Cathy’s Crafts: The Movie (Subtitles)

Cathy’s Crafts Fred, the cab’s here! I think I’m missing this hardware store already! Relax, Dad. I got this. Fred – we’re going to miss our flight! Oh! Remember, the key machine’s acting up again. I called the repairman… She KNOWS, Fred. You told her. TWICE. OK. You’re right. After all, she is a chip off the old cinder block! Sigh… Don’t worry dear. It’s just until you find your niche. Yeah, yeah… I know… Fred, we REALLY have to go. Ahh, a tour of hardware stores across Asia. I can’t wait! Don’t make any changes while we’re gone! FRED! Oh, and don’t let that ‘boyfriend’ of yours monkey with the store! Psst! Are they gone? Yup, they just- Mark!? What are those boxes for? Okay, so, you know how you’re miserable working in your parent’s hardware store? Er…well… And you know how you’ve always loved making arts and crafts and things, right? Wait, here? At my dad’s hardware store? Well, there’s a HUGE market for that stuff now. Why not take advantage and diversify? Mark, we talked about meddling, remember? You need to ask me before you do stuff like this! Sweetheart, you gotta trust me! This could be big! Just… put it all away before the customers see it. Too late… Oh, so you DO have crafting supplies! Perfect timing – Bead Needs just closed down. …I put up fliers all over town. Ohhh…. Emily! Paige! Good morning Cathy! What a great idea, selling art and craft items in your dad’s store! These photo frames are exactly what we need to make Patrick a nice birthday present. With lots of glitters! Err… yes! We have photo frames and glitters! Mouse!!!! Eeek! I guess the mouse isn’t just a loyal visitor to my store, eh? Luckily, I know just the trick to get rid of him! Don’t worry, Cathy! It won’t bite you. Catch it quickly for a bonus! Thanks for your help, Emily! You’re welcome! Good luck with the store Cathy! I have a feeling Paige and I will be coming to visit you often. Won’t we, my little glitter princess! Dad – you’ve only been gone for five hours. The store is FINE, honest. Of course not – I haven’t changed a thing. Mark hasn’t even been here! And we DEFINITELY haven’t started selling arts and crafts supplies. Kthanx, gottagobye! Oh, I’m such a terrible liar. No, no – you were great. Sigh… that’s not the point, Mark. I shouldn’t have to lie in the first place! Cathy, I’m just trying to help! We’ve been through this before, Mark. If I want help, I’ll ASK for it. But you’re always daydreaming about using your artistic talents. Why not go for it? Because my place is HERE… My parents are going to retire soon. That’s my reality. Forget that – you’ll HATE IT. Come to New York with me – be an artist. WHAT? Where did this come from? I applied for a job there at GuardianSoft – I saw the job posting when I hacked their website. C’mon, you’re telling me there isn’t ONE dream job for you in New York? Well, there is the Satori Gallery… So send them your resume! What have you got to lose? Come on. Let’s go out for a bite to eat, my treat! Meow. Dad! Hi! How are the hardware stores of Hong Kong? Meow. Cat? No… No, there’s no cat here. That was just a customer saying “Me- ow!” Meoww! Whoops! Gotta go help them, make sure they don’t sue. Have fun! Oh my… How did you sneak in here? Bad news, babe. You can forget New York. Their programmer’s test is IMPOSSIBLE. Meow! *hiss* Argh! A cougar! Save me! Hi, do you have any glitter tubes? *hiss* Sorry! Ugh…it came in off the street and won’t leave. I knew arts and crafts could be dangerous, but this is something else! Mark, I need you to catch this cat for me. Me? No way – have you seen the claws on that thing!? You’re gonna see some OTHER claws come out in a minute if you don’t help me out! Gotcha, you vicious little mountain cat! See? There’s nothing you can’t do when you put your mind to it, Mark! What do you mean? If you can get over your fear of cats, you can ace that GuardianSoft test too! Ahh! What a cute little kitty! Hi there kitty! Who’s a good boy? Careful, Kendra! That cat is a… Hey, Kendra – how’s grad school treating you? Exhausting… But, my misery is your gain. I was looking for some old textbooks in the garage, and found some vintage picture frames. Thought you might be able to do something with them. So… Your dad sells crafting supplies now? It’s just until my parents get back… They don’t exactly know… Messing with the store without your dad’s permission?? Who are you and what have you done to my best friend! Well, actually, it was MY big idea! Figures. You know, we are making money… Maybe I should tell my dad? Maybe he’ll understand… I don’t know, your dad is kinda set in his ways… Why bother rocking the boat if we’re moving to New York anyway? Hold on – you’re moving to New York with Mark? I don’t know… He had this “idea”… Anyhow, I ended up sending my resume to the Satori Gallery. For what? They’re looking for an art buyer! It’s kinda my dream gig. So you can argue with artists about how their paintings should be hung all day? Why not stay here and make your own art? Because I’m not an artist? Sure you are! You’ve been making cool crafts all your life! Isn’t that art? I don’t know if it’s quite the same… Meow! *hiss* We’ve gotta do something about this cat! Customers are too scared to come in the store. You’re not gonna put this poor, sweet little kitty out on the streets are you? He could get hurt! HE could get hurt? Come here you cute little kitty, yes, yes, yes! You’re so precious! Yes, you are! Thanks. At least let him stay the night. We’ll look for the owner tomorrow. How do you know he has an owner? Well, he has a collar! Well, I did it! I took the test – New York here we come! Geez, what’s wrong with him? He must be hungry. Probably hasn’t eaten in days… Yeesh! He probably thinks we all look like giant steaks. Whoa! Where does he put it all? I have no idea! I blinked, and it’s gone! Meooowrrr! I think he’s still hungry. Meooowrrr! We’ve got to find a way to keep him quiet – he’s making the customers nervous. Poor baby… I’ll get some more din-dins for you, okay? That’s it! We need to do something about this cat once and for all – show him who’s boss! Don’t you DARE do anything to hurt Mr. Snugglemittens! Sorry, can’t hear you, gottagobye! Ugh, that guy. Don’t worry, I’ll help you tend the store. Thanks! Ming! I’ve been looking everywhere for you! Why did you run away? Meoow! Rohann!? Rohann Bosch? Cathy Bradford! From the Summer Crafts Camp?! Boy, you look… great! Thanks! What are you doing in town? The Snuggford Springs Arts and Crafts Festival, of course! I thought you’d be all over something like that – you were such a great artist back in high school. Yeah… I don’t really do much with my art any more. Shame… There are a lot of interesting people there – plus a big cash prize for the winner. Oh hi, I’m Mark, Cathy’s BOYFRIEND. We’re both pretty busy, seeing as we’re moving to NEW YORK. TOGETHER. New York, huh? Fancy! Anyway, I just came in for my cat, so… C’mon Ming, time to go! Meowwrr! Ming, you’re embarrassing me. Meowwrr! Er… Um… Would it be okay if Ming stays here? He kinda hates our hotel room… MEOOWW? Sigh… Okay, but only if YOU supply the cat food. That cat eats like a horse. Awesome! I’ll send some tomorrow. Be a good boy, Ming! What a jerk. Jealous? Dad? It’s like, 3 in the morning over there! What are you-? No, the store looks just like you left it, Dad. Honest! How are the hardware stores in Japan? Y…you’re cutting your trip short to come home? Tonight!? Well, Ming. Change of plan… My parents are coming back tonight. Looks like it’s goodbye for us… Mew? We’ll miss you, too – but my Dad definitely won’t let me have a cat in the store. Hey babe, can’t come over today. Soz! Got stuff to do. Bye! Let me guess – now that your parents are on their way home, he’s making himself scarce? Mark? No, I’m sure he’s just…busy, that’s all. Hmm… Delivery for Cathy Bradford! Wow, that’s A LOT of cat food. There’s more where that came from! Man, Rohann spares no expense when it comes to your chow. We’ll have to get it out of here before- Oh my gosh! They’re here already! Hey, babe. Mark?! Phew… I thought you were my parents. Don’t worry about them – everything’s been taken care of. I knew you were up to no good! Taken care of HOW? Nothing to worry about. Hey! Guess who aced their programming test with GuardianSoft? …Oh. Babe, what’s wrong? The Satori Gallery turned me down – they want someone with a ‘stronger art background.’ No big deal, I guess… I feel like such idiot for having applied for that job. New York… What was I thinking? Meow. Hey… If you ask me, it’s Satori’s loss, not yours. No, they’re absolutely right. I work retail in a hardware store. I’m no artist. Aha! That’s where you’re wrong! What do you mean? You’ll find out! Hi, my name’s Jenny! I just wanted to say, I LOVE your picture frames! Really? Awww, thanks! Sooo… I was wondering if you could help me make my own frame? It’s for my husband. It’s our anniversary! Ooooh, I’d love to! How are we doing, Jenny? Just adding some finishing touches and… all done! That looks great! I’m sure your husband will love it. Couldn’t have done it without you! Thanks! Hey babe, come over here! It’s ready! Voila! Isn’t it great? Sure is… Er, what is it? My old photo printer! Great!… Why is it here? Kendra’s picture frames! People could print out their photos and you could frame them! Mark… that’s… That’s brilliant! Hang on, it’s a text from my mom. ……. MARK!! Why are my parents in Timbuktu? He did WHAT?! He hacked into the airline’s mainframe and changed their destination from LAX to Timbuktu. It was a clean job, too. No other passengers were affected. That’s… actually pretty impressive. Impressive?! My parents are furious! Did I say impressive? I meant irresponsible! Where is he so I can strip his hide? Oh don’t worry, Ming took care of that already. Meow. Good job, Ming! He deserves it, too. Now my parents are being held by Malinese immigration! Mail…Mail-what? Timbuktu is in Mali. Wow, I’ve heard of ‘going all the way to Timbuktu’… I thought it was just a made up expression. Apparently it’s very real, and my parents are very stranded. It’s my mom! They need their original itinerary to prove they’re supposed to go to Los Angeles. OK! So, where is it? They have no idea! Okay, what are we doing with these again? My parents keep all their important documents in these things. The itinerary has got to be in one of them! We’re going to search through ALL of these? There can’t be that many. I’m sure my parents empty them out every once in a while. … There’s a receipt for some ‘coal barrels’ from 1886. Cathy… This is hopeless! Please keep looking! If we don’t find this itinerary, my parents are going to have to open a hardware store in the Sahara desert! Aww! This sucks! Cathy, you can forget New York. I blew my interview – I knew I shouldn’t meet them in person! I’m terrible in person! We have bigger problems, Mark! Remember Timbuktu? Alright, everyone relax. Mark, you got them stranded. You need to help us find their itinerary. Why search by hand? I could easily scan all these and write a search algorithm to automate the whole thing! …Huh? Don’t worry, it’s gonna be GREAT! Hey, don’t touch that! Meow? This is a sensitive instrument. Stay away! Meow. Have you found their itinerary yet? Uhh… Not yet, babe, but soon! How soon, Mark? My parents are stranded! Anywhere between five minutes and five days. What?!? We need those receipts, ASAP! I’m working as fast as I can! Mew! Ahh! Keep that cat away from here! Arggh! I’m a terrible programmer! This is why GuardianSoft never called me back! So what if I can hack anything? I’m the worst programmer ever! Mark…If we’re wasting time here, I really need to know. Let’s see.. It found it! My program found the itinerary! Woo hoo…I’m the best programmer IN THE WORLD! Hey, why is it still beeping? It’s not supposed to do that! … Oh, it’s my email alert. Hey, it’s from GuardianSoft! What does it say? They… they offered me a job! …….. *sigh!* I’m going to miss Mark… I wish I could go with him, but I can’t… Meow? Because Mark is good at computers and math and stuff, and I’m good at… nothing. Meow. …Maybe I’m not good enough for him anymore, either. Are you talking to that evil cat again? Meowrr! All packed? Yeah… Hey, wanna go out on a date? I mean, I’d like to spend the day with you before I go. Of course! I just… I can’t leave the store. Go… have fun. I’ll keep an eye on things. You sure? Yeah… I’ve got you covered! You’re the best! Thanks, Kendra! How hard can it be? Whew! How does Cathy do this every day? Hey, Kendra! MEOWWW! Ming! You missed me, pal? I missed you too! Mew! Are you ready to go back to the hotel? Guess not. Where’s Cathy? Oh, she and Mark went on a date. What does she see in that guy? No idea… but he makes her happy. Though Mark is moving to New York, so we won’t be seeing him around much longer. She’s not going? Nope. HMMMM.. My precious store! Mom! Dad! How was your flight? Are you okay? Honey, we we’re fine! Timbuktu is AMAZING and the Malinese are wonderful. Phew, that’s good. I still can’t figure out how we were rerouted to Africa, though. So strange. Cathy… W-what happened here? Oh! Dad – don’t worry, it was only temporary! I was just about to get rid of it. You better not! I LOVE your new gift wrapping station! I even brought my friend along to show her! Loving all the new arts and crafts things, Fred. I’ve never seen the place look better! I, uh… Yeah! That was the plan all along! Sorry, Dad. Don’t be, Cath-bear… Maybe… maybe I’ve been a bit too stuck in my ways. Show me what you’ve been up to. Maybe I can help. Meowwrr! A cat! Cathy, you know I don’t like cats! Ming! Come back! I’ll get him! Cath-Bear, I gotta say… craft supplies are a really nice addition to the shop. Thanks, Dad… It’s really pretty fun! Sigh… Reminds me of art school… *huff!* I caught him! Meowrr! Is he okay? It’s not him we have to worry about! What do you mean? Mr. Bradford, Sir! I’m sure Ming didn’t mean to do what he did to your patio section! What?!? Please don’t look, it’s too painful! Ahhh!!! I spotted this brochure in the cab, Cath. Yeah, the arts and crafts festival. I’ve heard about it. Well, don’t you think you should at least check it out? I don’t know, Mom… I haven’t worked on my art in a looong time. You never know what you can do until you try! My patio furniture! My beautiful, EXPENSIVE, patio furniture! Welcome, to the 17th Annual Snuggford Arts and Crafts Festival! Oh my gosh! Is that Lilia Rochette? Who? She started out as a florist, but she’s now a famous flower arranger. She hangs out with a ton of celebrities! We have an exciting competition in store this year, with local talent going head to head with seasoned veterans! I think I’m gonna faint… Cash prizes await the winners, along with gift cards for my flower shop – Fancy Flower Design! You can do this, Cathy! Excuse me! Watch out! Sorry! Ouch! Are you okay? Yes. Thank you! Those pots are beautiful. Thanks! I took third last year, but this year… I’m gonna win it all! Wow! She’s so… DRIVEN! Maybe this was a mistake… We came all this way, at least give it a shot! Wow! I forgot how much fun this all is. Cathy? You joined in after all! Did Ming talk you into it? Well, he had something to do with it, anyway… Is it OK if we catch up later? I’ve got a title to defend… Good luck! Title? Oh my gosh, you know Rohann Bosch? Yeah, he’s an old friend. He wins the grand prize every single year… He’s, like, a LEGEND! Hey, Cath! Um… Hello… …Something wrong? Um, no! Nothing’s wrong! Is anything wrong? Well, now that you mention it, I think your stall could use a little flair. Er… OK… Any advice? Maybe start with a personal touch. This is your stall, Cath. Let people know it! “Cathy’s Crafts” Oooh! I love it! I don’t know, the colors feel off… You must be new. I’m Lilia. And what do we have here? Oh! Uhh… We make polymer clay charms! Hmm… That’s nice enough, I suppose. You don’t like them… Please don’t take it personally… Your signboard was just so charming, it got my hopes up. I, ugh… I’m just a little rusty. It’s been a while. Don’t worry! I’m sure it’ll come back to you. … Did LILIA ROCHETTE just compliment you? “I… don’t know… But she HAS inspired me.
