Cortometraje ENGAGEMENT

Should we review? Is it today? We did the last one the day before yesterday, didn’t we? Yes, that’s true. Are you starting? Let’s see, I’ve written it down. Let’s see, on Instagram
I’ve given 17 likes, six to my oldest friends. Then, to Usololita,
Blanca Suarez and Vizaroxmi, and… ah! To Dulceida and
another one to her wife, brother and mum. Seriously? It’s just that the whole family are influencers. Then, Jon Kortajarena, Pablo Alborán
and Tuna y el Perro Feo (Tuna and the Ugly Dog). Private messages? Yes, four, of boys hitting on me
but I haven’t replied to any of them. If you want to check? And Facebook? Well, I’ve had a few friend requests
but I haven’t accepted any of them. Twitter? Twitter, nothing much. I’ve retweeted @theblondeneighbour
and @MotherFuckingBarbie, that’s it. I’ve not messaged anyone privately. Your turn. Well, let’s see. I’ve also not given many, eleven in total. Four to my uni friends,
one to my personal trainer. Pacozoy, fitness power foot, Jorge Cremades. Seriously? I found it funny
and it wasn’t male chauvinistic. Then to Cristiano,
top landscapes and @cats_official, and that’s it. That’s it? Are you sure? I’m sure. You’ve only given those likes on Instagram? Yeah, why? Because I think you’ve forgotten one. Which one? Does a girl called Arancha ring a bell? Arancha? I don’t know anyone called Arancha. Well… You’ve liked her photo. It must have been by mistake. You know that sometimes my finger slips. I don’t know who she is. Do you like her? I told you, I don’t know who she is. Do you? Yes. She is a friend from school. Well, was. She treated me badly and caused a lot of trouble. So, imagine when I went on her Instagram
and saw your name, your like… …the first one. I am sorry, it was an accident. Honestly. We said this couldn’t work
if weren’t completely honest with each other. But this was a mistake, a coincidence. And how do I know you haven’t
made mistakes in other girls’ profiles? Because I haven’t. Don’t make me remind you why we put those rules, ok? I wasn’t the one fooling around
with my best friend on private messages. Fine. Thanks, I remember very well. But now you’re the one who’s broken the rules. It seems you don’t have them clear. What did we say? Go on! We can only give likes to gays,
lesbians, transgender, celebrities, animal accounts and landscapes. On every six photos
we must share one together, so that everyone knows we are a couple. Abstain from interacting with any girl(me)
or boy(you) that could become close in any way. That’s it. No it’s not! This has been a fucking mistake, ok? I don’t know who this Arancha is. This is going to be hell. Why don’t we get off social media? That’s it, problem solved. No. You know I can’t do that. I need to promote and sell my clothing designs. I have to increase the followers, and improve my engagement
or I have to go back to folding clothes. So what should we do? I don’t know if I can trust you anymore. Do you trust me? But…I love you. Yeah… I love you too. We will find a solution. Yeah. It’s my turn to share a photo of us. Come here. Let’s see, this one’s blurry. No, no, no. Let’s see this one? This or? Nothing. These are horrible.
We can’t share that. That photo won’t get any likes. Let’s change the posture or…I don’t know. Or we smile? Let’s see. These are good. That one? Or that? No, that one. That one would be amazing with the Amaro filter! Not the Amaro, Afterlight is better. Wait, it looks better with Afterlight. I put the Pereza on.

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