Considerations For Outdoor Weddings – Episode 06

Are you planning an outdoor wedding? Stay tuned for our tips on considering of the weather! [♫ ♫ MUSIC INTRO ♫ ♫] Hi everyone and welcome back to
another episode in our wedding planning series. Today we’re going to look at
considering the weather when planning an outdoor wedding. Maybe you’ve always wanted to walk down the aisle in an outdoor setting to say I do. You might have it all pictured in your mind, the perfect sunny day with a nice green lawn, rose petals, white chairs for your guests and that cool summer breeze at your back. Perfect setting for the perfect wedding day. All from a year from today permits
have been arranged, guests invitations are ready and the ceremony furniture and
all your decorations organised to be set up. But as much as you can wish and pray
for perfect weather sometimes things don’t always go to plan. Other times
the weatherman can get it really wrong. Our advice is to be prepared for wet as
well as hot weather and make sure you have a plan as to when to make the final
call, who will help you reset and how to advise your guests if need be. For wet
weather a backup location or possibly a marquee would be helpful. We can help you with logistics of getting this set up in time as you need the manpower to
relocate your furniture and decorations. We can also help in getting the message
out to your guests in case they need to drive to another location. Let’s face it
are you really gonna ask your bridal party to call each and every one of your
guests as they’re getting ready themselves? Or ask family and friends to
move your setup whilst in their formal attire? That’s where our team come in
handy will help to reduce any stress. We’re on the ground ready and watching
the forecast. We communicate all movements with you for peace of mind. We notify suppliers and we can get the message out to your guests to let them
know of any change of plans. For hot weather some shade and cool drinks will help keep your guests really happy. If there are no trees in the area, a marquee or some large market umbrellas will provide shade for your guests. Our team
again can help with guests fans in a hydration station with cool drinks and
sunscreen if needed. So if you’re planning an outdoor wedding
be sure to have a back-up plan for wet weather and if you’re getting married in
the warm months consider something to keep your guests cool and happy. If you would like any of our help for this please contact us in the details below. Our team is ready and willing to help. Be sure to like this video and follow us
for more updates on planning advice. Until next time happy planning! [FADING OUT]

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