” Okay, what do you think? Be honest. Too cute! Lilia will love them, I’m sure. Hey, Patty! Oh hi, Cathy. Sorry, I’m kinda distracted… What’s the matter? My kiln gave out! I was gonna make these cute mini flower pots, too… I have a polymer clay oven. Will that work? I guess it might..? Then bring your pots over so we can bake them! Oh, Cathy, I can’t thank you enough! I’ll get the pots now. But, Cath… We need the oven to bake our charms! We’ll work it out. She has a better chance of winning than we do, anyway. Thank you so much, Cathy! I owe you one! Anytime! Cathy… I know you want to help Patty, but we’re taking a big hit thanks to those pots… What do you mean? Well, your new charms were popular, but we didn’t get to make a lot of them… Okay, well… I guess I’ll just need to think of something, that’s all. So, I stayed up all night… Making these! Oh my gosh, they’re ADORABLE! I made some clothes for them, too! Let’s put them up here so everyone can see! Excuse me, do you have any more of those cat toys? I’m so sorry, we just sold the last one. Oh… What about those cat charms? I’m afraid we’re all out of those, too… I see… Do you take pre-orders? I’m willing to pay extra! Oh, you don’t have to! I’m making some more anyway! I’ll save you one! Rohann? ROHANN! Your dad called. Ming threw up all over the hardware store! Oh, poor Ming! Gotta go – I’ll see you tomorrow! Have either of you seen Rohann? Not since last night… Is there a problem? Afraid so. The fair opens in a few minutes. If nobody’s at his stall, he’ll be disqualified! Oh no! Wait! Umm… Can someone else man his stall? “Hmmm… Well, I don’t know why you would, but there’s no rule against it.
” Kendra, stay here. What? But… Hey, wait! Lilia! Please! Give me another chance! What are you talking about? The ‘no show’ rule. I’ve been disqualified, right? You would have been. You’re lucky you have such great friends. Rohann! You’re back! Is Ming okay? He’s fine. But, I don’t understand… Cathy, why have I not been disqualified? I watched your stall for you… It was no big- What?!? WHY did you do that?!? What’s riling him up? I don’t know… He’s been that way since he got back from my parent’s hardware store. Cathy, your Ming Dolls have taken over the fair! Congratulations! Thanks! Maybe it’s time to show them to an even bigger audience? Oh, uh… I don’t think I’m ready for that… Of course you’re not – nobody’s ready to hit the big time until it happens to them… For now, just have a think about how you’re going to market yourself. Here, I made you some flyers for your Ming Dolls. Thank you! It’s the least I could do. Hey, we’re friends. We help each other out. Well then, let me give you some advice… This is a competition. You shouldn’t help your opponents. … I never thought of it that way… Don’t forget to give those flyers out, okay? Mark: Hey babe, New York is amazing! You should see the ducks in Central Park! Mark: They’re so much more sophisticated than the ducks in Snuggford! Got room for one more in that apartment of yours? Mark: Of course! You know they have waitressing jobs all over the place here. “Yeah, well… I’m actually doing pretty well at this art and crafts festival.
” Mark: Festival? Oh, yeah… You’re not hanging out with that Rohann guy are you- Hey Cath, have you seen the Ming Doll flyers? Sorry, Mark – I gotta go, bye! Hey… You look tired. Are you okay? I’m thinking about quitting the festival so I can go to New York. What? WHY??? The Ming Dolls are doing so well! I don’t like competing. I want to HELP people. Who says you can’t do both? I don’t know… Hey, Kendra! How’s it going? I’m not sure, actually. Cathy’s talking like she wants to quit. What? WHY??? The Ming Dolls are doing so well, she has a good chance of taking my title! You don’t get it, Rohann… Titles don’t mean anything to her! Pfft! What’s the point of competing if not to win? Hey, guys… Cath! Thank goodness you’re here! What’s wrong? Er… um… Patty’s in trouble! Huh? No I’m not. Er… um… whoops! Watch out! Aaaah! My pots! NOW she’s in trouble! So… you’re going to stick around? Yeah, well… Patty’s in a jam. What happened? SOMEONE broke all of Patty’s pots. What did you do? Well… It worked! She’s still here! Ugh! Men! I did my best, Patty. I just hope it’s enough. More than enough! I’m in your debt again. Not at all, Patty… It’s what friends do. She’s right, Patty! Friends HELP each other, no matter what! You’re all here! That’s handy! “Congratulations! Our attendees have voted, and YOU three are our Final Three!
” I made the Final Three again, eh? You’re going down, Rohann! Uhh… Gottagobye! Um… What’s ‘The Final Three’? Whoops, I forgot you’re new! ‘The Final Three’ are the top competitors at this event. You now have to fight in a three-way battle to win the grand prize! Aaaaand NOW, the event that we’ve all been waiting for… “The Final Three Showdown”! May I present to you this year’s ‘Final Three’! Defending his grand prize title for the FOURTH time – Rohann Bosch! I love you Rohann! Last year’s third place winner – Patty Clavell! And Snuggford’s very own – Cathy Bradford! Hey, it’s the Ming Doll lady! I think I’m going to be sick… “Look, don’t worry about Patty, or Rohann, or anyone else.
” People LOVE your Ming dolls! You’re right, you’re right. I CAN do this! Contestants, please take to your stalls! Let The Final Showdown… BEGIN! Whew, that was one intense battle! It was a close call, but we finally have our winners! In third place, we have – Cathy Bradford! “Third… Third! At my first festival… I can deal with that!
