Chrissy Student Social Media Ambassador

– Hey guys, my name’s Chrissy. I’m one of Conestoga’s new
social media assistants. So you’re gonna be seeing
me over the Think Conestoga social media platforms
for the next little while. So I just wanted to give a
quick introduction to myself. I just graduated from the recreation and leisure services program, and now I’m in the event
management program. So some things you’re
gonna be seeing from me are some useful tips and
tricks about Conestoga that you might not have already known. Obviously I’m in event management so I really care about events. So I’m definitely gonna
be showing you guys the upcoming events that Conestoga has. And also this is my last year of school, so I’m transitioning into career. So I’m gonna be showing
you that process as well. So, yeah, stay tuned guys, bye!

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