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– Hi, my name is Catelynn. I’m 16 and I’m from Algonac, Michigan, a small town right across
the river from Canada. During the winter, there’s absolutely nothing to do around here. Unless you like ice fishing. That’s my boyfriend Tyler, we’ve been together since seventh grade. You were a little flirt,
especially in music class. – [Tyler] We used to write
notes back to each other. – [Catelynn] Yeah! My family situation it totally chaotic. – [Working Man] Let’s get ‘er done. – [Catelynn] I’ve lived
in 13 different houses since I was born. I hate moving! My mom is pretty unpredictable and she can be really moody. She does her best, but I never know if she’ll really be there for me. My mom ended up driving drunk last night, and got pulled over. And went to jail. Tyler’s life has been hard, too. His dad Butch has been
in and out of prison for most of his life. Even though Tyler and I
are used to surprises, nothing could have shocked us more than when our parents fell in
love and then got married. So technically, we’re step-siblings. But we say that they’re the weird ones, because we were dating first. Even though it seems
like a recipe for drama, for the most part, everyone gets along. But it’s about to get a whole
lot crazier around here. Because I’m pregnant. – Go ahead. Push her out. – [Nurse] There she is! You did great! Hey, baby! Aren’t you cute? Yes! Catelynn, you want to take a look? – [Catelynn] No, no! – [Nurse] All right. – [April] Catelynn, you should look. – [Tyler] We can do this, honey. We can do this. I know. Okay? We can do this. (baby crying) – [Nurse] Fresh from God. There you go, love. – [Tyler] She’s going to
have such a good life, honey. (crying) And she’s going to be so happy. – You’re so young, you
never know who if you’re, oh am I gonna be with this
girl for the rest of my life? Is she the one? – I remember being that age, yup. – And then you know, going
through the, we had to come together as a couple and
make a decision like we did. It really showed that me and
her got a lot of strength, a lot of tension with the relationship. You know, and we’re a good relationship. We don’t fight a lot. – Do the pause. – Ya, so like going through
all that really just showed me how amazing she is. She means a lot to me. – I know she does. You mean a lot to her, too. – So, I went to get a ring for Catie. – Ya. – Ya, and I’m gonna propose to her. I just wanted to make sure you approve. – [April] I love you, of course I do. She’s gonna cry. – [Tyler] I think I’m gonna cry. (laughing) – If you don’t throw up, huh? – [Tyler] Ya, if I don’t throw up! I don’t know. I know that she’s the one, so. That’s what I’m doing. – Okay, honey. Good luck, kid. Don’t throw up today, okay? – I won’t. (laughing) – I think this is, like, the
nicest place we’ve ever been. – I think so, too. – That’s why I want like a virgin daiquiri or something to make myself feel cool. (laughing) – [Tyler] You’re so cute. You know, I gotta go to the bathroom. (pop music) – You’re making my heart race. What? – Okay, well, I got you something. – What? – Before you open it I
just want to tell you that, that I love you a lot. I wanna be with you for
the rest of my life. Okay? – Yeah? – I wanna, I want you to be mine forever. And I want you to grow old with me. And all the stuff that we’ve been through, we had a daughter, we
made a adoption plan. And it was one of the hardest things that I have ever had to do. (crying) And you were there for
me through everything. You’ve always been there for me. And, okay. I wanted to ask you if you would marry me? – Honey, oh my god! Are you serious? Oh my god! Yes, I will. – [Tyler] I love you so much. – Oh, I love you, too. Oh my gosh, honey. I seriously will marry you. It’s so pretty! Thank you so much. – [Catelynn] It says yes. – [Tyler] Ya! – [Catelynn] Well,
you’re gonna be a daddy. You’ll be a good dad. Welp, you’re gonna be a dad. – [Tyler] I can’t wait. I’ve always wanted to be a mom. – [Tyler] I know. I can’t wait to hold it. (laughing) – You’re already thinkin’
about holding it? Are you sure you’re ready for it? I’m think I’m ready. – [Tyler] I’m ready! I’m ready! (country music) – [Tyler] Ready to push this baby out? – Yep, she’s coming. – [Tyler] She’s coming. (baby crying) – [Nurse] There you go, Nova. Ya! (pop music) – Look at how peaceful she looks. – [Catelynn] She’s so perfect. (“Wedding March” playing) – [Pastor] Please rise. You may be seated. I told Tyler I’d be ready for this moment. – Thank you! Uh huh, thank you. – [Priest] Catelynn and
Tyler, we’ve come together in the presence of God for your marriage, to share your joy, and to
promise you our support and love. Tyler, do you take
Catelynn to be your wife? – I do. – [Priest] Catelynn, do you
take Tyler to be your husband? – I do. Right? (laughing) – [Priest] Now Tyler and
Catelynn have written their own vows to one another, and Tyler will share his first. – [Tyler] Okay. From middle school sweethearts
at the tender age of 13, to two teens in a crisis,
facing the odds together. (crying) To becoming parents, and
building a household together, to playfully goofing around
together like children as if no one is watching. All of these things and
many more are the reason I want to make a promise to you. I promise that as long as I’m alive, you will never be alone. You will never question
if you are beautiful, you will never doubt that you are worthy, and you will never
wonder if you are loved. You are my angel, my