” Our second place winner is – Rohann Bosch! WHAT?! And the winner of this year’s grand prize – Patty Clavell! WHA-WHAAAT! In your FACE, Rohann! That was fun – and EXHAUSTING. Bubble bath time! Cathy, I have to say, I’m impressed! Me too! Third place!? Not in my wildest dreams… Don’t be so surprised! You have great potential, Cathy. If you ever want to work for me, give me a call. Why? WHY!? Where did I go wrong? My career is over! Rohann, don’t be ridiculous. You’ve still won three times before! You finished second! You’re still a great talent! This is the cash that Rohann and I won from the fair, Dad. So you can replace all that patio furniture. Are you sure, guys? We’re sure. Rohann and I felt terrible when Ming ripped your designer lawn chairs. I kinda miss that cat, actually… Think we’ll ever see him again? Well, Albany isn’t too far from here… …but Rohann took it kinda hard when he placed second. I’m not sure they’ll be back. Psst! Ming! Someone might see us, you stupid cat! Mew. Quick, under here! The interest on that loan is coming due. But the patio furniture… If we can’t sell it… AHHH! Rohann? I thought you went back to Albany? MEOW!!! Never mind that – what’s all this about a loan! I thought I gave you the money to replace your patio furniture? Uhh… Okay, look, can you keep a secret? Hi, I’m looking for Cathy Bradford. You found me! Oh my gosh! You’re the Ming Doll lady! From the art fair! That’s me! Do you still sell those Ming Dolls? We can’t get enough of them! Oh I’m sorry, they were limited editions, made just for the fair… Aww, that’s too bad… Meooooown… Oh my gosh! A real life Ming! Ming! How did you get here, little buddy? Meow? Did you walk all the way here from Albany? Meow? Okay. Just sit tight, and we’ll get Rohann to come pick you up. Okay? Meow. Meoooowrr… Meoooowrrrr.. MEOOOOOWRRRR! Oh, boy – I forgot about your bottomless appetite… Alright, I’ll get some more – just try not to destroy the store while I’m gone. Okay, the coast is clear! Come in! Are you sure those screwdrivers are here, Mr. B? Of course! I know where every nut, bolt, wrench and hex screw is in this place! Er… usually. Meow? Ming! I told you to stay at the hotel! Meow! If Cathy sees you– Sorry Ming, I forgot my purse – Rohann?! Er… um… Hi! He he… I uh, just dropped in to uh… borrow a screwdriver! Can you show me where they are? Thanks! Hold on! What are you doing here? Ahh… I promised your dad I wouldn’t tell! My DAD?!? What are you up to? Nothing! I’m just helping him fix his patio! Fixing? But we gave him money to replace that stuff! Please, don’t say anything, okay? Everything’s cool, I promise! The truth is, Cathy, your mother and I took out a loan recently – a pretty big one, in fact. Dad, I wish you’d just told me. I could have helped. You had a lot on your mind with the art festival and all… We didn’t want to worry you. Don’t be ridiculous, dad! We’re a family! Besides, I’m not a kid anymore. That’s true… Well, then, I suppose you should know we’re also having trouble paying it off. I can’t believe it – Ming is a REAL cat. Mew! Ming, I love you, but you’re hardly the most personable cat I’ve ever met. What’s your secret? Meowrrrrr! Bingo! Or should I say, ‘Mingo!’ He he… Mew? Hey, Rohann! Yeah? Would you mind making some flyers for me? Hey, Kendra – how’d your paper go? Not bad, considering I stayed up for three days straight to write it. What’d I miss around here? Nothing! In fact, you’re just in time! … For what? For THIS! I gave out all the flyers, Cath. Ming helped, too! Meowrr! Wait… What are you doing still in town? Yeah, you haven’t actually told me what you and my dad are up to yet. Uhh… Look out, the customers are here! Hi Cathy! Do you still have any Ming Dolls for sale? Oh! Let me check if I still have some left. Here you go, Paige. Thanks! Check it out, Mr. B! Cathy here has your loan covered! Cathy, that’s… that’s amazing. Thanks, Dad. So – how’d we do? I just need a LITTLE more, and I can pay them back in full! If the loan weren’t due tomorrow, I’d say we were in good shape… Do me a favor and keep working, Rohann – I need some time to think. Aye aye, captain! C’mon, THINK! Where can I find the rest of that money? It can’t be THAT hard… Cathy’s got me most of it already! Awww… Is the Great Ming Sale over? Sorry, it was just a one-time thing… But we still have Ming products for sale at great prices! Awww… Mew. Oh hey, can I have my picture taken with Ming? Mew? Absolutely… WITH the purchase of our Ming Photo Combo, you can get three photos of yourself with Ming and a vintage picture frame! Deal! We did it! Cathy, you are BRILLIANT! Mew! I gotta get to the bank before it closes, see you two later! Cathy Bradford! Is this your store? Actually, this is my parent’s hardware store… Though we added a few crafting supplies recently. I see… I’m looking for Rohann Bosch. Have you seen him? Sure, he’s right he– Rohann? Ming? By the way, Cathy, I’m looking for an intern for my event next week. If you’re interested, let me know! I don’t know where Rohann and Ming are! I swear! They can’t be hiding from Lilia for no reason… Are you SURE you don’t know anything? They’re not at the hotel, Cath! I’ll find them! Can you cover for me, Kendra? Thanks! Wait! Mr. B – you’re hiding something, I can tell. Who, me? Fine, I AM hiding something! But not Rohann and Ming! Are you SERIOUS?!? I am! So… will you help me? You bet! I looked all over town, but there’s no sign of them! Do you think they’ve gone back to Albany? Maybe… Why all the cat food? I brought some food to lure Ming out. Wait a minute- Whoa, the store sure looks different! Meowrr meowrrr meowwwrrrrr! …MING! MEOWRR! Ming! You stupid cat, they’ll see us! ROHANN! Yikes! Have you been hiding here the whole time!? Uh… um… er… Cathy! While you were out, I took care of a few things… VOILA! Your new CRAFT store! Please be patient, everyone! Cathy’s Crafts will open in just a few moments! Dad – is this why you borrowed all that money? It only made sense, Cath. The hardware store was dying… It was only your crafting stuff keeping it alive! But you love the hardware store – it’s been in our family for generations! And I want to see it live on – as YOUR crafting supplies store! Cut the ribbon, Cath-bear. Your customers are waiting! I can’t! Honey, what’s wrong? What if I fail? Then you’ll know that you tried. I can’t do this! Cathy! Huh? What’s up with her? Maybe I put too much pressure on her – it was kind of sudden… Where’s Ming? We want to take his picture! Ming! Come out! Meowrrrr! Ming! Look over here, please! Ming! I told you, we need to keep a low profile! Meowrrr! There you are, Rohann. So Cathy WAS watching your back after all. Yikes! Now come along – the Grandmaster wants a word with you… Excuse me? The Grandmaster? What’s all this about? Rohann belongs to an ancient guild of artists and crafters. His humiliating defeat at the Annual Arts and Crafts Fair will not be tolerated. … That’s a little over the top, don’t you think? I don’t ask questions, I just follow orders. Now come along, Rohann. Please, take care of Ming! By the way, Cathy, I still need an intern to help with an event next week. If you’re interested, let me know. Well that was weird… Wow, I didn’t think Rohann would be part of some shady organization! I don’t know, Dad – I think he’s just driven, that’s all. Well, his problems are his own. We should keep out of it. I agree, we should be focusing on your new store! Mom, Dad – I REALLY appreciate all this but… I just don’t think I’m ready to take over the store yet… Even with all the changes. What’s wrong? I’ve been working here on and off my whole life, but I’ve never been in charge. I’ve always had you guys to ask if anything went wrong. So, it’s time we taught you. Cathy, remember the festival? How you wanted to quit? You ended up almost winning the whole thing! You’re right – you’re right… Phew… Okay, freak out over… Let’s give it a shot. Well, that went surprisingly well. I told you, Cath-bear! You belong here! Yeah… Yeah, I guess I do. Well, I guess this is it… I suppose I always knew I’d end up taking over the store… and at least I’m selling art supplies. So why do I feel so… empty inside? Mark: Hey, babe! Thought you might be missing me, so here are some selfies of me in the Big Apple. Love you! Well, at least SOMEONE’S having a good time. Yo, Bestie, what’s up? Just looking at some pics Mark sent me. Seriously? He hasn’t called or even texted in how long? And now he’s rubbing your face in his