legals
that the liability aspect of it is just out of this world they’re thinking you
know what we’re better off leasing a bunch of land from the Bahamian
government for example or from the government of Haiti we’ll take a chunk
of Beach out in the middle of nowhere we’ll build a pier out there and we’ll
get the government to kick in a little bit of money we’ll employ a certain
number of people you know for the project from the local community
obviously but that whole area there is cut off from the rest of the island and
we’ll have our own security there large enough to handle five thousand
passengers at a time or more all day long in complete security with with our
people running the show and now we’re not gonna have any of these marauding
gangs coming out here because there are really no roads even leading to this
place I mean they’re talking small and even small islands they’ll take a small
island completely cut off from the rest of the island chain and they’ll put
their entire systems on there including generator stations water pumping
stations everything for quality of life and they’ll staff it with their own
personnel 24/7 because it’s cheaper to do it for them and it they earn all the
income that you spend on short whether it’s on a nice little drink or whether
you’re planning a wedding or whether you’re planning a corporate outing I
mean I was thinking this morning if a Federal Express or UPS or IBM wanted to
have a you know a reward kind of deal for their top 2,000 employees best
salespeople or managers or whatever the you know whatever the occasion you know
they can charter an entire boat entire ship for the whole week and they can put
their two thousand personnel on there with their other their significant other
and perhaps children and they can take that whole cruise ship and they can head
to a private island for one of those stops or maybe two stops where on the
island they’re gonna have the award ceremony and and that’s where they hand
out bonus checks and trophies and war award plaques and whatever else they
want to do for the recognition of key employees and then just let the kids
have a blast on the beach and on the Zipporah lines and on the water park
thing you name it I mean the wave pulls everything and great way to go if you’re
running a wedding and you’ve got thirty people sixty people whatever number you
can hold the wedding on the private resort the private K and they’ll have a
pavilion there for it and if it’s sunny and gorgeous we’ll do the ceremony right
on the beach with the flowers and the little walk through the little archway
and chairs on the beach everything be great if it’s kind of windy and yucky no
problem we’ve got the big pavilion right over here air-conditioned with the full
floor-to-ceiling windows of the beach and the water and we’ll have an endorsed
and will be protected from the elements and all the week nothing stops this deal
and that can work for any occasion and the cruise line gets to charge primo
money for this entire package deal and for the buyer the wedding planner
or the corporate buyer peace of mind I mean this is fantastic you got an ideal
idyllic setting chances are the weather it’s gonna be
pretty good and everything is controlled to me this is this is why they would do
it makes sense there’s another service the cruise company can add to their
business right it’s what they’re doing they’re saying to the they’re saying to
themselves going well you know we got them on the boat and we’re pushing them
for drink cards and we got them going for the especially restaurants and then
we got well charging extra money for the Primo seats you know for the for the
theater we got the art auction we’ve got the
retail floor we got the chick cappuccino coffee we got this we got that one now
why don’t we build our own resort over here in the Bahamas or in Haiti or
wherever and we got them for all eight hours and we get there at 8:00 in the
morning we don’t leave until 6:00 and you know eight hours of short time and
every dime they’re gonna spend on the shore is us and it’s all in-house for
the cruise line I think it makes a lot of sense makes a lot of sense and from a
security point of view for mum and dad with a couple of kids I think this makes
a heck of a lot of sense do you want to walk the streets of Kingston Jamaica for
six hours Oh think so there is no cruise ship
going to Kingston Jamaica anymore very few cruise ships go anywhere in Jamaica
unless it’s a private island or a private resort and I wonder about five
years from now ten years from now 15 years from times change governments
change attitudes change sometimes an island that used to be a perfect place
to go to a safe place turns nasty or whatever reason the right you know the
wrong kind of people get in power and all of a sudden it’s not such a happy
place anymore so if you’re a cruise line and you’ve got a stable deal say with
the Bahamian government that has 700 islands or whatever the number is
they’re happy taking the rent for 99 years on this guarantees least they’re
happy that you’re employing two or three or four hundred Jamaican or Amiens on
that resort all the time they’re happy that you’re buying
you know needs reserve whatever whatever needs you want from from the merchants
of the country this is a partnership made in heaven
the the end of the day these people leave they don’t hang around and become
illegal immigrants they’re they’re having a great time
they’re gone it’s a fantastic deal so I can see why the Cruise Lines wanted I
could see why some of the government’s want it but I can understand some of you
might have thoughts about well I kind of like the idea of going to different
country and seeing a different culture and seeing you know what real life is
like on a certain ah I get that too anyway comments have been coming in so
let me kind of get back here to find out where the comments have come from
here we go love sir I will said I didn’t know RC had studios
there we go Thea Bartley all the companies have a credit card bonus is a
bonus to start is worth 100 bucks no fees however airline cards have signup
bonuses over around 500 bucks Lonnie is here she’s saying hi Bruce and
everyone welcome new people 70 here in Fort Worth Texas of course Sylvia is
here today as one hey Bruce and and everyone 61 degrees and cloudy will be
raining soon I can’t find your email from the super chat Sylvia I can’t find
