[CC/FULL] 49days EP06 (3/3) | 49일

See you later. I lost my memory and
there is no warmth left. No more. I’m a scarecrow
standing on one foot. I’m a sad scarecrow
who is hurting without you. I keep shaking in the rough wind
and my body may fall apart. If you come to me one day… …I’ll wait for you. That was great! Wow! Wow! That was nothing. You’re a Scheduler
with many talents. Club, coffee shop,
motorcycle and guitar. The guitar isn’t the point.
It was the song. I’m a singer-songwriter. I know what that is. I used to want to be a singer. Everyone wants to
be a singer these days. You!
You got the key wrong here. I’m a scarecrow
standing on one foot. Like this. Wow, you weren’t joking. Why didn’t you become a singer? My dad wouldn’t let me. My dad’s lifetime mission was to
see me marry a good guy. And that was Gang Min-ho? I know. You really chose
a bad one, didn’t you? Don’t be so mean. I went to get some tears
and felt so miserable today. Feeling miserable is a compulsory
course for 49 day travelers. Compulsory course? I told you at the funeral. Humans are so complicated. Humans who die on schedule and
don’t have to go to their funeral… …are really blessed. Why do you keep scaring me? Your situation is better than
mine, I can only be a Scheduler. You have the hope that
you can live again. How did you become a Scheduler? I volunteered. Can you volunteer to do that?
Why did you volunteer. I don’t know what it is. But I have something that I must do. That’s why I volunteered. If I finish my five year term
without any trouble… …I will be able to do it. That is why I became a Scheduler. Something you must do?
What is that? If I knew that, would I be
devoted to my Scheduler duties? I’d do that first, wouldn’t I? You’re right. I feel so bad for you.
You’re so young. Talk about yourself.
Give me my money. Why didn’t Song I-gyeong
come to work last night? I don’t know. You don’t know? She didn’t even call. Why isn’t she coming? This is a real emergency. We just parted.
Why did you call me again? Song I-gyeong isn’t home yet. What? She must be sick. Go to the hospital. You have to take her.
How will I take her? Why would I move her?
You can go inside her. Me? Come on out. My stomach doesn’t feel good. I’m dizzy and nauseous. You made her sick,
you should fix her. I didn’t make her sick. Let’s see if you can say that when
you report the doctor’s opinion. Do I have to go alone? I’m a Scheduler, not your guardian. I have two schedules today.
Take a taxi. Was I too hard on her? Gang, do you know
Song I-gyeong’s phone number? Didn’t she call? I didn’t see her as
the kind to just quit. Maybe something happened. What did you eat yesterday? Two bowls of beef bone soup, a bowl
of rice and half a bowl more. I had some bread
and then pasta for dinner. And a cup noodle later on. Didn’t you throw up? What? Did I throw up? They will lend us the remainder. And they want a 20% stake instead. They want to get control
over Haemido, do they? They know we need the money. It’s better than
getting a private loan. What shall I do? Father. One moment. Dad must be in my hospital room. The restaurant. I don’t care if you
come to work or not. You can come and go
at any time, I don’t care. He must be mad. I have to meet Ji-seon at three. I should take the medicine first. Get in. You look sick, get in my car.
I’ll give you a ride. It’s okay. I’m on my way there.
That’s why I’m offering. Aren’t you going there? I said, it’s okay. Why won’t you get on my car? – I don’t like you.
– You don’t like me? Why don’t you like me? Because I was mad at you?
Because I misunderstood you? Or because Gang scolded you? No, I just don’t like you. I’m not working now
so I’ll just be frank. – I don’t like you.
– Why don’t you like me? Can’t I like someone
without a reason? I don’t need a reason to
hate someone or like someone. You don’t know that, right? You need a reason to like
someone or to hate someone. Right? I don’t like you, either.
So just get in my car. Didn’t you hear me?
I said I don’t like you! I’m not the kind of person who
would leave someone sick here. You can’t affect me with your words
and make me leave you here. You don’t mean anything to me. Don’t make a fuss. She’s my fiance. Your fiance? Didn’t you know I was engaged? I think your fiance
looks very foolish. What? I meant, she looks like she likes
people and trust people too much. You really know how to make
someone feel unpleasant. She’s pure and innocent.
She is transparent and clear. Pure and innocent?
Is that why you fooled me? Because it was easy! (Mr. Jeong) Yes, Mr. Jeong. I got the okay sign. I’ll call you when
I get to the office. Aren’t you going to say “thank you?” Why should I thank you?
You forced me. I forced her. What was that?
Why was Song I-gyeong in your car? Why are you making a fuss?
Can’t she ride my car? Where did you meet her?
Why were you with her? Why should I explain that to you? You are Ji-hyeon’s fiance. Ji-hyeon is sick in bed.
What are you doing? And who are you?
Are you Ji-hyeon’s brother? Aren’t you being like this
because of Song I-gyeong? – Don’t be ridiculous!
– Then why are you doing this? You didn’t even like Ji-hyeon. I may have not liked her
but you loved Ji-hyeon. Don’t blame this on Ji-hyeon. You said you wouldn’t design her
house because you can’t be bothered. – That’s…
– It’s because of her, right? I’m talking about you. Why are you asking
about my feelings? Have you really given
up on Ji-hyeon already? You keep connecting me to her. How could you even say that?
I don’t have feelings for her. I’m not interested, okay? Gi-jun! – Yes.
– Tell Song I-gyeong to come see me. Yes. I’m sorry I didn’t call.
I’m sorry I keep doing this. Let’s end things here.
I don’t want to repeat myself. You’re fired. I let you work free hours.
How could you be seeing Min-ho? I told you he’s my friend’s fiance. It wasn’t like that.
We just happened to meet. I don’t care if that’s true.
I cannot keep you near Min-ho. He’s my friend’s fiance and
I have a duty to protect my friend. Friend?
Are you doing this for me? I can’t let you off any more. I won’t. I’m really not interested
in Gang Min-ho, really. I don’t care if you take it or not. Don’t ever come back here. You know I won’t
take this money, right? Don’t try to threaten me! Don’t be worried
even if I don’t take it. Please, please don’t worry about it. I’m really okay. Stop it now. You are so caring about your friend. And that is enough for me. Tell Song I-gyeong to come see me. Song I-gyeong just got fired. – She’s fired?
– Yes. Thank you so much. Good bye. I heard you got fired. I think it’s because of me.
Shall I talk to Gang? No. What are you going to do?
Don’t you need to find a job? Mind your own business. Why don’t you work at my house? You said you need money. I’ll pay you.
Come work at my place. You must know how to clean.
Can you cook? How much will you pay me? Can you give me an advanced payment? Are you really going to work for me? You’re the one who offered. So I will. Song I-gyeong.
Why do you live like this? I know you slept at night.
But you can’t stay awake. Are things going as planned? Why do you keep doing this?
Tell him to take care of it. Do something about her.
I’ve been stuck in here for 4 days. Shin Ji-hyeon, you’re only a guest. I only have 34 days left. Hi, is this a situation in which
I can use the number 3 strategy?


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