glamorous new life? It’s just his way of making me feel part of his life. Yeah, right. Do you think I made a mistake? Not going to New York with Mark? No. Now if a rich, handsome young stock broker asked you to move, that’d be another story. Lilia Rochette offered me an internship. I’d be crazy to turn it down, right? Lilia Rochette? Well… that’s certainly a big opportunity, but what about the store? Your parents went through a lot to make all these changes. Mom, Dad – would you be okay watching the store for a few weeks while I pursue an opportunity with Lilia Rochette? Lilia Rochette?! From Fancy Flower Design?! Of course! But…we just made all these changes to the store. It’s just two weeks, Dad – think of it as a my continuing education in the crafts industry. But…the customers – I don’t know anything about crafting products. So it’s time I taught you. I can’t believe Cathy is leaving us with the store already. She’s young – and this is a big opportunity for her. But we changed everything for her – she has her own crafting store! She didn’t ask us to, Fred. We sprung it on her without even asking for her input. Sigh… you’re right… I just… don’t want our baby leaving us, you know? …so that’s why we have the frame next to the glue. …I think I’m getting the hang of it! Cathy, what do I do if someone’s asking for help with their project? Show them the book section – we have a ton of great ideas there. I’ve also put some reference books behind the counter. Er… does Ming REALLY eat this much for every meal? Meowrrr! Cathy, can I talk to you for a moment? You’re upset about me taking this internship, aren’t you? I was… I still kind of am. But then I remembered something. You’re an artist – and there’s a big difference between making art and selling it. Thanks, Dad. Here – I got you something. Dad! This is hands down the best book on flower arranging ever written! I’ve been looking for a copy forever! Cathy, customers! I’ll be right there! Thanks, Dad… Love you. Well, I gotta say, this craft stuff might be even more fun than selling hardware. WOW – this coming from a man who spent his honeymoon at the National Hardware Suppliers’ Convention. In my defense, it WAS in Orlando. Night, Ming! Guard the store, okay? Meow! Mew? Cathy! Cathy, it’s Mark! …Cathy? Cathy are you there? It’s important. Sigh… Call me back, ASAP. Welcome to Fancy Flower Design! Is there anything I can help you with? Actually, I’m looking for Lilia… She’s expecting me… Oh! Hang on a minute – I’ll let her know you’re here. Cathy! So good to see you! We’re expecting a new shipment today – it’s VERY important it doesn’t get messed up. Trial by fire, eh? Tata! Don’t worry, I’ll give her a hand. Er… Thanks! What? Sorry, I meant help Lilia! Can you see to the customers for me? You’ll be on the floor on your own today – Lilia has me on a special project. Ta ta! I see everything went well! Good work! Thanks! Ah, the flowers we need for Flower Week. I certainly hope they’re all here. Chloe! Where are we with that centerpiece?? Umm, here it is, Lilia! Oh, my…Oh my, oh my, OH, MY! THAT’S what you spent all day on? Sorry! I’ll do it again! I’ll make it better, I promise! See that you do. We’re running out of time. Um, Lilia? I’ve been meaning to ask you… Whatever happened to Rohann? Shhhhh, Cathy dear… We have a lot to do for Flower Week. Let’s try to stay focused on that, hmm? Great! Cathy! I have something very important for you to do! Yes? For Flower Week, I want this place covered with artfully arranged flowers! Just place a single flower in a carefully selected vase – so simple and elegant! Here are the flowers and their vases! Match them up, and have fun! Will do! You’re letting her decorate the shop for Flower Week? You didn’t let me even touch flowers until I’d been here three months! We all have our strengths, Chloe. Cathy has an eye for color and composition, while you… Er… um… are the only one who knows how to replace the receipt tape in the register! These are beautiful, Cathy! Chloe, look! I suppose. Thanks, Lilia. I… A-Achoo! Oh dear! Catching a cold? Maybe you should go home. No, I’m fine, I’m just… Achoo! Okay… M-maybe you’re right. I’ll see you tomorrow. No, no, no, no, no! Not like this! Sorry… Chloe, I don’t know what to do with you anymore. Hi everyone! Shouldn’t you be at home? Oh, I’m fine! The doctor said I just had an allergy… To pollen… That’s not ideal if you want to work in a flower shop… I took a pill for it! I’m fine! That’s good to hear… …because I’m putting you in charge of the centerpiece. WHAT?! Really?! I-I don’t know, Lilia… I’m pretty new at this? You’ll do great! And Chloe will be your helpful assistant, won’t you Chloe? Sure… I mean, after all, she HAS been here for like, what, two whole days? Excellent! Have fun, girls! …….. Here – here’s what we’ll do. I appreciate the input, Chloe, but I’d like to chew over a few ideas before I decide. Cathy. Trust me. You’ve only been here a few days. I’ve been working for Lilia for YEARS! Well… I suppose it can’t hurt to try – but I reserve the right to change my mind! Oh my GOODNESS! Lilia? What wrong? This… this is even worse than the last one! Well, what did you expect? She’s got no experience! I guess you’re right. You’ll have to fix this then, Chloe. Will do! Chloe, are you SURE you were trying to help me with that idea of yours? Or were you just trying to help yourself. Hey, don’t be so hard on yourself, Cathy. You’ll catch on around here… eventually. Hey Cathy, how are you? Why do you ask? You look a little pale. … I do? Yeah… Come here, let me take a closer look. Hmm… *sprinkle* Yeah, you really DO look a little pale… Are you sure you’re OK? Well, my allergy medication does leave me a little dehydrated, but other than that I feel great! Cathy, can I count on you do an inventory of all the flowers in the boutique? It’s VERY important that we get this right. Er… Sure, Lilia! Achoo! A… ACHOO! Cathy, did you finish taking the inventory? ACHOO!!! Sigh… I’ll let you know if I have any questions. Chloe? Achoo! Did you put something – ACHOO – on my shirt? What are you talking about? When you were… Achoo! Checking me out… Achoo! I thought I felt you… Put something… ACHOO!!! How dare you accuse me! And here I was worrying about you! If you can’t handle the pollen, get out of the flower boutique! That’s- ACHOO!!! Not a- ACHOO!!! Denial! ACHOO!!! Cathy – I think it would be a good idea for you not work around flowers for now. You’re firing me? Of course not – I just think we ought to let your allergies rest for a night. Oh, okay. *whew* But, I do have something equally important for you to make… FLOWER POTS! But, I don’t really have much experience with- It’s EASY! Just shape the clay like this… … Put it in the kiln… And you’re done! Now you try! You’re doing great! Just make sure you DON’T overheat the pots – I’ll write down the optimal temperature for you. Have fun! Hey Chloe, about yesterday… I uh… I’m sorry if I came off half-cocked. Don’t worry about it, I’m just glad you’re okay! Great! Well… I should get back to work. Have fuuuuuun! Okay… Time to set the temperature. Hey, Chloe – Lilia said thirteen hundred degrees as a firing temp. Does that sound right? Yep, looks good to me! Thanks! OK, I guess I’ll leave this cooking. Have a good one! Oh, I will… Heh heh heh… Let’s add a few degrees to the kiln… A few hundred, perhaps… Oh my gosh! What happened to the pots? Oh no! Cathy! What did you do? What? I guess you’re no good around pots either… Heh heh heh… Hey, Cathy… Can I talk to you for a bit? Um, sure Lilia! There’s no doubt in my mind that you are a very special talent… but I think we both know that a career in flowers isn’t for you. Lilia, I know I’ve gotten off to a rough start but- But I still need your help for Flower Week! Oh yeah! After all, that’s why I’m here! Flower Week is very special – a once in a lifetime experience. Afterwards… Well, afterwards, you’ll find your niche somewhere else. I know you will. I sure hope so! Hey, Dad? Lilia thinks I’m not cut out for this… Chloe helps me a lot, but I still fail! …Okay, Dad. I’ll see you at the store… Cathy? Are you… leaving? Yeah, after Flower Week. You’re a great flower arranger, Chloe. You’ve actually inspired me to try a few things back at my own shop. Oh… gosh, thanks. Good luck with the centerpiece, Chloe! Thanks… How’s the centerpiece coming along, Chloe? Here it is! Sigh… I’m sorry! I’ll stay up all night if I have to, I promise! “We have three days, Chloe. THREE DAYS.
