Choosing My Wedding Dress

Hello Friends and welcome to another video. Today, I’m gonna be shopping for my wedding dress. No, this one isn’t from Wish. Surprisingly. So as some of you guys might already know, Tyler and I are engaged, betrothed, affianced… And since January, we have been planning our wedding, which has been going pretty well overall. We have a great wedding planner who sends me emails probably like once an hour, We have our date and our venue and our photo booth. It seems like a low-priority thing to have booked so early, but I booked it and I’m jazzed. Now one of the things you have to think about when you’re planning a wedding is what the heck you’re gonna wear. It’s definitely an early foot that needs to drop, partially because with a lot of wedding dresses, you’re supposed to order them like four to six months in advance, and also because the dress choice can influence the decor, what other people are gonna wear, like, how you’re gonna do your hair, your shoes – Everything! So even though our wedding is later this year, we’re buying the dress now. And since I’ve been an avid watcher of Say Yes to the Dress since its inception in 2007, I thought it would be fun to film the dress selection process, and produce our own episode of – well not Say Yes to the Dress – because I don’t think we can legally call it that, but you know, Choosing My Wedding Dress™. We haven’t actually trademarked that but, let’s do this anyway. So as for exactly what I’m looking for, I have a few thoughts. Like many people (I hope), I have been pinning wedding dresses that I thought were cool to a Private Pinterest board for years, like since way before I even met Tyler. So between that and a steady consumption of wedding content over the years, I feel like I’ve seen a fair amount of wedding dresses in my time. And based on all of that, I kind of know what styles I’m interested in. In terms of skirts, I don’t think I want a super poofy ball gown, but I also don’t think I want something super tight, just because I want to be able to move and groove and also eat. So something kind of loose or A-line would be ideal. In terms of tops, I’m more open to different things. I’m definitely partial to long sleeves, but I don’t want to be too close-minded to other kinds of sleeves outright. For additional context, the like,10,000 foot description of our wedding is like a blend of whimsical and exposed brick, so we’ll definitely be keeping that in mind while shopping. Now in terms of color. I know there has been some demand for me to wear a black wedding dress, because of my generally dark wardrobe. But I’m not sure I want a black dress. I don’t need to wear like pure white, like, I’m open to a beige or perhaps a light gray or something, but based on what I’ve seen, there are just more options for wedding dresses that I like in lighter colors. And aside from that, I feel like my wedding is the only time I would really ever wear a white dress, so I kind of want to go for it. I am interested in what I’ve been calling a Black Swan moment, where I change into a black reception dress, but that’s not what we’re gonna be shopping for this time around. So with all of that in mind, my next step was to find a place that sells dresses for me to try on. Now after getting engaged, I pretty much immediately started looking for wedding venues and wedding dress boutiques in the LA area, and one store that immediately caught my eye Was LOHO BRIDE, short for League Of Her Own, which is a relatively new boutique that stocks dresses from a lot of unique designers. I’m not sure they would say this but I find a lot of their dresses to be kind of alternative and Definitely up my alley and after stocking their Instagram and the instagrams of a few of their future designers I knew that I really wanted to go in and try on some of their dresses and Thankfully after reaching out Christy bared The owner said that we could come into their la store check out what they’ve got and film our selection process there Hi, I’m Christy. I’m the owner of lo ho bride we’re a store that specializes in hard-to-find designers that aren’t overly saturated and we’re excited to have you in today now for our visit to Lo ho I wanted to bring an on Raaj to give me some additional Perspectives and opinions and also because I think that’s just part of what you do with weddings. Oh Like bring people to look at you. Yeah, right Cheers So I was able to round up three of my five Bridesmaids to attend our dress trying on session all of whom are my close friends from college. Hi. I’m zippy I’m Sophie hi, I’m Caitlin and we are the three out of five bridesmaids I feel like if there are three people in the world who have blackmail material on me It’s probably them but it’s fine. If it’s fine. I just pump them full of champagne. It’s fine So hopefully in addition to exposing me they can also help me figure out what I should be wearing on the big day I think like Birkenstocks for sure We should find like bridal Birkenstocks, it’s a little veil over the Also an additional side note as a fourth member of the entourage Tyler will also be in attendance for my wedding dress shopping I know that’s not a very traditional choice But I really wanted him to be there not because I felt like I needed his approval on the dress that I chose But more because it’s kind of