your email from the super Chad are you talked about my email address so that
I’ll send you a medallion is that it if that is your question my dear at the end
when you’re done here you can either wait until I post this video on the
description below after this video is posted on the channel as a regular video
I’ll have a description down there as to how to order your medallions including
my email or you can go back to the video I did on Saturday or Friday or Thursday
look at the description down below that I type in describing the video about the
third paragraph is where I start describing the medallions and I know
what teams I have which ones are available and then there’s my email
address and then you can fire me an email telling me what you want okay I
hope I answered that question and thanks Sylvia for being a frequent contributor
to my channel Martin lost traveler the bombs were on the cruise I was on a few
weeks ago scary those are the those private ferries
Cozumel if I believe the Cancun area I think you’re right
still van forest I would rather go to their private island all in America’s
Half Moon Cay is gorgeous he says Norwegian Cruise Line harvest que is
awesome Royal Caribbean labadie is splendid I much prefer the safety of the
private islands and there’s there’s the the thing you know you know what is it
you want from your cruise if your thought is or I’m an adventurer and I
want to win I want to experience new cultures and new surroundings then you
want to go on a cruise that goes to Honduras and Belize maybe Mexico or
perhaps Cayman Islands or you know a multitude of violence I’m just talking
here for being right now same could be said for Mediterranean and elsewhere but
these private islands that I’m referring to are really becoming a big deal in the
Caribbean and so that’s why I mentioned it so that makes a good point
a easygoing relaxed no pressure no no one on the beach is gonna hustle me for
20 bucks just trying to sell me some stuff uh there are no panhandlers
allowed here it’s all cut off I can see why you like it
Peter hekima saying we went to Royal Caribbean private island in Haiti when
we sailed on the allure really loved it loved it
huge zip line from the top of a mountain a nice break from touring different
ports well there you there you are there’s there’s that other side of it
right you’ve got the ports on the one end to explore but then you got this
little adventure place and these cruise lines are sinking in millions millions
of dollars to jazz them up and really get you entertained I mean they don’t
want you bored on this private island they want you engaged on this private
island zone there yeah there you have it asou Park yes Bruce that Disney trip was
part of a seven-day park ship package and cost two times so what the Carnival
Cruise cost that’s what I was thinking mark the loss traveler Reza has educated
me that on that definitely the cost of Disney much higher
Oh Morris that I prefer cruises that do not stop on private islands I love the
sights sounds and smells of a local port and there and there is the other side of
it again you know there’s no wrong answer it’s it it works either way and
Wes will will probably look for a cruise that will give him what he really wants
for port ports of call where Sylvan might say well I’m leaning more towards
I’m easygoing but I really like those private islands I’ve been there before
treated great loved it works for me it all depends on your taste
Bob Hollis no senior frogs on private islands no sir no sir no Hooters either
and no panhandlers and none of those guys like you have in Mexico trying to
sell you a so called licensed NFL pillow cover none of those or sure a so that
forest saying I got accosted I daylight in the Caribbean island that
shall remain nameless hint they have an Olympic bobsled team well they were
trying to offer you a ride with a happy ending there Sylvain but I understand if
you’re wearing a word up word I get you there my goodness this is the thing
about these private islands and this is a reason to why over the years
cruise ships from time to time will discontinue a port of call
it gets to the point sometimes depending on what you know what country we’re
talking about here where it becomes unbearable for the tourists coming off
the cruise ship I mean they’re about to get accosted by all kinds of desperado
third-world errs who have no hope of getting off that island they can’t go
anywhere their passport won’t let them get out to any other country they can’t
get residency anywhere else they’re lifers and they’re hungry I mean
they’re they’re trying to survive and they see you know they see the nice the
nice first world are coming off those cruise ships and you know we may be you
know barely middle class or you know more or less middle class not high
enders we’re on the inside room we’re not buying especially restaurants we
didn’t buy the big-time drink package we’re looking for the $2 beer on shore
and yet to them we’re rich we are wealthy beyond their dreams wealthy and
rightly or wrongly they’re coming up to us for either a handout or for you know
buy this trinket or you know pet the puppy or pet you know pet my pet monkey
and give me a dollar or all you could take a picture with my monkey for a
couple of bucks I mean they’re desperate this is this is it for them there is no
welfare per se there’s really no national you know income streams for
these folks they got a hustle to make it work and they’re gonna hustle a tourist
cruise lines to the to a point will allow it but after a while they’ll
they’ll talk to the local authorities there and say listen if you keep this
you let this continue to happen we’re not coming here anymore
and we’re gonna take this forty five hundred passenger ship to another port
where you know the police or the authorities will control
the masses or we’ll go one step further we’ll build our own resort where we feel
will be rightly treated now sometimes the government’s are very helpful other
times they’re not and they can’t control it and that might have been the problem
in this particular country with the bobsled team or they the government just
is not able to control the four and a half million third-world errs over there
and there are some very well-to-do folks who live there believe me that country