” I’ve got this, Lilia, I promise! Okay – but this is your last chance. Chloe? Have you been working all night?? I…Yes. I was desperately trying to come up with some new designs… Wanna see? Wow… Umm… Chloe… These are– I know, they’re terrible! And I’m completely out of ideas. Please, Cathy – I’m sorry for being so mean to you before. Can you please help me? We’ll make it a team effort, okay? Time’s up, Chloe. H-here you go, Ms. Lilia, ma’am! Hmmm… Hmmm… HMMM… This… looks VERY promising. Keep me updated! And keep up the good work! Ahh… Thanks! Cutting it a bit close, don’t you think? It’ll be done in time, I promise! I certainly hope so – Flower Week starts tomorrow! Cathy – could you help Chloe with the centerpiece? I’m a bit concerned she won’t finish in time. Sure thing, Lilia. Would you do the final honors, Cathy? *whew!* We did it! Thank you so much, Cathy. You really saved my hide. Just in the nick of time, eh? Let’s have a look. This is excellent, Chloe! Possibly the finest centerpiece we’ve ever done for Flower Week. I hope you learned a lot from Chloe, Cathy. Let’s just say, it’s been an experience. “Aaaaand now…allow me to present Fancy Flower Design’s masterpiece for this year’s Flower Week…
” ……. Lilia, I need to tell you something. Can’t it wait? We’re going to be swamped with orders in a moment – and all thanks to you! Chloe, your centerpiece is the talk of the exhibition. I’m glad I had faith in you. Uh… well… I didn’t exactly do it ALL by myself. What do you mean? Lilia… Cathy didn’t just ‘help’ me with the centerpiece. She… she did everything. I mean, it was her design, her arrangement. Chloe, I- No, it’s true! I had almost nothing to do with it. Everything you touch becomes art! That’s not true, Chloe. I’ve actually learned a lot from you. …Really? Between you and this book my dad gave me, I’ve learned a ton. Here, I want you to have it. Really? You’re passionate about flowers, Chloe. With a little more study on things like technique and composition, you’ll be unstoppable. Cathy, can I speak to you for a moment? Cathy, Fancy Flower Design needs you – how about you come work for me full time? Wow! That… that really means a lot to me Lilia. But I think working here has helped me find my REAL passion. Cathy, that’s great to hear. Best of luck… and keep in touch. Goodbye, Cathy. Good luck with the shop! Glad to have you home, Cath-bear. I missed you guys too! So, a career in flowers isn’t for you. Do you feel any different about the shop? Sort of. I have an idea at least. Something that combines my art degree and the store. I’m just not sure how to pull it off… Ivy, did you hear! Roger? What happened? The activity room at the senior center caught fire! Oh, no! Did anyone get hurt? If the seniors need a place to go, they’d be more than welcome here. Everyone got out without a scratch, thank goodness, but I’ll go tell the others they can meet here for now. In the mean time, I’ve got some planning to do. Will you help me out sweetie? I’d love to! Cathy – Cathy, you’re here! Mew? Rohann, what happened to you? I… I was kicked out of the arts and crafts guild! …So? SO!? I was a part of the inner sanctum! I was one of the most powerful people in the industry! Now I’m just an outcast… Rohann, aren’t you overreacting just a little? There are plenty of successful crafters who aren’t in the guild, aren’t there? *sigh!* What’s wrong, Rohann? So this is what being… NORMAL feels like… I guess? It’s not so bad, is it? I wanted to thank you for letting us use your shop to meet, Cathy. You’re such a sweet girl. You know, my grandson is single. Ha ha! Thanks, Mr. Trowbridge. Enjoy your class. *sigh!* Feeling any better, yet? No… I’ve been in the art guild my whole life… What am I meant to do now? Same thing you’ve always done – only now you’ll do it without fear of ‘Big Brother’ watching. I’m going to take a walk. .. Hey, what’s wrong, mom? Well… I promised the class I’d get them started on color theories… Everyone’s really excited about it, but the materials I ordered haven’t come through yet. Oh, I made some extra stencils patterns last night! Maybe you can use them for your class? Oh! Thank you, dear! I can get them started on this until my materials arrive! Great class, Ivy! We had so much fun! *whew!* There were a lot more students than usual! *sigh!* Hey, Rohann! How was your walk? Fine… Though I’m no closer to figuring out what to do with the shattered pieces of my fractured life. Why don’t you help Mom and I teach arts and crafts to seniors? I COULD use some help. ME? Teach? Why not? You’re a great artist! Yeah… yeah, okay. Why not? I’ll just ask the guil- Sigh… Never mind. Let’s do it! Oh my gosh… I’m really nervous. Relax! It’ll be fine. It’s an easy crowd! How can I face them after my horrible failure at the arts and crafts festival? Rohann, this isn’t a competition. You’re here to teach a class and they’re here to learn. They’re going to love you. But I’ve never taught a crafts class before! I’d never done an Arts and Crafts Fair before either, but I did great! You will too! Cathy, you were right! These old folks are amazing! That’s great! I’m glad you like it! Who needs the guild and all their secret ceremonies, anyway? Teaching is my jam! *whew!* There were even more students today than yesterday… I’m so glad you’re helping out, Rohann! I’m glad to be here! Hey, Mrs. B! I’ve got a great idea to make our classes even better! Ooh! Spill the beans! Hey Mom, where’s Rohann? He’s preparing something special for the class! Cool! Can’t wait to check it out. By the way, he’s expecting a few packages today. Can you take care of them? Sure, Mom! What are they? All part of the surprise, apparently. My packages! They’re here! What are those, easels? Yep, I’m going to teach seniors how to paint! That’s a great idea, Rohann. They’re going to love it! Your class is so popular, Rohann! Think you can handle a class that big? Leave it to me, Mrs. B! Umm, are you ALL here for the painting class? Oh, yeah – we heard great things about it! …Are you sure you can handle this, Rohann? Don’t worry, Mom. I’ll help! I was planning to teach anatomy painting today. I brought in some art mannequins earlier but… I can’t remember where I left them. Can you help me out? Of course! Great painting class! Can’t wait to tell all our friends about it! They LOVE me! Ha! Take that, guild! I just wanted to compliment you on the new painting classes – so much fun! Thank you! Isn’t Rohann great? …Who? Uhh… The guy who was teaching you? Oh him? Yeah, he’s okay. But we signed up because of YOU. What?!? Everyone’s heard about you – you’re quickly becoming a hometown hero! Wha- what?! Cathy, where’s Rohann? His students are here! No idea… Mew. Rohann! Where ARE you? I can’t come in today. I’m sick. Cough, cough. Oh