difficult to both film a video and also actually shop for your dress at the same time So it would make the experience a lot less hectic if Tyler was there to help film on set We’re also editing this video together. So there’s really no way around it. I’m not really Superstitious though. I am a little stitches especially about ghosts, but I’m okay with this one So with Tyler’s presence acknowledged it was time to pick out some dresses to try on now at the boutique They have like one room. That’s teeming. Yes teeming seems like the right word teeming with dresses We like for a bride to do a first pass through hami what you’re instantly excited about and then we’ll throw in some wild cards So go ahead and start Cruising the gallery and we’ll go from there. And even though I had done more than my fair share of insta stalking I was a little overwhelmed by seeing all of the dresses in person. What do I do? Like there’s a lot of dresses. You’re asking me. Yeah Now one thing that was important to me was to try on a full range of different styles just because I wanted to make sure That I was making as informed of a decision as possible. This one’s kind of cool. Look at that It’s quite floral, which is not usually my vibe But I do like it when like the sort of design kind of like flows to like beyond the bodice Oh my God, look at this train Okay, I said it wasn’t my style but then it had a giant train which is basically a cape but for your butt I definitely Wanted to make sure that I didn’t try on Too many dresses because people tend to advise against that but I did choose out a few dresses that caught my eye That weren’t exactly what I expected myself to pick. Oh, this one’s kind of cool. Look at this tie. Oh, it’s kind of a little Fluffy at the bottom. The thing is is like I’m not like married to the idea married Married to the idea of having a like super white wedding dress. So this nude is kind of cool I kind of like the nude and like the Okay, let’s know about him I did find some of the unique looking dresses I had seen online though Oh my god, you guys. Is that a cape? It’s like a slender man, but a bridal dress Interesting. Yes This is kind of like our why project like four foot long sleeve denim jacket, but a dress Is there like an opening in it? Like where does it open? It’s like a carry arms Caitlyn’s confused Like how do you dance or how do you like you don’t? In addition to our Squidward Ian dress. I also found a shorter, but still long sleeved option I wanted to try this looks like the dress I’m wearing right now, but just It’s a little simple but at the same time like it looks like me kind of you know dinging Yeah, besides that the bridesmaids also picked out a dress for me to try. I like this one I think it’s definitely worth the try. It is quite heavy My arm is getting tired, but I would like to try it on once again. It’s kind of like that nude color You’re gonna mean yeah send nudes, but it’s just me They made me try on like Wonder Woman head circling thing to wait zippy. Was that the one we were picking? What’s happening, but that didn’t make it into the dressing room Christie also pulled a dress for me to try on so this is a little different from what we’ve been trying but I thought it Could be interesting Oh, it has all the pearls on there and it can be off the shoulder or it could be a spaghetti strap It could be a fun little wild card for you. Yeah, no, let’s try it. Let’s start in the mix I’m open and so with that we had six options to start with. Hi. Are you gonna pick out a dress me? Oh, I think that’s too many roles broken Now I will say that when I was first scouting dresses on Lajos Instagram I did find a couple that I really loved in fact in our wish wedding dress video I referenced them when I was talking about like dresses that I was interested in but unfortunately they didn’t seem to have them in store when we went in to do our Tryon but they were still kind of in the back of my mind Particularly this one but I really liked all of the six dresses We have picked out and I feel like they had some of the elements of the dresses that I had stopped online So I was very excited to try them on. Okay, I’m gonna get dressed now. Okay. Yeah All right, let’s do dress number one, it’s a train As a train there’s a lot of skirt has a lot of train So our first dress was this floral strapless a-line dress from Dana her Elle I love that and by request of the friends, we’re gonna test a avail available ready It’s always yeah So this is just a queen veil. The dress has a lot going on. So I would probably go more clean. Yeah Oh wow now This was actually the first wedding dress I’ve ever tried on besides my wish wedding dresses and it was definitely the first veil so I was a little like Discombobulated. How do you feel you feel like a bride? I feel like a bride. Yeah, like I definitely feel like a bride I don’t know that I feel like me as a bride. Yeah, I only like this dress a lot I’m very impressed by the cake. Yeah. No, it’s very long Also as a side note if my dialogue sounds weird here It was very difficult to get a microphone inside of the wedding dresses. So we actually miked the cactus in the corner So please forgive the audio Oh and also the veil fell off a bunch of times because my hair is too straight Besides those things in regards to the dress itself. I feel