CHOCOLATE DECORATION The method Watch this video of tempering chocolate and other decors in this playlist Poach small and spaced circles of tempered chocolate The amount you will poach, will define their thickness and diameter Cover with an acetate sheet Tap on each circle of chocolate to make them thinner Set aside and wait until the chocolate becomes dull and no longer flows do the same, but this time refine it differently Use the bottom of a glass to flatten each chocolate circle You get thinner chocolate chips Once the chocolate is mat and does not move, put them in a mold to curve them Be carful,do it as long as the chocolate has not hardened yet Pour some chocolate over the transfer-half-sheet and acetate-half- sheet Spread back and forth with a spatula Spread evenly Draw lines using a
special comb for chocolate
of your choice remove the chocolate from the comb each time Lift each sheet with the knife tip move the sheets on a clean surface Once the chocolate is mat and no longer sticks to your fingers, put on it a sheet of baking paper or an acetate sheet twist the sheet put it in a log mold or inside paper roll A few hours later
(preferably the next day) Remove softly the acetate sheet separate the chocolate twists and place them on a plate Do the same on another sheet To have a flat straight rods of chocolate,pass the comb Move them and let dry slightly Cover with another acetate sheet To keep the flat rods very straight ,put them on a tray and place the bowls obove let them dry A few hours later
( preferably the day after ) Remove the acetate sheet and unstuck the rods you can cut them to the size you please You can see the unstuck chocolate chips As you can see ,I cut triangles on the transfer sheet still covered with the acetate sheet You can keep the decorations (without removing them from the acetate sheets) until the day of use See this video for decorations with simplified tempering chocolate based on mycryo cocoa butter subscribe
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