has a lot of wealth as well as despair but unfortunately a lot more despair
than wealth much much more mark the lost traveller one thing about a private
island is they got you where they can charge you whatever they want for a
drink on the island six bucks on shore might be three bucks absolutely right
mark you’re you’re you know this is the trade-off that you have to you have to
buy into either way but I would say that if you’re a parent if you’re parents you
know your mum and dad and you’ve got two kids with you let’s say and mom and dad
each by you know two or three drinks while they’re on that resort and it and
they did spend say oh they spent 20 bucks more than they would have had they
been on an onshore regular situation for that 20 bucks I you pretty well know
that there will be no nonsense going on with regard to security and regarding
just safety overall if the kids are playing in the pool over there it’s a it
should be quite regulated the water will be tested there’s lifeguards there
there’s staff there they have all kinds of events and activities for these
youngsters to do mom and dad might get a little away time on the beach they might
not want to do they might want to be with the kids all the time
it’s a it’s an entire experience isn’t it and you’re gonna pay for it one way
or the other the cruise line will get the dough to run the facility but the
traveler gets something in return for it it’s just a question mark of how
important is it to you right Tommy spoke with Carnival today concerning our
cruise they inform me they will no longer offer free room
service from 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. you can order room service during those
hours but you will be charged that is correct that has come out lately it’s
starting to show up with other cruise lines it started off as sort of a three
dollar charge kind of thing and then they just started to shut down the
service at certain times they just won’t offer it at all
and then they got even more restrictive in some cases again not all cruise lines
but some of them were now only offering you on the menu there’s like five
choices one two three four or five what number do you want and there’s still a
charge in some instances now for for these guys they may not charge you you
know after 10:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. or you know just hand a tip to the person
bringing you the food but after hours are either gonna charge or not offer it
or they are gonna charge no matter what this is the next level of add-ons that
are coming what used to be free and included in a cruise not free and
included anymore cheers everybody so yeah there you go
very interesting Tommy Paul is saying Wes Marcin I have never been on a cruise
but I think I would agree with you he likes your comment regarding probably
the on port the cruise is where you can you know go on Islands fair enough
what do we have here Sean Johnson when we cruise private islands we usually do
the drink package most lines honor all-inclusive packages on the islands
and and that is something to think about you know if you’re taking a drink
package on a cruise with three stops in seven days and all three stops are
islands not private islands but just your Nations and you’re on your own
you can’t use the drink package for those hours you’re off the ship so good
weather it’s it’s Cayman Islands you’re gone for six hours you’ve gone the
Stingray City and Seven Mile Beach you’re paying for whatever drinks you
want from whomever you’re buying them from
um and then get back on the ship you’re gonna try to catch up on your drink cart
because it’s costing you so much a day whether you’re on that ship or not if
the other two stops are the same thing our Islands or spots where you can’t use
your drink cart during the day you may not want to buy the drink cart on the
other end if you’ve got a cruise with three stops two of them are private
islands and you can use the drink card during those hours now you got to figure
out why I’ve got maybe four to six hours per island of added time to take
advantage of this drink card while I’m awake I’m not driving
well that might make the drink card more palatable for the whole the whole cruise
it’s a good point Bob Hollis so for newbies generally your lunch is provided
by the cruise ship on private island stops good to know tisha 502 is here hi
Bruce seventy-nine in Tuscaloosa Alabama with tornado weather
I heard the Carnival fantasy is docked in Mobile and delayed one day because of
fog isn’t that something welcome welcome to show 502 to the
channel today that’s interesting Theresa I prefer other cruise ports than private
islands as I’m not really a beach person there you go that’s why you’d pick your
cruise accordingly Richard Connor masky Bruce 45 in Philly
awaiting for the 4th nor’easter our last yeah our last cruise canceled Jamaica
two weeks ago due to the violence recently while they’re there we are
there there’s yeah see there was a time where ships would stop I think in
Montego Bay they would stop in Kingston there would have been other ports where
you just you were just let off the ship to enjoy the local culture which is
fantastic unfortunately not so fantastic any more
cruise lines cannot guarantee your safety the police cannot guarantee your
safety you’re not getting off that ship on those on those stops anymore unless
it’s a private resort or a privately closed in area with armed security
that’s the only way it’s it’s too bad at Jamaica sure could use the money they
could sure use the tourism and how many of us are thinking of going on an
all-inclusive resort to Jamaica I I would I don’t I don’t trust it I guess
that’s my my thought on it five guys with weapons can overpower the fight all
in our security guard out there I don’t trust it
it’s too scary Richard karna masky a princess he was saying excuse me I’m
just checking up what what was that message about I’m a bit running around
on my thing here oh he’s saying it was princess that canceled the cancelled
cruise charlie bomb hi Bruce when with an upgrade to coke okay I’m
not sure I’m not sure I like I do like the dock but the resort sighs I’m
looking for looking for the beach yeah I think it’ll have beach and pools but
again I’ve only seen a live scene a number of computer animations of the
place it certainly looks to me like a family getaway Center you know that’s