like through this It’s like very something I’m interested in like a lot of trouble, but I’m not sure I’m like a floral wiiii gal You’re gonna need like when I see flowers on me. I’m not sure like a flower I always say there’s dresses that you appreciate but if they’re not yours, I feel like you appreciate this But it’s not the one. Yeah, so let’s deflower you That’s a champagne zinger for sure Glass and she’s here. She’s here So with that we moved on to dress number two Which was a nude paint splatter II a line dress by Christos Costello’s. Hello It has like an ombre blush tone. We tried another veil to match this dress I’m trying like really hard to tilt my head so the veil doesn’t fall off So I’m like hello, but it also ended up slowly falling off of my head It’s a slow descent something about my hair is just weird. We’re gonna have to work on that but anyway I had wanted to try on this dress because I liked the 3d elements the nude color and I also liked the idea of trying on a dress that had some of the Volume of a ballgown without the like roundness or like the pouf from the waist I think that like having the crinoline underneath is definitely fun. But once it was on it didn’t really feel like my dress I’m not sure. I like like the tank top. It’s both too thick and yet not thick enough I feel like for my shoulders. I feel like if we’re gonna go with a tank style I want it to be like even thicker just to avoid any kind of like chicken wing situation. Do you? Feel like my eyes go directly into your boobs. I don’t know but like the just the floral it’s just like whoa Yeah, no there definitely are sort of like floral arrangements like right at the neck. Yeah. It’s like sprouting forth almost That’s very metaphorical. I’m like mother nature. Not that my boobs being the center of attention is necessarily a bad thing We can do that that could be what the day’s about but I do kind of feel like most signs were pointing Towards this not being my dress. So we moved on to dress number three Which was our Slenderman sheath dress by Sophie at voila But we I do think I liked a lot of things about this dress. The sleeves are really really really impressive Condor and I really liked the sleek sort of broad shouldered silhouette But kind of really were I guess female Oscar more Oh my god, those fairy things from the 90s that like whirled around often as Isis. They design dancers Yes, obviously, what are you talking about? I particularly liked that comparison because I actually wasn’t allowed to have those as a kid My mom said they would take someone’s eye out, which is actually also probably a valid critique of this dress right there Yeah, no, I could slap someone don’t love it, but imagine just imagine Yeah, so I think for most wedding dresses you have to bustle up the skirt to kind of like walk around and dance after the Ceremony and in this case, you can bustle up the sleeves by like pinning them in the back. I love It she has her arms. She can hug people you can dance that looks so good. It’s cool And the jumper cables are like edgy. I Actually really liked the sleeves pinned up this way as well. It was less slap-happy and more of like a roosting bird You almost look like an owl, but there was still some wing flapping potential How does this one compare to the other two for you? This one is definitely the best Oh, I think I really really really like it, but I’m not sure that It’s the one I felt kind of badass and severe sort of like Daenerys from Game of Thrones But my main concerns were that the sleeves could be like a tripping hazard For myself while walking down the aisle and also that the dress was just generally kind of tight which opens up the opportunity For lumps and bumps maybe after dinner or if a pair of Spanx becomes dislodged it is kind of also like awards showy Like it’s definitely beautiful and I think you should wear this at some point in your life But if you’re like if you’re not sold on it for your wedding, we’re at another time So with that we moved on to our fourth dress, which was actually the bridesmaids choice There’s a lot of glitter now This dress is like a high-low wrap dress from the Australian brand chosen by one day I actually had my eye on a few of their dresses beforehand So it was kind of a happy coincidence that Caitlyn picked this one out I feel like a Hann of highlighter. Like I just feel like Glitter how heavy is it? It’s actually not as heavy on as I thought it would be to be honest I don’t feel the weight. Yeah, it’s surprisingly light but you know, it’s here Now what I like about this dress is that it’s hard to miss and it definitely brings the party vibes with it I feel the impulse. Yeah, I feel the party calling me like I could see myself Breaking it down on a dance floor somewhere. Maybe literally suspended above it reflecting light. You are the ball. I’m the ball You are the ball. Where’s this gonna dance around you is that you literally being a disco ball? Yes. Oh the slow rotation Yeah, I got it. Got it totally rotating Please but even though I feel like we all had a big positive initial Reaction to the sparkle once I stopped moving and kind of took a good look at the silhouette of the dress It just didn’t feel like the design was quite right for me and despite it being their choice I don’t think that it was the bridesmaids favorite