no! Can we bring you anything? Uhh, n-no, no need for that! I’m fine! I mean, I’m NOT fine! Cough cough! Just, keep an eye on Ming for me, okay? Okay, well… get better soon. Was that Rohann? Yeah, he’s sick… Guess we’ll have to cancel the class today… Oh… It’s okay, you can still attend my crafts class! Cathy! I finally found your store! Patty! Oh my gosh, it’s so good to see you! How are you? I’m great! Listen, thanks for everything you did for me at the fair. No worries! By the way, I’m going to Europe next year! Gonna learn new pottery techniques from the old European masters! Do you wanna come? That sounds fantastic! But…I do have the store to think about. Can we grab a coffee sometime so you can tell me more? It’s a promise! Oh, by the way, I ran into Rohann… He looked like he saw a ghost when I said ‘hi’. …What? I thought he was sick? Huh? He seemed fine to me. Hey, Cath. Cough cough. Knock it off, Rohann. I just talked to Patty. That snitch! Okay, I’m sorry! I was just… jealous… Jealous? Of what? Of you! You’re so much more famous than I am! Rohann, so what? Why should that matter? You’re teaching seniors to paint, you’re sharing your love of art! …You’ll understand when you become a has-been like me. Oh, Rohann… Cathy, where’s Rohann? You… you miss Rohann? Of course! We loved his painting class! Will there be another one? I hope so… I’ll try and talk to him. Okay! Hope to see him soon! How will you convince Rohann to come back? Hmmm… I have an idea! Cathy, are you sure this is going to work? No, but it’s worth a shot! Mew! Hello, Rohann? There’s some guy here at the store… He’s wearing a robe and carrying a staff? Says he want to talk to you about returning to- The art guild? I’ll be right there! Well that worked– Grandmaster! I won’t mess up anymore! Please let me back– Wait, where’s the grandmaster? Umm… You didn’t let me finish… His Eminence isn’t here, is he? Hey! There he is! Rohann! You- you know my name? Of course! You are going to teach another class, aren’t you? O-of course! Why else I would be here? Come, let’s get started. You were great, Rohann! I know! One day, the art guild will come BEGGING to have me back! Hello? It’s the senior center… Yes? I wonder what that was all about… Hey Mom! Where is everyone? I had to cancel the classes today… What’s wrong? Nothing. The senior center called a meeting of their members today. Oh. I hope it’s good news? How was the meeting? There’s good news – the senior center is getting a remodel! Good for them… though I guess we won’t be seeing them around the shop as much. That’s the thing – they apparently won’t have enough money for a new activity room. Oh no! No activity room? But where are we going to paint? Do needlework? Make holiday ornaments? You will ALWAYS be welcome at the store. We appreciate that Cathy, we really do… But we need our own place. We don’t want to inconvenience you any further. I wonder how much money the city needs to add a new activity room to the senior center? Why not have a fundraiser, Mom? A fundraiser? We can hold it outside. We’ll make crafts to sell, and we’ll donate the money to the senior center! That’s a fabulous idea! Let’s start making plans tonight! So that’s the plan everyone! We’ll see you all at the fundraiser! Do you think we’ll get a good turnout? I hope so….I’m going to call the senior center now and let them know what we have planned. Maybe they can help spread the word? Mark?! Hi… Guess what? I’m coming home! What?!? AAAND… I have a SURPRISE for you! *sigh* What’s wrong, honey? The place looks great! Mark’s coming home… Isn’t that good news? I don’t know Mom… We haven’t spoken much since he left for New York… Plus, he says he has a ‘surprise.’ …Oh. He said he’ll be here soon… I know his surprises usually leave a lot to be desired, Cathy, but he means well. He always does, Mom. *hiss* Hey, babe! Did you miss me? *hiss!* Ahhh!!! I did. Is it just me, or did Ming get even fatter? *hiss!* What the-? Where’d she go!? Who? Donatella, my friend from New York! I should go look for her… Gottagobye! Wait! Who is this new friend? So THAT’S his surprise? He brought a girl with him from New York? It sure was a surprise, alright. Doesn’t this chick know he has a girlfriend?!? If I get my hands on her- Excuse me! Are these for sale? Yep! They were all made at our shop by retirees. We’re trying to raise money for the senior center. Can I take some pictures? Sure! I’d like this, please. Thanks for your support! Please come see us again, we always have new stuff for sale! Oh, I almost forgot. Let’s start unpacking these boxes. There, much better! I still can’t believe Mark is two-timing you. Grrr! I can’t find Donatella anywhere… Meowrrr! Gee, what a shame! Let me try her again on her phone. Hey Dona? It’s Mark! Uh, I gotta take this call. Later! Dona, eh? Hi, welcome back! Hi! I sent those pictures to my father. He loves your stuff. Thanks! No problem! By the way, do you know a guy named Mark? He promised to show me around town. Let me guess, messy blond hair, bug eyes, kinda goofy looking? Yes! That’s him! Um, listen, I need to call my father – can you please tell Mark that Donatella Satori was looking for him? Gottagobye! ….SATORI? Hey babe, I heard you met Dona! Mark! You’re friends with Donatella SATORI? Surprise! I told her all about you. So much so she wanted to come and meet you in person. We’ll get you that job, yet! Does Mark actually think he can convince a Satori to give you a job? I don’t know… He does have a habit of helping out even when he’s not asked, but I have to admit – even I didn’t see this one coming. Ming? Are you okay? Ming! Wait! Rohann, what happened to Ming?!? Kittens! Ming gave birth! So… Ming is a GIRL? Ahhh… No wonder she’s been eating a lot! Sup, guys! What the-? Not MORE Mings!? *hiss!