the kind of cruise that I wouldn’t take even if it was on the allure of the Seas
or the harmony the Seas I wouldn’t want to go to that private island myself
because they’re gonna be a gazillion children running around like crazy and
when I go on a cruise at my cranky old age of sixty-two I want a little more
peace and quiet so I might even stay on the ship and not even go on it but then
again I’m paying for that by not even going to it so yeah I’d be looking at
some other cruises I think but if I were with grandkids dear friend sorry
dad grandpa’s gotta go so there’s also that Tammy rate hello everyone hi Tammy
welcome back to me thank you for all your comments I’ve been I’ve been
watching I’ve been seeing them we have Lamarck Lord Kapoor Silver’s here hi
Bruce 44 and sunny in Chicago Chicago loves Bruce Bruce loves Chicago you
notice that you notice acog oh right here I’ve got Chicago look at me here we
go the NFL Bears and the Chicago Blackhawks right here I love Chicago ten
dollars he gets these medallions ten bucks for each one of them help me out
folks buy a medallion I love Chicago especially when they buy my my delicates
welcome back let’s see here what have I got here hello everybody mark lost
travel I think the cruise ship will offer both private islands or cruises
with ports to stop at going forward that’s probably what’s going to happen
Richard speak for yourself Bruce my final cruise bill was almost the total
cost of the cruise and we really didn’t drink that much seven bottles of wine
but did have coffee a lot why not mark the last traveler had that I had mark
the last hours and I had picked that monkey for two bucks then said I’ll get
back to the ship for five bucks yeah listen can you show me get back to
the ship oh yeah two bucks my monkey okay I’ll
get back to the ship five bucks you ran into an entrepreneur with a monkey in
Roatan was terrible for people at worst in Jamaica she’s saying worse than
Jamaica wow isn’t that something Theresa McFarland my son and his
girlfriend are doing the same Norwegian Cruise Line getaway cruise I did a few
weeks back with a stop in row 10 I have told him not to get off the ship don’t
get off the ship in Roatan i saw mark the lost travelers video about row 10 he
took the camera with him for the whole day he was out there and it was you know
yeah i was i personally having lived in the cayman islands i wouldn’t get off
the ship either but that’s me because I’m used to that
world you know somewhat although the Caymans are nothing like row 10 with the
population the Caymans the folks who are working there making good money and
there’s there no panhandlers on the beach and came and I know if at least I
didn’t run into any for the years I lived there Peter hekima you’ve done it
again you’ve sent me a $2 or super chat and I thank you again for that I that
blue bar came right across my phone for those of you who are watching at home
there it is super chat from Peter hakama and thank
you so much he says I’m starting your week off right and well that is I
appreciate that very much any and all donations are
sincerely appreciated cuz I’m not getting paid to do any of this work
Sylvan forest Roatan has gotten so much worse since they built that shopper’s
paradise right off the cruise ships dock I used to enjoy rural town last time I
was there I stayed on board there you go I see this is this is a thing that the
locals they kind of get it and they don’t get it I think some of them get it
and some of them don’t get it they they figure well you know they got all these
cruise ships coming in you’ve got princess coming we got Norwegian coming
we got real care being coming we got carnival coming oh yeah they are
addicted to us they’re addicted to us so we’ll build this shopping center right
at the pier and we’ll will pay for it with government-backed you know
investment money and all that and then we’ll rent it out lease it out to stores
and then we’ll have jewelry stores on the bottom the high-end stuff and then
we’ll have you know the t-shirt guys and on the second floor and then we’ll have
whatever on the third and they try to hit you up and in effect get off that
pier you got to walk right by it or through it around it to get out into the
you know the population and there are hucksters everywhere all around it
looking to hit you up for a tour you want a cab ride you know you want to
hire my cat for the day you want to want to book my bus for the day you want to
see dolphins or you want to you know they’ll still try to sell you anything
whether they have it or not and a lot of people get turned off by that because we
are used to being hustled at home if we don’t need this from the third world and
so here’s the classic example I’m not even getting off that ship this is this
isn’t a private island this is supposed to be a place where you can experience
the life’s the life of a local but you get around I looking at marks video you
either the roads are all hacked up some are nice a lot or not there are you know
the shanty type places and then the nice places there’s another words well-to-do
and not well-to-do and desperado is looking to make a few bucks to you know
make it another 24 hours for a cruise that’s not what I call a good time and
so yeah if I can hang out at the spa instead while everyone gets off the ship
I’ll stay up there at the spa just relax and be alone that’s my game
but that’s my age that’s my deal mark the lost traveller saying hey Teresa
where where are the next crews maybe we can meet on that one since everybody we
asked was portraits mark and Teresa will run the same ship on the same cruise
they had tried they were telling each other we’re gonna see each other we’ll
meet each other never happened they never met never ran into each other
Markus asked every woman he ran into our you Teresa and Teresa was asking all
kinds of guys are you Mike and some of these women and men were saying yes I am
how are you it’s nice to meet you and they weren’t I think the two of them
are just now recovering from the whole the whole ordeal Teresa refinancing I
agree Syl van it has gotten so much worse as I have been there before and
didn’t recall it being that yeah it’s just the conditions are worse Charlie
mom Coco K has drinks there on that island
Debbie manual way to go Peter Debbie’s thinking Peter for my super chat Charlie
