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What about a jacket-style
like this one? Wedding dresses have gotten
very chic lately, so this jacket-style is common. I like this. It’s sexy
and elegant at the same time. It’s our Petit Ahn’s
signature design as well. Charlie. You’re so quick. I think we can just choose
according to the bride’s preference. Which design should we go with? Let’s go with this. Bride and groom.
Please come out if you’re ready. Oh, my. You look beautiful. I’m used to dresses,
since I attend parties often. Mr. Kim, I think you look better
in a tux than in a Hanbok. Isn’t it a bit awkward? I kind of feel like I’m suddenly
wearing a wig or something. Something seems to be missing. A hat. I’ll prepare a hat for you. Thank you. My gosh. You look beautiful. I know that. – Don’t go overboard now.
– Goodness. I really like the dress. – I’m glad.
– The designer… is very talented. Please come back next week
to check the basting. I need to talk to… Petit Ahn regarding another
business. I’ll see you off here. Charlie, thanks to you, I get to wear a wedding dress
by the designer. – Thank you.
– My pleasure. I’m going to go back inside now.
Goodbye. – I’ll call you.
– Thank you. – Bye.
– Bye. Jeong Eum, give this to Sun Hwa. No. Give this to Ms. Bong. What should I say
when I give this to her? – She’ll know what it is.
– Okay. Oh, right.
For the Bari Bari Girls exhibition, that lady made
an artwork with chocolate. I’d like to ask the chocolatier to
make the desserts for our wedding. Oh, I see. Oh, okay. I’ll give her a call. We’ll see you next week then. We’ll see you next week.
Drive safely. – Shall we get going?
– Shall we? I’m hungry. What should we eat? Well… – Jjamppong?
– Jjamppong? I want jjajangmyeon. Didn’t they say
they’ll have a small wedding? My point exactly. We should get going too. I have to get back to the office. I’ll go to your gallery tomorrow. Now that you have me,
you’re putting me on a back burner? I’m sorry. I have to act as their wedding
planner which I didn’t sign up for. I have to see
through Ms. Oh’s wedding. Only after the wedding, we’ll get
the commission. You know that. – That’s important.
– Yes. I’ll drop you off at the office.
Let’s go. (Bong Sun Hwa) Here. – What’s this?
– Ms. Oh gave it to you. She said you’ll know
once you see it. Goodness, what is she talking about?
How would I know what’s what? Gosh. How is the wedding coming along? It still keeps me on my toes. Pay attention to it until the end. When she walks down the aisle, Chairman Oh will transfer
the commission right away. – That’s when we’ll get promoted.
– Oh, my. That’s why I’m doing
my best as their wedding planner. After their wedding, do we only
have Mr. Kang Hoon Nam left? – Yes.
– Don’t you think something is off? Look at his face and his background. Is he sick? – I’m going to go now.
– Okay. What is it? Gosh. Goodness, Doo Ri. It’s scorching hot these days.
Take that jacket off. Don’t thank me too much. – This is how my dad raised me.
– Gosh. Doo Ri, gosh. Cho Sung is going to
officiate the wedding. So Hee is going to take care of
the decorations at the wedding hall. Ms. Gil will cater the wedding.
Ms. Ahn will make the desserts. We need a singer
and someone to play the piano. I’ll get someone to
sing at the wedding. – And the pianist too.
– I’ll be really grateful then. But you know what?
This is the biggest one. You said you wanted to have
a small wedding? Yes, he doesn’t want a big wedding. Big fancy weddings are a waste too. And that’s how my dad raised me. I see. A bowl of water would be
enough for me, but I can’t marry her like that. That’s why we would like to ask
you two to plan our wedding. Like wedding planners? – Sure.
– We can do that. The event will be
a meaningful one for you two. I’m sure she’ll do a great job.
I’ll help her too. There’s one more thing
I’d like to ask. Actually, I have cut my ties with
the secular world a long time ago. I don’t have a lot of people to
invite to my wedding. Same here. I don’t have a lot of
friends either. Gosh, how could we be
compatible even in that area too? Exactly. We’re not going to invite anyone
to give us a speech either. So we must have
bridesmaids and groomsmen. I was thinking if you two could
recommend us people for that. Well, that’s something
we can’t help you with. Usually, they are the bride
and groom’s close friends. We’ll find you the bridesmaids
and groomsmen. We’ll make sure
we find some people for you. Don’t worry. That’s great. Bridesmaids and groomsmen.
That’s the biggest problem, I knew it. You said yes
without thinking about it first. That’s typical of you. Whom should I invite? We need at least
three people for each side. Gosh. I can’t ask some strangers
to be in their wedding. They might be closer to us
than you think. Goodness, I told you not to do that. No, no. Give it to me. I’ll do it. You should go inside and rest.
Rest up. – Go, go.
– Really? Then since you’re at it, clean
under the desk and the sink too. It’s sticky down there. Okay, okay. I’ll do everything. What’s this? Why is this here… Well… When did you buy those? I… I mean…
My students bought me these. Hold on. Your students?
Gosh, what good students. You should try them on. – You should try them on. Yes.
– What? – Yook Ryong, your phone.
– Okay. – It’s not urgent. Try these on.
– What? Wait, my phone. I’m getting a call. – Okay. First, try these on.
– Wait. No. It might be the federation.
Goodness. It’s Jeong Eum. Yes, Jeong Eum. Yook Ryong? I’m not here. No. I see. Hoon Nam knows that you’re saying
you’re not here, so answer it. Okay. What is it? Yes, Mr. Kang. What is it? What? – Bridesmaid?
