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Pink Book. I’m Natalie, I’m Malindi and if we haven’t convinced you that South Africa
is the perfect place to get married tv personality and event planner Colin Cowie explains why
he chose Cape Town out of all places to have his wedding 2020. Enjoy the video guys and
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It’s very easy to design and make beautiful things and put the icing on the top but before
you put the icing on the cake you have to bake the cake and you need all the right ingredients
and I found that the South African, I don’t like to call them vendors because vendors
park cars and sell hotdogs. I prefer to revert them to my creative partners, so I have an
an extraordinary team of South African creative partners that’s been lid by my friend Carly de Villiers
from South African school of weddings. We collaborated on a wedding before and similar
projects in South Africa, so I feel extremely comfortable. The past two days I’ve booked
flowers, I met with technical people, we figured out the sound, we figured out the lighting
for this portion and I’m headed to Cape Town to meet the next group of people which I know
will be equally comparable, so yes, I feel very confident that I can find the backbone
that I need to present a very beautiful wedding. Being the planner that I am, for me the bar
is always here and I like to make sure that what we design, not only is it beautiful but
for me, the most important thing is a guest experience. Thing happen on time, on cue,
that we take you on a fabulous journey thought, well tough out the beginning and middle and
the end. So I have my South African team working very closely with my New York and Los Angles
team and I’ve got ten people that have been working with me for well over a year on this,
so from the fonts and the invitations to the flowers and the production and the layouts
and all the things that are going to take into place to create the most extraordinary
guest experience. It takes a team and a village and fortunately I have one in New York, one
in Los Angles and one in South Africa and between the three of them, I hope I’ll be
the best guest at my own wedding. I would say that 60% of the work that I’ve done in
this space of weddings in the last 20 years has been the outside of the US, so destination
work is something we’re very very familiar with, when you’re working with guests your
travelling a long distance, tell them what you told them and tell them again, put it
in writing, remind them and they’ll be there on time, so it’s really, it hasn’t been difficult
because we’re used to doing this and majority of our work is working in other countries
around the world, so we’re feeling very confident and very happy about our production right
here at home. One of the beautiful things about coming and working in South Africa and
embracing and supporting the South African industry is that the dollar goes a long way
and I am able to produce a much grander and a more spectacular wedding here and it’s a
great idea, all my friends have been to New York but few of them have been to South Africa
and this is not the first time that I have thrown a wedding in South Africa, so I very
familiar with what’s available and what’s not available, the world is very small today
and if I want a particular type of flower and it comes from somewhere else in the world,
we’re just going to fly it in, so working here does necessary prohibited me from having
what I want. I mean, I did a creative presentation of flowers yesterday and it’s exactly what
I want. Yes, some of them are being imported and are coming from other places but the fact
that we’re in Cape Town doesn’t hinder me one bit so ever. I think the world is getting
smaller and smaller. You I know I visited close to a 100 countries around the world,
I have travelled 14 and a half million miles around the world, I’ve really seen a lot and
most destination has a beautiful resort, fabulous architecture, wonderful interior design, they
have a swimming pool, they have a beach and they have a view but no one has what South
Africa has and the idea of being able to take people on Safari and where your guest, no
matter how fabulous they are, they are the lowest rung on the totem pole. It’s a rather
humble experience and then I think we have this very diverse cosine, so I’m showcasing
my guests the rainbow South African kitchen, so it is everything from bush barbeque and
braai to fabulous cosine that we’ve seen coming out of extraordinary chefs today that we have
in South Africa and then, of course, the amazing wines, there’s such a diversity of wonderful
activities to do, like Cape town has just so many things for a guest to do and it’s
interesting because when you think about it, Chef’s Warehouse has rated number one restaurant
by the Piller Green Awards on the African continent, not in South Africa, on the African
continent and uh die Wolfgat in Pad Renoster was been rated by the Parrot Restaurant Association
as the best restaurant in the world, so then Cape Town kinda like the food capital of Southern
Africa and we’re all foodies and we love to eat well done well and have a great time.
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