Christmas Children Arrangements For Divorced Parents

It’s really hard to know the exact numbers, but unfortunately there probably will be a number of fathers and mothers who won’t be seeing their children this Christmas. One of the difficulties that a number of fathers and mothers often encounter when organizing special occasions such as Christmas, Easter is that they don’t agree the arrangements far enough in advance. So, for example, we often get a lot of phone calls from fathers around mid-December time and unfortunately that’s just too tight to sensibly sort out the Christmas arrangements. In terms of legal rights available for separated parents most parents, and particular fathers, have parental responsibility for their children, which means they should be involved in the big decisions in their lives and they are effectively on equal footing generally, so they should be having a number of discussions with the mother as to who will be spending time with the child over special occasions, and special occasions really should be alternated. We always advise parents if they’re struggling to agree who spends time with the child over special occasions to deal with that early on. We can offer them advice on how they can deal with this and we can help them try and reach an agreement. We can also refer them to other services such as mediation. Ultimately if you really can’t reach an agreement then the courts are there, but the courts really are a last resort. We try and encourage all of our clients to reach an agreement amicably. There is a wealth of information available on our website which is

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