– Groomsman? Now, you can start surfing now. Well done. I didn’t do much. You, the model doctor, suffered
because of this delinquent patient. You’re acknowledging my hard work? From now on,
you must be really careful. Don’t I have to be reckless
to see you again? I won’t be in Korea for a while. Are you going somewhere? Excuse me. Yes, Jeong Eum. Hoon Nam, what’s this about? – Bridesmaid?
– Groomsman? What? So you want me and Susie
to be in their wedding? Come on.
We don’t even know them that well. Yes, you do. You heard a lot of stories from me. Wait, then what about me? Don’t you like Bari Bari Girls? Ms. Oh is a famous collector
of Bari Bari Girls. Jeong Eum, we’re here. Hello. We got the bridesmaids
and groomsmen covered. Hello. All right. The last one. How can a bridesmaid be pretty
than the bride? – Hey.
– Are you a doll or a human? – My gosh.
– You look so pretty. Oh, my. I picked out some spring flowers. You’re prettier than flowers We put together a list of honeymoon
destinations. Please take a look. Maldives. I love it. Pass, please. – I like it.
– Gosh, pass, please. Bulguk Temple is
the best honeymoon destination. – Seriously?
– I’m going home then. – No.
– You can’t do that. Let’s look at more places. My goodness. We need to distribute
the invitations, right? Yes. This is why you’re not supposed to
get married twice. Were you going to get married twice? You never know. I might
get married twice or thrice. What? You’re walking
a dangerous line here, woman. You want us to go through
this big ceremony twice? I didn’t say
whom I’m going to marry. Well, that’s not important. It’ll be me anyway. Yes, Ms. Oh.
I was about to call you. What? The wedding is off? What brings you here, ma’am? (Hunnamjeongeum) Is it true that someone else is
the real writer of “Hunnamjeongeum”? Charlie, it’s time
to explain yourself. I… Just… believed… I believed it was… a process for So Wool and Doo Ri
to become one… But… Thank you. – Please, drink.
– Okay. Ms. Oh. Please calm down, and tell us slowly what happened. Jeong Eum. You know I usually wear
extra-small, right? An extra-small? Of course, I know. I do. And? Ever since I was little, I dreamed
of having a beautiful wedding. That’s why I wanted to look
even prettier on my wedding day, so I’ve been on a diet these days. Look how my sunken my cheeks are.
What do I do? For the past three weeks,
I ate only cucumbers. Cucumbers for breakfast, cucumbers for lunch, cucumbers for snacks… I endured it solely for the wedding. An elephant eats only grass,
but is the size of… And? What happened? It was yesterday. He still didn’t propose to me. It’s not like I had
high expectations, but… Are we almost there? – Where… Where are we going?
– Oh, dear. Have faith.
You can’t open your eyes. – We’re almost there. A little more.
– We are? Ta-da. Oh, my gosh, what is all of this? Oh, my. “I will be a cow racer
just for you.” I love it! Catch me if you can! I’m coming after you. Gosh. Will you marry me? Yes. I will. – Why won’t this…
– Push harder. – Oh, harder?
– Yes. I’ll try it. Oh, okay. Sure. That was more traumatic than hearing
him tell me to go on a diet! That’s why you’re calling off
the wedding? Is she out of her mind? Based on what I’ve heard,
I think Mr. Kim… would’ve been hurt as well,
not just you. A proposal is important for
the recipient too, but… it requires a lot of courage
from the person asking. He didn’t expect to be rejected,
but he was, so… Well, I just… Do you happen to know where he is? His phone is off. Yook Ryong. Sorry, but… can you ask your friend
to track his phone again? Okay. Isn’t the wedding rehearsal today? There’s something we need
to resolve before that. Why don’t you ladies talk? Joon Soo and I’ll go. Let’s go. Me? What? What… Are you okay? – Hello.
– Yes, hello. Water is water And the mountain is mountain Mr. Kim. You must be a mind-reader. How did you find me here? I was the one who read your mind. I heard generally what happened. How could such a frail woman… have such chubby fingers? I never even imagined it. Frail… I think it’s because she had so much
on her mind before the wedding. No. Even still. How could she call off the wedding
over something so stupid? Women. Called off… It isn’t stupid. Before their
wedding, women tend to be… – like…
– It is all my fault. However, I do not know whether
I can share the rest of my life… with someone who lets something
stupid like this… decide something as important
as our marriage. I have a lot on my mind as well. I feel like if I let her
control me like this, I’ll have to get permission
for everything from now on. I have a bad feeling about this. Gosh. You’re right. That’s how
I’ve been feeling lately. You can’t lose control
in the beginning. No. Get off. – Why don’t we go to the gallery…
– No! The enemy has taken over there. Enemy? Are you referring to
the ladies? Then I can’t go there, either! I agree. I don’t think we should go
to the gallery right now, either. Then where? I know a great place. Since we met like this,
let’s have a drink. – Should we?
– Yes. There. This is plum wine. Drink. – Thank you.
– Cheers. – It’s nice to meet you.
– Same here. Excuse me. – How does it taste?
– It’s delicious. – Would you like another?
– Yes, it tastes so good. – Eat some food, too.
– Okay. – We made that together.
– Oh, my. My goodness. We succeeded in bringing
Mr. Kim back. What are you doing? Come back! Okay.

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