either. What do you guys think? I liked the last one better? What do you think of like the darker undertone? I suppose like a white. I like the color. I’m not sure it’s the color That’s making me not feel like it’s a wedding dress specifically I think it was the high-low skirt That made the dress feel a little less like a full-on gown to me and I can kind of see like the short dress Yeah, yeah. I’m not a fan of the short dress cool. All right, so that’s a resounding no So after the disco gown, we were on to our second to last option Which was actually Christie’s wildcard choice. All right, this is the pearl. I don’t know god. It’s gone This is fun. This one is a pearl-encrusted off the shoulder a line dress made by Dana her L who was also the designer of the first gown we tried on I Like this one a lot. I definitely do kind of feel like goddess II vibes in particular I lunched the structured bodice the shoulder straps that strategically covered the chicken wing the loose skirt and also the Asymmetric placement of the pearls also. I like that. It makes sounds I Just love that noise hoping that my boobs won’t fall out It kind of felt like a modern Disney princess gown, or maybe like Belle’s underwear with you know Like the corset and the petticoat, but that’s all to say that I thought it was really pretty I think that from what you’ve been liking it this feels a little Girly, hmm a little like fruity. I think Kristi was right that it just wasn’t quite my style I think that out of all the ones that we’ve tried this is probably my favorite without sleeves Yeah, but I think I just prefer sleeves whether they’re on the ground or just to the wrist I would like some sleeves I think and that’s why it’s good to try on this type of range because yes They hear of killing the curiosity of what other stuff looks like. So our final dress brought back the sleeve in a big way It’s cool, right. That was a lot of this a lot of sleep, haha Well, not quite as much sleeve as the Slenderman dress, but they’re definitely there now This dress is like a flowy a-line Dress by Dan Jones that has a deep V and not quite bell sleeves more like entire flaps of sleeves Looks like a goddess fairy do and it like fits you perfectly Yeah, the waistline is super super flattering for my part. I really liked this dress. I like the sleeve I like the neckline. I like the waist. I like that it like goes out. I like the flow eNOS I do feel comfortable but not in a bad way. I sort of feel like Elizabeth Taylor and like a giant captain Yeah, it’s like that doesn’t bode well for our wedding, right? She had like seven marriages I guess Tyler’s right but the point still stands the dress itself was also very lightweight so it was easy to Spin and breeze around I was a good control spin I hit someone or something. I think it was a bee he is anyway It also had some of the elements of that medieval silhouette that I liked you can get married at the Excalibur in Las Vegas I could you have We are not getting married at the Excalibur jury’s still out on the bachelorette party, though But even though this dress did check off a lot of boxes for me. I still wasn’t a hundred percent. Sure It’s a little more 1970s than like thirteen seventies, but I do like it a lot after a little research I think I actually meant eleven 70s, but you get the idea I think one of the biggest things though that was making me hesitate about this dress is that it reminded me a lot of the Dress I had really wanted to try on in the first place, but it’s not quite the same So I feel like because I’m having such good feelings about stress it makes me like Know that I want like this kind of style, but it also makes me like even more curious about that other dress here What I mean, yeah so even though I really liked this dress and also some of the other dresses I wasn’t quite ready to Commit to anything we had tried on so we wrapped up our session at low Ho empty-handed for now. Now when we all had like a post-mortem after the store, I think everyone agreed that the 1970s big sleeve dress was the crowd favorite But when I keep coming back to is there like v-neck one with the sleeves but not like the crazy sleeves Yeah That one like really just stood out when he Lee came out of the dressing room Just look so you but I still really felt like that final dress was close But no cigar the only like call and I felt about that dress was that it was like a little knight County Yeah Too little just a little it really does seem like it would be Comfortable enough to wear to bed and although I want comfort. I think it might be a little too comfortable for the wedding I feel like I would borrow it from you just like sleep in it was like a big row Wearing the wedding dress So I really wanted to show them the other dress I was thinking about which was still flowy but a little more Structured so this is the dress that is from a different designer And so I really like now this dress is called the Juliet dress made by the brand o to lead the ceremony It reminds me of that black dress that you had in college. That was I think black lace Yeah, bell-bottoms sleeves and like flare, but it was obviously wasn’t long Unfortunately, it was recently discontinued because they started having trouble sourcing the fabric which is why it wasn’t there when we went in I love it. It looks really