* Hey Cathy! Hey Patty! I thought you’d already left for Europe? Yeah… well… I guess I’m having second thoughts. I’ve never even left the country before. I’m not sure I want to go all the way to Europe by myself… Are you sure you don’t wanna come? They have the best art programs in the world! Well, I still have to see this fundraiser through… It’s okay, there’s still time! Here, I’ll leave some brochures for you. There’s so much to see and learn out there! Hey, girls. Oops! I tripped on a Ming Doll that appeared out of nowhere! Ahhh! Ming’s food! Later, BOSCH! Heh heh heh… Ugh, such a waste.. I’m not sure Ming sees it that way. Hmmm… Look like we haven’t raised as much money as we’d hoped… Mew? But our stuff seems to be selling well… It has been – just not quite well enough… Unless we can raise some cash quickly, the seniors are going to have to do without their new activity room. Oh… Hey Rohann, why don’t you do a painting for the fundraiser? Me? Yeah! You’re Rohann Bosch! Everyone would want to buy your painting… We could even put it up for auction! That’s a great idea! I’ll get started right away! Why don’t you paint one too, honey? Me? Yeah, why not? You’re a pretty good painter! I don’t know… I haven’t touched a brush in a while… Hey, two paintings are better than one! You can paint, too? Hey, Dona! Well, I’m having a go… Cool! Is this for the fundraiser? Yes! My friend Rohann here is gonna paint, too! Hi! Rohann Bosch? Yes? I’ve heard of you before… I’d be surprised if you haven’t. Weren’t you kicked out of the guild recently? I… Er… I… Tell you what. I really want to help – so I’ll buy one of your paintings. Deal? Really!? That’d be fantastic! Just ONE of our paintings? Yep! So give it your best shot! Hey, I thought you were gonna help out today? No time! I need to blow Satori out the water with this painting if I’m going to get back into the guild! Hey, babe! What are you doing? It’s a painting for the fundraiser. Cool! I didn’t know you could paint! I didn’t know either, but your friend Donatella has promised she’ll buy a painting from us. Yeah, OK – did you talk to her about New York yet? Mark, can we deal with New York AFTER the fundraiser? Yeah, sure…I guess so. Here, how about I paint something too, then maybe we can call an early end to the thing. Since when can YOU paint? How hard can it be? Gah! Gahhh! GAHHH! Heh heh heh. Mark? Are you okay? Uhh… I’m fine, babe! Don’t worry about it! Well, okay… If you need any help, just let me know… I-I’m fine… Just, uh… ‘finding my artistic center’, that’s all. Heh heh heh. I know I left some photos around the shop somewhere. Could be a good source of inspiration. Wow, Cathy! When I said we’d be seeing more of you, I didn’t expect it to be in your own store! Hehe, neither did I! But I still have so much to learn about arts & crafts! I don’t want to disappoint my customers. By the looks of it, you’re doing a great job! And remember, the key to art is to believe in yourself. Thanks Emily! Here’s some extra glitter for your Glitter Princess! Thanks – and good luck! Oh, man this is hard! Is there any way to HACK this? Dude, are you sure you don’t need help? I AM a painting teacher, you know… I can teach you the basics? Any advice for a beginner? Lesson One: Do not paint outside the canvas. Heh heh heh. Almost done… Will Dona like this? …I’m sure she will. This is a Bosch original… What if she doesn’t? …Don’t think that way, Rohann. The guild doesn’t accept losers… Rohann? Are you okay? Uhh, yeah! Just finishing my painting! Gotta make sure it’s perfect so Dona will buy it and show it to the guildmaster! Well, good luck! I’m done! Dona will LOVE this! Great job, Rohann! Can we see? Ta-daa! Dude… Why is it all dark and gloomy? Did you run out of paint? Lesson Two: SHADOWING. You’re so beautiful, Ming! Mew! Hey Cathy, how’s Mark holding up? He looks… distressed. GAHHHHH! Yeah well, maybe now he’ll have a better understanding of what it’s like being an artist. Or at least quit being such a dweeb, anyway… Mew? Nothing, NOTHING! Well, believe it or not, I’m actually pretty satisfied with this. Oh, Mark! That’s actually pretty good! Hmm, not bad for a first-timer. It was kinda hard, actually – but if it gets Cathy to New York faster, it’ll have been worth it. Well, uh.. I’ll see you guys tomorrow. Mark… I… I have to tell you something. I uh… I care about you, a lot… But I don’t want to go to New York. What? Why?!? Hey all, got some paintings to show me? Not quite yet! Aww! I was hoping for a sneak peek, but I guess I’ll see you at the auction! Hello, everyone! And thank you for coming to our Snuggford Senior Center Fundraiser! Who’s ready to bid on some paintings by our resident artists! Our first painting is from a local up and comer, Cathy Bradford! Go, Ming doll lady! Our second painting is from a former grand prize winner of the Annual Arts and Crafts Festival, Rohann Bosch! I love you, Rohann Bosch! Our final painting is from Mark… Mark… Du… Duffy? Did I say that right? Mark Duffy! Yeah! Woo! That’s me! Woo! Okay, this will be a silent auction, so we’ll leave you to it. Be generous folks! Hi Donatella, did you get the painting you wanted? My dad would LOVE to have THIS for his personal collection! Nooooo! My career is officially over! Awesome! So are you going to offer Cathy a job now? …What? You bought Cathy’s painting – she’s an obvious shoo-in for your gallery, right? I’m afraid it doesn’t work like that, Mark. But I thought… If I introduced you… But I thought…sigh…I’m sorry, babe. I’m a terrible artist! I don’t deserve the guild! I’m a loser! A nobody! Actually… I was hoping to commission you for a painting, Rohann. What? Really? Well, w-why not. I’m a GREAT painter! This is my dog Pipeye… Can you paint her like this? Um… sure! Hong Kong sure looks like fun, Mom! It was! You should come next time, Cathy! Would have been even better if SOMEBODY hadn’t sent us to Timbuktu… Hey, free vacation to Africa! Aw….Ming is so cute! I still can’t believe you thought she was a boy, Rohann! In my defense, she never lets me get that close. You did a great job running the hardware store while we’re away, Cathy! But we destroyed your patio… Awww, Cath-bear… But you helped with the repairs! Remember how anxious you were on the first day of the fair? But now your Ming dolls are legendary! And I won third place at my first Arts and Crafts Festival! And I LOST! And I got a job in New York! Hey, it’s the grand opening of Cathy’s Crafts! I was so nervous, Kendra had to cut the ribbon! I kinda had fun running your crafts store while you were away, Cath-bear! And I had fun at Flower Week! You made that flower arrangement? So beautiful! Everyone loved your painting class, Rohann! Someday, the art guild will realize what they’re missing… I still can’t believe Ming had kittens! She founded the Ming Dynasty! And because of you, Cathy, the retirees got a new activity room! Whew, what a ride! So many things have happened… And you’ve grown so much… I’m so proud of you! Yeah! And you don’t doubt yourself anymore… At least, not so much! But you still don’t want to go to New York with me! Why? Well… Remember when I returned from my internship and said I want to see what’s out there? Yeah? A friend I met at the arts and crafts festival invited me to travel across Europe with her… I want to go! Go for it, Cath-bear! We’ll take care of your shop for you! Look at you, all ready to take on the world! Well, if you want to be great like me, you do need to get out there… If that’s what you really want to do, I guess I’m okay with it… I’m a super supportive boyfriend! I’ll miss you! Text me everyday! But please don’t drown me with selfies like SOMEONE we know! Thanks guys! I’d better get packing! Mew!


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