bond ring card mister azor what do you think about real care being new policy
about kids mr. azar are you new to my channel
you’re saying it’s a new policy two days ago I would love to hear what this
policy is it’s so it’s too large to explain search on Google he’s saying I’m
just looking at every message she sent me I will I’ll tell you what I’ll look
it up tonight and I’ll have a comment on it on tomorrow show I’m on twice five
and eight o’clock morning welcome to the to the channel nice tat here if anyone
knows about what he’s talking about let me know Samantha’s going huh doesn’t
know mark lost traveler now that ships don’t stop anymore
at a lot of ports they are losing millions of dollars um they are the the
local SAR yes mark you’re absolutely right if you’re talking about like
Jamaica they’re not stopping at the those were yeah they’re getting killed
they made their situation totally worse totally worse but then there are the
bullies with the weapons who want to control the turf and then the rest of
them who are the slaves and they’re getting bullied and the tour companies
have said sayonara we’re out of here no problem no we’re gonna come
right here and you guys can try to shake down you know the locals cuz you’re not
shaking down my tourists not on this Cruise Line you’re not getting us we
can’t handle illegals the the insurance and everything else let’s see here
Theresa McFarland laugh out loud marnik November 3rd a Marc b2b msec side
might be changing that one then our CL 8-day adventure of the seas going to the
list of every the 23rd Theresa she’s booked on the seaside she’s booked on
the adventure of the Seas she’s booked on the Bliss figure out which one of
those you want to go on to see if you can catch up with her Samantha’s asking
what is the policy Pamela Jordan with the upgrade to Coco Bay you will
probably have to pay just to get off the ship they will have a lot more to charge
you for now well again you know they may build that into the price of the cruise
they may build it right into the price of the cabin I can see that happening
going forward you’ll you’ll look to book a deal on Royal Caribbean for a week
screws you’ll be on vacations to go calm and you’ll see balcony cabins for sale
for 649 or 749 and then you go on to you call the 800 number of affirmation
certifications to go or you’ll go to Royal Caribbean website to look up the
you know the pricing to confirm if it’s as good as you found over here on
vacations to go calm and that’s when you realize oh yeah well that’s just the
base price we don’t sell cruises like that anymore
like we used to where it was 649 plus taxes and tips well we don’t do that
anymore now we sell cabins for a base price and then we have the optional or
the optional extras and yeah you can pick the one you want one of them is an
admission – Coco Coco que I can see this happening and it might be 25 dollars a
person baked into the additionally to the cabin and it’s two adults and two
children hundred bucks or you know 87 50 or something like that extra and you’ll
your wristband that you get will have that keyed in there
you can’t get off the ship at coke okay you try to get off the ship of coke okay
and you use your wristband they’re gonna go oh wait a minute oh oh you’re
and you don’t have a pass you’ll have to go through that checkout line over there
and you do go through that check and that one year’s paying 150 now instead
of 100 because it’s on the slot and it’s charged Hyrum and now go enjoy coke okay
$150 for the thorium that could be the future wouldn’t surprise me
I mean well it would actually make sense to me that they would be doing it
Charles Jordan saying has anyone heard what Royal Caribbean will be charging
for the water park on coke okay once they have it built mark the lost
traveler hey eighty I think the Bliss sounds good Mark’s lost traveler no
seaside for me I think the price smells kind of funny
smelly kind of money price for that ship all other smells cement the farmer
cannot find the new kind of policy on Royal Caribbean Debbie here my husband
and I went to the Caymans and he says you can always tell the wealth of the
place how many banks there are yeah that’s right cayman islands third
largest banking center on the planet yeah yeah and there’s a ton of dough
there Theresa MacFarlane mark you should book
that one and we will definitely meet up for sure that read mark I booked the
Bliss it looks like an awesome ship marks the lost traveler everybody on the
Bliss February the 23rd 2019 he seemed let’s go there boy is saying in 85 we
cruise to Jamaica and when we were leaving the dock there were two armed
guards with rifles just sitting there needless to say we haven’t been exactly
haven’t been back I was armed on a cruise my first cruise on Holland
America through the Mexican Riviera and we stopped in Mazatlan at one of our
stops and my friends and I we were going to meet a couple that my friends knew
who had a they were staying for the winter in Mazatlan had been for years
decades and so we ended up walking from the port to the to another part of the
port where there’s a restaurant with beer and stuff and that’s where we’re
gonna meet these folks I remember coming out of the port area through the the
gate onto the street and looking around we could see army
trucks with the Mexican soldiers on them with the machine guns like the rifles
and I felt good about because there were a ton of these guys and I thought yeah
there’s and they were so relaxed they were like yeah this is like this is an
easy day for us folks or just sitting here watching the tourists come and go
we had no issues whatsoever every intersection there were a couple of
these guys like in a Jeep they were it was patrolled heavily wasn’t like a an
insurgence or anything like that they were just there it was like a presence
and I kind of liked it we ended up meeting the friends that we wanted to
meet and then the six of us piled into a back of a pickup truck
taxi you know what those are and really sit on like some planks on the side and
we headed into the downtown area of mazatlán and walked around there it had
a fabulous time just loved it not an incident nothing whatsoever happened
however about three years later 2011 hauler America Carnival Royal Caribbean
princess no more visits to Mazatlan they didn’t go for about two or three years
too much violence from gangs in Mazatlan for a while and the Mexican authorities