romantic So that’s why I can’t commit however, when I asked Christy about it She mentioned that she actually knows the designer who runs ogle in Stephanie white and there was a chance that she could make a dress for me using the Juliet pattern but just with a different fabric Which it seems like she’s also done for a few other brides that said because it’s not really in production anymore There isn’t a sample of it to try on so Christie proposed that Stephanie make a mock-up Version of the dress also known as a muslin and then we could use that to make our decision So we’re gonna do this whole thing again Unfortunately because making the muslin was gonna take a few weeks We weren’t gonna be able to have my bridesmaids come with us to lo ho again But I was very grateful for their help in my quest to say yes to a dress Don’t say yes the dresses I don’t thought we have the trademark for that. Yeah, TLC’s gonna come after us Frocks a Frock. Yeah, so fast-forward a few weeks and we were ready to return to lo hos boutique All right, so we are here back at lo ho bride once again with Stephanie Who is the designer from Oda lean the ceremony and she has the muslin of that? Juliet dress that I really want to try on. I’m very excited and a whole sweaty I guess it’s a good thing. It’s a muslin and not the actual dress. So without further ado Stephanie brought in the mock up. Oh Look at that sleeve tie, this looks awesome Now once again, this isn’t the actual dress like it’s not the final fabric and there isn’t any beading or finishings on it It’s just the silhouette. So please ignore any pins if you see them you’re singing right? Sorry But regardless it immediately felt pretty right I love it. I really love it I really really really like it I knew I was gonna love the sleeves but I was surprised by how much I liked the other details like the neckline I don’t mind the DP Oscar my chest waxed And I feel like I pretty quickly realized that this was the dress I was looking for I don’t know if we’re gonna find a better dress. I think this is what was in my head you need This was in my head. Oh Yeah, this is perfect yeah, this is perfect If this has been more traditional and I like just saw you for the first time on our wedding day I think I’d be a little mushy Are you not now? You’re fired? Okay So it was time for us to say sure to the frock. I really love it. No, it’s amazing What are you doing now, do I just run away with it? So Stephanie jumped in to do some additional pinning and measuring to use when making the next iteration Stephanie’s finding all the things that like need to be fixed and I’m just like the slave Now finishing off the dress is still gonna take a few months we still have to choose the fabric we’re gonna use and we might also have to do another round or two of Alterations with the muslin but we’ll get there the next time you see it. It’s gonna look even better So this is my wedding dress mostly, I’m very pleased with pretty much everything about this dress and I’m really thankful that Christi and Stephanie are gonna be able to make This dress happen for me. Is it how you’re gonna walk down the aisle? You best believe it? You’re gonna do the Carlson down the aisle Was going into that real I think it’ll go really well with our venue and general wedding style, which I’m calling minimalistic set design of an indoor Midsummer Night’s Dream in autumn That is actually exactly what I said to our wedding planner. She may think I’m crazy Do you feel like prepare to do like a Shakespeare speech and this stuff don’t get me started. Do you want to accept that? Absolutely not because even if no one really wants to hear me soliloquy I think that this dress does kind of have a poetic and romantic vibe to it. Another thing I really love about this dress is that it feels very much like something I would wear normally for just fancier and Obviously longer so I feel very comfortable and at home while wearing it. Oh my god I feel like they shouldn’t be allowed to study this kind of dress and of course, I love the sleeves I’ve probably said that about 400 times if you’re playing a drinking game to this video and sleeves is on your list you did But besides all that I’m glad that we got this ball rolling Because it is a big piece of the wedding puzzle that we now have locked in and I guess also as an unexpected twist I got to make this choosing my wedding dress or say sure to the frock video while also keeping the Final final form of the dress a little secret from you guys From Tyler and also partially from me at least for the next few months Thank you guys so much for watching and once again a huge Thank you to Christy at lo ho bride and Stephanie a total in the ceremony for helping me find Making my dress and also to Caitlin sophie and zippy for coming all the way down here to be my posse If you liked that video make sure to share mash that like button and if you want to see more videos like this Make sure to smash that subscribe button Also if you want to join our channel as a sponsor for $1.99 a month We do Members Only livestreams every Friday at 3 p.m. Pacific time So maybe I’ll see you there. Here are my social media handles and a big shout out to Lauren for watching Thanks for watching Lauren and I will see you guys next time


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