Coaching for Engagement and Improved Performance

top-performing Healthcare Organizations
enjoy employee retention high patient satisfaction good productivity and
profitability they all have something really important in common
employee engagement without good employee engagement you are placing your
organization at risk for high turnover poor patient satisfaction and low
productivity over the past decade I’ve conducted my coaching for engagement and
improved performance workshop for thousands of healthcare leaders what
I’ve learned is that these managers and directors want to engage workforce but
don’t know how to make it happen consistently they’re frustrated by team
members who manage to fly just under the radar with marginal performance and
these managers are painfully aware that it’s the disengage and even somewhat
engaged employees that are draining their time and their energy and this
drain leaves little time and energy for the star performers who actually deserve
to be recognized we recruited and challenged with new opportunities so
what’s the solution helping managers meet their employees where they are and
take them where they need to be through a highly interactive and engaging
workshop healthcare leaders will learn to do several things one spot the
behaviors that indicate an employee’s level of engagement including fully
engaged engaged somewhat engaged and disengaged they’ll also learn to
calculate the financial impact that their level of engagement is having
right now and create action plans for coaching each individual employee and as
part of the workshop we provide tools guides and step-by-step approach and we
allow you to practice the skills that help you build engagement across the
system if you want to improve patient
satisfaction start with employee engagement find out more by contacting
us at the number or the email below meanwhile keep raising the bar you

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