obviously heard it heard about it from the locals the government took it
seriously enough and I guess they cleaned house and it took a lot of
effort to do so but last year on Princess Cruises to Mazatlan and got off
the ship in Mazatlan and my wife and I took the the free shuttle bus from the
port right to the downtown core where the church is the one Cathedral and then
my wife and I we just walked through downtown and ended up at the Best
Western Hotel on the shore on the beach side of downtown Mazatlan went up to the
top of the hotel to the 12th floor and hung out there for a few hours free
Wi-Fi just buy a drink free Wi-Fi and it took some video from up there there are
emails and said I to folks back home and then worked worked our way back by foot
back to downtown and onto the shuttle bus and back
shit no problem whatsoever and much less army presence this time very very little
as a matter of fact so it’s really been cleaned up so I was glad to see that but
some of these small islands in the Caribbean like Jamaica in particular
it’s it’s a sad sad story Haiti port-au-prince you want to you
want to go to port-au-prince that’s not gonna happen
labadie yeah yeah enclosed yeah security everywhere it’s the only way you’re
gonna get on the Haiti yeah Deb Richard’s saying – Deb guess I shouldn’t
be upset missing Jamaica a dip says that was 95 peter hekima lots of canadian
banks on the island bank in Nova Scotia Royal Bank oh yeah they’re all there the
US banks Bank of China all the European banks they’re all in the Caymans they’re
all there piece of McFarlane group cruise bliss every 23rd whoo Nina Frank
hi Bruce and everyone – Celsius in Sweden is Falmouth in Jamaica private um
I think it is but I may be corrected by my viewers here Bob Hollis where is a
bliss going on Feb 23rd I don’t know is that going to be in the in the Caribbean
is that I would imagine it wouldn’t couldn’t possibly be Alaska so I’m
thinking it’s Caribbean patrie Debbie same thing happened to us in Grenada in
the 80s saying very interesting mark the lost travel I just booked up February
23rd out of Miami airline discount $5.99 see you in Feb Oh inside cabin
Richard Garbowsky Wow Bruce you are sure brave going into Mexico
I tell you Richard the third stop was was poor Tamara been I’ve been there
three times and all we ever do is get off the ship walk out the port go across
the street there’s a big shopping mall there that’s where the whole upper
middle class of four yards up shops they got a Starbucks right in the middle of
it – all air-conditioned it’s just like a shopping mall in any suburbian part of
North America and I’ve never felt that issue recited as a Walmart packed with
shoppers shopping and Walmart I know there are beggars around yeah there’s
people panhandling yeah but none of them a problem because there’s police
everywhere no have I gone for a walk three blocks inland from that area no I
might have I decided to go and check out the motorcycle gang members and part of
our day to kind of you know tell them that I think they’re you know kind of
girly like no I stayed on the high visibility high-traffic area because I
just had no intention of taking a tour for anywhere in for the ride room just
never turned me on to me the ship was the whole deal
the ship was the vacate and being off the ship for two or three hours is about
it then back on board and back where I want to be because it’s all about the
ship for me it’s reason mcFarland that is awesome
mark that was quick mark gloss traveler don’t have to ask me twice he says
Debbie saying won’t go to Mexico either been to Cozumel in the 80s that’s enough
thanks Teresa McFarland Miami seed a st. Thomas Church Tortola CD Nassau Miami
Debbie I love I love my Canada Suzanne as an Theresa McFarland booked on the
Royal Caribbean symphony right after the Bliss Deb but the weather sucks in
Canada yes Wendy Thompson first Cruise was in 91
Cozumel had soldiers with guns Pat Reid Bruce group cruise I’ll let you know
when I get one not yet the Loras traveler Monica saying the Bliss stops
at st. Thomas tour Tula and NASA Charlie bomb fall mph is included with Marg
Margaretville is that Margaritaville are you are you sa Margaritaville not sure I
know that I was an OCO Rios my wife and I we stopped there and we didn’t we
barely left the pier we didn’t really want to go anywhere we were just happy
to get off the ship we grabbed a beer and I grabbed a soda at a little bar
right at the end of the pier free Wi-Fi if you had a drink and that’s what we
wanted we wanted the free Wi-Fi so we just got off the ship for about an hour
and a half did a little Wi-Fi work said I and everybody went back on board and
enjoyed that a lost traveler group in Feb 23 bliss other Miami he’s saying is
it marks organizing a group Chris I haven’t
I’m not sure if I’m gonna make it but way to go can be done um another topic I
was gonna bring up today was a question that was asked of me this morning from a
viewer asking me a shit when I get off the ship and I do a tour like ship a
ship organized tour do I need to bring my passport or is a photocopy of the
passport good enough and my answer it’s a it’s a yes and no answer actually on
the one hand if you’re with a group cruise that the ship is organizing say
you’re in oh I don’t know Cayman Islands and you’re going to go for a stingray
city you all get on the one bus and you get up to the dock where the boats are
to take you to stingray city you get on the charter boat you you know you do
that for three four four hours come back bus is waiting for you get on the bus
the fat head back to downtown Georgetown get an hour to walk around a little bit
and then you’re right there at the pier and get in line for your tender because
there will be a lineup to get back on your tender head for the ship well
theoretically having a photocopy of your passport is okay in theory yeah but came
in as an example where I wouldn’t worry so much if you don’t have your passport
you at least have a photocopy of it and you’re with a ship escorted tour I get
it but if they let you out for what an hour or two you’re not with the escorted
people for an hour or two until you get back to the pier and now you are
vulnerable no matter where you are whether it’s whether it’s came in or
whether it’s Cozumel or st. Thomas or whatever it is mainly not a u.s.
