ComBat – tactical event management tool

ComBat System This software gives unique possibility to use wide functionality of modern portable devices in the scope of solving tactical communication and control tasks. Equipped by GPS receivers, wireless communication modules, photo camera and compass, having compactness low weight and reasonable price, this devices have become part of our lives. Our software helps military units to find correct route, discover position of friendly forces, receive information from intelligence
and observers, exchange data with another devices creating unique situation awareness database. This features allows to solve tasks faster, more effective and more safer for the stuff. Joining devices in global network allow commanders to control subordinates actions and promptly react on battlefield situation changes. Software is optimized for maximum lifetime and allow devices to work more than 10 hours without charging. Data pass to the server via encrypted channel, where it is delivered to another users. Simplicity of information visualization promotes its perception and analysis. Map information update occurs automatically in real-time. Simple and understandable interface do not require special user skills and allows to learn software finctionality in short terms.


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