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WORLD. THAT THING WENT VERY WORNG TO HIM. There was not much difference
between him and me. We both were into some Dilemma. All efforts seemed incomplete. Didn’t know where the life was heading. Welcome sir, your order? What would you like to have? A glass of water? Ofcourse sir, anything else? Can I get any job for me? You ran away from Home? Not at all What is your age? Nineteen years. Did you study anything? Yeah, till 9th Standard So, you will clean the dishes right? I will do whatever you say. Don’t wait for my orders to do something Sure sir. At first I will have a look on your
work, and then I will decide your payment. Go inside and start your work He got caught into strange things and every other guy would interrupt
him in what he was attempting What were you doing? What’s your problem? And why do you keep roaming alone? Do one thing Can you serve the customers? Come on then start it from today itself. Quick He was trying every
inch to balance between, what he is doing and what he wants to do. “The Numb… …road of life” “The Numb… …road of life” What exactly went wrong Ramya I want to achieve something in my life. Just think again Nikhil I can’t sacrifice my passion
to become just a housewife Why can’t you understand? Having Family, Having Kids, managing the
households, those are big responsibilities Ramya Look Ramya,
I am not talking about man woman equality If I was at your place,
I had become a househusband That’s a lie lie you are just saying all this
because it makes you feel good Yeah, right, Ramya,
After all the time we had together, you still don’t get me One of us has to take the charge at home. Isn’t it better for our future
kids to have their mother at home? You’re quite smart, and intelligent. Probably
you could be a better parent. Why can’t you just share
the responsibilities? Ramya,
Please stop creating nuisance. I am not creating nuisance Nikhil. You know what is the lie between us.. For a better life, I have to sacrifice my passion. Why? Ultimately you will
end up on the same page. Cant’ you see conditions are right here? What nonsense is this? Go to hell. Get out from my way. How did you manage this? That? Actually that Girl was
crying, so I just thought to… Yeah but, How did you do that? actually, sir I mean, Just. Finish. You won’t be a waiter anymore. Hey Listen, Yes Whatever you have done today,
Can you do that once again? Yes Every day. What do you mean? Means, you can perform it everyday right? No Got it. You want extra salary
for this then let me know No, I can’t do it. Think again No Then go back to your work now I can’t do it And I slowly realized that, what I am meant for Madam, You? Yes. Do you remember me? Ofcourse Mam. Your manager told me that you
don’t play tricks nowadays? Won’t show it to me too? No But Why? You play only to
bring smile on Kids’ faces? Madam, what would you like to have? Look Chhotu, The matter is, I have organised a amazing
event for talented people like you. And I want you to perform on that stage I can’t do it But why chhotu? Madam You too! I don’t want any
further interference in my life. Just let me do whatever I want to Please mam, you don’t pretend like that Have you missed something? When will you learn the
tricks of the trade? Are you even listening to me? Get yourself some job Will you speak something? Do you even ponder how
other boys are doing around? Your mother scolded you. Just because of that, how can you do
something else apart from magic? Every mother scolds Tell me what if your mother get convinced? I want to dedicate a poetry
of Faiz to our next performer. The thing which is not
remembred by the world. The thing which is not
remembred by the world. -Next chance is yours…
-That thing went very worng to him. -As the total thing…
-It’s yours turn We feel bad about those
things said by our people. Which they would have never expressed. So let’s… …lock this strange dreams
in our hearts forever. Please welcome Chhotu. A Tale… Which we did not know
from where it started. Or may be it was already
present here somewhere around. It might be any story… It will be from the start till the end. And in every story, there
comes a crossroad definitely. Then, you don’t understand
anything, You find yourself blind It seems like some thing has
got stuck inside the throat. Do not know when opportunities
automatically arrives at our feets. A path shows us a way to
tell your story to everyone. But it suffocates finding myself here. It feels uneasy… Being along with all of
you is truely peaceful. A Story… Which we did not
know from where it started. Or may be it was already
present here somewhere around. It might be any story… It will be from the start till the end.


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