territory obviously you know on u.s. territory if you’re American I would
have my passport with me though I would the reason I would is because my
attitude is everything could go great with the with the stingray city tour or
any tour you’re on have a great time you’re escorted any fantastic but what
if either you or your traveling companion or member of the family
whoever you know what you know gang a six eeeh one individual
as an accents falls down twist an ankle you know is injured and now needs
medical attention and you are not by the ship at all you’re an hour away from the
ship you’ve got to be taken to a clinic now
to be seen immediately because there might be bleeding and what-have-you
internal bleeding boy would you need your passport now because you might be
in a position that you might not make the ship if it’s a very bad issue you
might have to be in a hospital and someone who’s with you might have to be
with you in the hospital while you’re laid up and so if you left your
passports on board and it’s a tender to the ship you can’t you no one in the
hospital you to the ship get your stuff get back off impossible that’s not gonna
happen you’re playing with Russian Roulette especially if you’re injured
later in the day I mean if it’s in the first hour did you get off the ship
you’ve got six hours to get back to it you might be able to work something out
or if the ship is at least tied to appear but there are you know things
happen when they aren’t supposed to happen accidents happen when they’re not
supposed to happen at all in the worst possible time in the worst possible
circumstance and it could be something as simple as as you know someone
tripping and falling or you know the bus you’re in is involved in an accident and
it wasn’t the bus drivers fault it got t-boned by some you know moron
and there are injuries on board the bus and it might not be you you’re fine
your partner’s might your people are fine you’re laid up on this bus and it
is delayed hours because the police won’t let it let people go because they
want the witnesses and or whoever knows what the reasoning is logistically
speaking there can be issues and sometimes and events where out of your
control you cannot get back to that ship one
time you’re just not going to and you’ve got to have that fast board a photocopy
of it is okay but it won’t get you very far and certain authorities just won’t
accept it they just will not accept a photocopy they’re they’re gonna they’re
gonna look at you like with suspicion despite the innocence of
your circumstance you’re not getting a lot of help and if you want out now I
want to buy a ticket for an airline to get off that Island or whatever you’re
in a world of hurt and now you’ve got to arrange the passport to be FedExed to
you in an emergency basis from the next port that the ship gets to that as we
FedEx back to you where you are and it just goes on and on and it’s it’s
nothing but money time frustration and and a ruining of the holidays so that’s
one answer to that question kind of a partial one way or the other I’m
obviously the worst case scenario is you know you’re you’re at a beautiful Museum
you’re in Rome or you’re in you’re in Monaco or you’re you know you’re on the
shore tour having a great old time and you collapse
and faint because you had a stroke you didn’t know you had a stroke like sup
you you just went to sleep now and your traveling companion wherever you’re with
they’re scrambling now they are scrambling and if you left your ID with
you on the ship because all you thought you needed was the ship card and the
ship covered everything didn’t have to need money this could be a real problem
because now you’re in an emergency ward you have no insurance cards on you you
have no proof of insurance for health care I mean it’s a it’s a real pain and
you’re incapacitated you have no idea what’s going on so yeah I would be on
shore with my documentation in my wallet and my credit cards and yeah I would be
because an emergency comes up I need to be able to react and act on my own if I
have to act on my own or or you know with the help of the cruise line
certainly but on the other hand there’s only so much cruise line can do
depending on the circumstance of your predicament right and then of course
there’s the argument of well I just I’m just going off the ship for a couple of
hours I just want to go to that little shopping mall now and there at the end
of the pier and next thing you know you’re in there and you’re trying to buy
a diamond ring and a nice Rolex watch and you’re haggling away you have no
idea of the time and the next thing you know you’re looking around and there’s
nobody in the store but you and you got your credit card on you but
you didn’t bring your passport and this chip is a hunk and it’s gone
and you got a nice watch but you haven’t got a ride home there’s that issue so I
would I recommend you have your passport on you let’s see what happens here any
more comments let’s see here let’s see oh we got a bunch of to come in here
let’s see who’s in here the Bliss tops the st. Thomas Valmont this included
let’s see sorry folks I’m just trying to catch up with all your comments that
have been going on you’ve been talking without me let’s do it
who’s in my Theresa is asking and Michelle Lucas we have been going on to
MX for 22 years driven have driven six times hobby has
ridden motorcycles six times Baja never had a problem mark the lost traveler I
