Creative & Practical Writing Tips : How to Write Your Wedding Vows

Hi I’m Laura from
and I’m going to talk about how to write your wedding vows. This is such an interesting
subject, an interesting and wonderful thing to be able to write about. I would really
recommend finding a book that would help you give you a little bit of guidance, maybe give
you a chance to read some other wedding vows that have been written. It would help you
kind of decide on the direction you want to go with it, which of course is also going
to be decided by what your wedding ceremony will be like. Begin, when you do begin to
write, begin with a salutation like, “my dearest” or something that expresses your emotion.
Talk about how you feel on this day. What are some of the emotions that are filling
your heart in the beginning of your wedding vow. Then go on to talk about what the things
you see in your future of your life together, how you will work together as a couple, what
are making, what are some of the plans you have together. Then close your wedding vow
with a repetition of your deepest emotions and those are some ideas of how to write your
wedding vow.

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