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hi I’m Michele the kite manager here at
Criton. Criton is a guest engagement platform which simplifies digital
transformation in hotels and serviced apartments helping them deliver the
perfect digital guests journey and maximise ins they spend today I’m gonna
be walking you through some of the features and benefits of adopting an app
for your property so here is the main dashboard your guests will see you when
they first download and open the app this is our demo app however here would
be your own unique logo and have all of your own fonts and colorings so the
first step would be for your guests to retrieve their bricking using their last
name and their bricking reference number we click into the find your booking tile
and select the hotel they’re staying in we’ll just enter the details here so
there we are we can see the booking is now been retrieved and the guest is
prompted to create an account at the bottom they would enter their email
address password and display name and tick that they’ve read the Terms and
Conditions and Privacy Policy as I’ve already create an account I’ll just
click log in here at the bottom and enter my email address and password this
is actually our contact email address so if you need to get in touch feel free to
use this and I’ll enter my super secure password there we are
so we’re brought back to the main dashboard but we can see that there’s a
few changes you can see your check-in and check-out dates and also it has your
name at the top we click into here this is now create a guest profile and your
guests can access terms and conditions privacy policy and logout of their
account at any time so we navigate back to main dashboard your guests can I
easily check in on route as creighton will integrate with your pms you click
on check-in we can see that the dashboard has now changed and our key is
being retrieved so I’ve actually got a lock here next to me I just place the
phone next lock the guest can see with a small animation that their door has
successfully unlocked so this will really help to streamline your check-in
process and I’ll give your guests the option to bypass reception desk
especially during busy periods so if we click into this tile your guest has the
option to share their key this will help you to become more
Dayna ball and really reduce the amount of plastic he’s being distributed if we
navigate back and have a look at the Wi-Fi tile you can see here that you’d
have all of your Wi-Fi details for your guests to quickly and easily join to
your Wi-Fi network next we’ll have a look in the contacts section so your
mobile app will enable your guests to easily contact you with easy to access
call buttons email buttons and also access your Facebook Messenger and
whatsapp messenger at the bottom here you can also have the option to add in
one of our additional integrations called on-demand this will enable your
guests to easily order room service and request additional amenities a chat in
lifetime with your team finally we’ll explore the guest book section so this
is all of the information specific to the prophecy that the guest is staying
at if they wish your guests can access a full list of your properties at any time
allowing you to really showcase your brand so we navigate back into the hotel
you can see there’s a large list this is all fully customizable and cantilever
information you think would be beneficial to your guests
now Rim guides can include any images and content you can have information
about your breakfast options and you can also include your menus as PDF
attachments and also give your guests the option to book directly through the
app if we have a look at the local area section you can see our Google Maps
integration this is fantastic as you can list as many points of interest as you
would like giving your guests a huge choice of activities to choose from this
also functions as your regular Google Maps and will give them directions from
the little current location if we navigate back to the main dashboard your
guest has the option to checkout and complete their stay there’s also the
opportunity to vic again to encourage more direct rebooking and reduce or tear
commission this concludes the demo for our products if you’d like to see how
crichton can help enhance your guests experience then please be competing with
us on our website and we’ll be in touch shortly thanks for listening

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