do a photocopy and never had a problem Debbie Manuel Teresa I will do it
Charles Jordan what draws traveler kids are in school so that leaves us out
cement the farmer mr. Heiser cannot find anything can you give us a brief
overview Theresa McFarland excellent Debbie Mars lost Trevor I think we have
four for the Bliss let’s keep it going Martha loss traveler for every 23rd out
of Miami seven days Debbie boy Debbie I hate re free holiday I hate reality
accidents happen threesome McFarland Martha you got a
great price on that cruise really nice you are able to get your airline
discount Michelle Dori I would love the Bliss but no way I can get off work in
February Pat Reid I am in Debbie is saying good to know always kept my
passport in the room safe when I got off the ship Martha lost Trevor says nice
perk working for the airlines I wonder if I can get that for a group of us I’ll
check it out and get back with you Teresa McFarland saying awesome Pat dad
boy says I think I’m gonna stay home laughing out loud Theresa make fun that
would be awesome aren’t paid $7.99 per person for inside
Barnes the lost traveler hey Michelle call out call out sick for the week
laugh out loud we work too much life is so short not to have fun
Michelle Dory laugh out loud sure Pat read Debbie left foot load come on girl
and threes McFarland did you get your booking with the drink package market as
your perk what’s enough is there what do you screaming and
scrambling for this grows on the 23rd of February on
the bliss out of Miami for seven days more power to you guys if you can put
something together fantastic other news just last points before I go here today
carnival horizon there’s an issue with the carnal horizon it’s very close to
being completed with shipyard the shipyard attempted to end the ship over
to Carnival and carnival said nope it’s not done we’re not taking delivery of
the ship yet cruise line went what’s the issue and carnival said well it’s
sitting in your pier here inside your drydock where you’re flooding the water
in and paint the silicon paint from the hull is leaching into the ocean into the
sea and it’s polluting the water all around the ship that ship is unfit for
the sea they won’t pass any inspection anywhere and so the crews a builder the
pits a ship builder is still responsible for the ship it’s theirs until they hand
it over they gotta clean up this mess and so they immediately cleaned out the
water and a tree and it treated whatever they had to do and they’re now looking
at repainting the hull properly or whatever the issue is with the silicone
paint that they’re using and it’s a it’s a bit of a kerfuffle but it might delay
things a little longer than thought and we’re not sure yet those or any
cancellations of the normal cruises yet or whether the handoff has been delayed
or not whether they’ll be on time whether they have enough time in the
middle of this or they made time for these kinds of issues but the carnal
horizon the new Vista class ship with all the bells and whistles has not yet
been officially turned over to Carnival and the thought was by now it would be
so we’ll have to keep an eye on that the next few days and see where were that
where that takes us uh mark loss driver is saying with regard to the drink
package I don’t drink so I say big bucks and he would yeah he would say big bucks
if he doesn’t drink so there you go anyway there you have it well I think
that’s it for my show today I think we’ve covered a lot of ground here folks
I know you folks are scrambling to try to put the screws together I’m on again
at 5:00 tomorrow if you want to continue that discussion and or others I look
forward to seeing you then and I’m on twice tomorrow 5 and at 8 o’clock
tomorrow night and a great show thank you for the the super chat today Peter I
got a couple of bucks in there I got me a hot dog at Costco anyway thanks for
that we’ll see who comes in tomorrow the newbies thanks for the newbies for
showing up today was great to have you guys was uh was nice to meet the view of
you new ones I hope you’ve learned some things today hope you enjoyed the show
and how it’s going if you’re subscribed Birds thank you if you’re not there’s a
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you new guys I’m just kind of looking for your names here to see if I can
thank you one more time there’s so many messages today it’s
incredible I’m just going back and back and back mister azor I haven’t heard
anything from mr. Hayes or anymore maybe that was a trick question I don’t know
uh let’s see here there’s still man and yeah man goodness
we had a pile of comments here today I really think all you guys who came by
today and said I Paul will Gus Thank You Paul you were a newbie today thank you
for popping in and also too let’s see here
Preston Preston Wester thanks for coming by and seeing us and throwing in some
comments it was great to have you loved it and there was one more I’m just gonna
go back far enough I’m like and fun and Paul Paul Willis thanks also Paul so
there you go a couple of newbies that came by today seems like every day we’re
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joining me today on my channel on this live chat live stream really appreciate
you we’ll see you tomorrow at 5:00 and 8:00 tomorrow night and
have a great evening everybody and we’ll see you take care now


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