Client Feedback Part 1 | #Shiva Vaibhav & Shirley | Westin Sohna Resort & Spa | BMP Weddings

I’m completely blown away by everything This is more than I could have ever imagined I loved all your efforts I think Now Like in an Indian style We are also a family with BMP It’s our second event within a Six months So it’s a Wow… Wow… Wow… Everything is great It’s a nice feel in different country and Sittings done differently. And I love the feel. It really impressed By how friendly the people treat us. And, I love Indian people So we are so happy to be with them be here. To enjoy the wedding here I just had a lot of fun to see everybody be around Kinda friends and meet the family of Vaibhav & Shirley. and..yeah! I spent a good time Everybody is very nice I appreciate the fact of being here I personally liked the coordination which you guys have It’s like really good Wonderful!!! Speechless!! My good wishes to team BMP Everything is pretty great Like Overall People here are really nice The food is amazing And the dancing last night was so much fun Yeah..I’m having a blast One line for the wedding planners Continue doing a good job you guys are doing. Hipp Hipp Hurray!! Team BMP Rocks!! BMP Rocks!! BMP Rocks!! BMP Weddings Rocks!! Team BMP Rocks!! BMP Rocks!!

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