soulmate, my best friend. I believe you were brought into this world and destined to be loved
by me, cherished by me. I anxiously wait to be able to
love you forever as my wife. (sniffing) – [Priest] I have a tissue for you. (laughing) – [Catelynn] I can’t top his. (laughing) From the moment I first laid eyes on you, I always prayed that one day
that you would be my husband. And as I stand in front of you now, I am just so blessed that
that dream came true. (sniffing) We have created two
beautiful children together, and shared so many important
life goals with one another. From this day forward, I
promise to care for you through the good and bad times. To be loyal to you always, and to your happiness and laughter. But most of all, I promise to
give you my love and support. And to cherish and respect you
throughout our life together. – Tyler, what do you bring
as a sign of your promise? (laughing) – We got it! – [Tyler Take two. Well Catelynn, what do you
bring as a sign of your promise? Catelynn and Tyler have made
their commitment of marriage together before God and all
here present by solemn vows. I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss your beautiful bride. (cheering and applause) – You look so beautiful. – Thank you! – [Priest] It is my distinct
pleasure to introduce to you for the very first time, Mr. And Mrs. Tyler and Catelynn Baltierra. (applause) – Hola! Look at this, okay! – [Catelynn] It was hard
to say goodbye to Nova, and I’m really trying
not to let my anxiety get the best of me in Hawaii. – I haven’t heard from
her mom since we landed. – Should we try to FaceTime Nova? – Ya. – [April And Catelynn] Hi! – [Catelynn] Is Tootie sleeping? – [April] No, she’s right here. – [Catelynn] Hi, Tootie Fruit! What are you doing? You wanna see daddy? – [Tyler] Hi, baby! Look at that! Who’s that? – [Catelynn] Hey, baby! Awe, thank you for the kisses! I love you! – [Nova] Da-da! – Daddy! – [Catelynn] Give her a kiss for me, ma. – [April] I will. – [Tykler] Okay, I’m
gonna call a realtor now. – No! Oh no! Ah! (phone ringing) – [Angie] Hello, this is Angie. – Hi, Angie! This is Tyler. I’m actually calling about
the house on (bleep) road. – [Angie] Well, I will
tell you it’s 15 acres, just approximately 2,500 square feet. The house has been on the
market for about a year. It’s a really beautiful property. – [Tyler] Me and my wife
actually wanted to put an offer in on that place. – [Angie] Without seeing it first? – Ya, I mean honestly,
we know what we want. This would have been our third house, so. – [Angie] Right, well I
will send you an email, and you can send me all of your info, and I will put in an offer first thing. – Okay, perfect! Thank you so much. (phone ringing) Oh (bleep). Hello? – [Angie] Is this Tyler? – This is. – Hey, Tyler. It’s Angie from the Real
Estate company again. – Hi. – [Angie] Hi, so I spoke with the owners, I gave them your offer, they have come back and said
that your offer’s accepted. – Okay, great! – Cool! – [Angie] All right, well then, I’ll follow up with you on email, okay? – Okay. – [Angie] All right, bye. – All right, thanks a lot
Angie, I appreciate it. – [Angie] Okay, bye-bye. – Bye. – Now we just need some goats and some chickens and some horses. And, we already got chickens. And pigs, and we already got pigs. And, (laughing) Whoop, whoop! Old farmhouse is gonna be ours. – Old farmhouse! (soft music) – I feel like maybe it
just wasn’t the right time. (Kerthy humming in agreeance) Thank God for kids and husbands. – They got you out of bed? – Ya. – Just their presence. – If they weren’t around, I probably would have offed myself. Seriously. I mean, I’m sure a lot
of people can relate. Like, it’s like I don’t
want to live a dollar a day like this, you know? (cell phone ringing) Hello? – [Tyler] Hey. – Hi, babe. – [Tyler] Hey, whatcha doin’? – Driving back with Kerthy. – [Tyler] You’re the strongest woman I have ever met in my life. – Well, you’d be super proud of me today. – [Tyler] What? – [Catelynn] Because I have, like, anxiety and I’ve been working through it. – [Tyler] Have you? Like, what’d you do? – Walked outside, I just kept
talking to myself saying, “You’re beautiful.” “You’re smart.” “You’re strong.” “You’re beautiful.” “You’re smart.” “You’re strong.” (crying) – [Tyler] That’s good honey,
because you are beautiful, and smart, and strong. You are! You really are, honey! (soft music) – Okay! You ready to go see mama? – Ya! – Yay! – [Nova] I want to walk. – You wanna walk? Okay. – [Catelynn] Nova! – You hear her? – [Brunette Woman In
Black Shirt] I hear her. – [Anna] Hey guys, I’m Anna. I’m one of the techs. I’ll be working with you guys today. – Who is it? Go hug your pretty mama! – [Nova] I want to go see the horsies. – I figured you would! I knew! I told Anna as soon as you’d
seen them, I wouldn’t exist. – I wanna go see them. – You will go see ’em, okay? – [Nova] Ya. – Can I have a kiss? – I wanna go see ’em. – Can I have a kiss? – I wanna go see ’em. – We will go see ’em in a minute, okay? Hi, dad. [David] Hi! You look great! – Thank you. – Hello, I missed you. – [Catelynn] I missed you, too. Hey, Aunt Carrie. – Hi, baby. Hi, honey! Of course, I told you, Anna, as soon as she’s seen the
horses, I wasn’t gonna exist. Hey, Nova! Nova, I’ve got something for you! Mama’s got a present for you. – [David] What did she get you? (gasping) – [Brunette Woman In Black
Shirt] Awe, he’s so cute! – Yay! – He neighs? – [Catelynn] He neighs! (mocking horse neighing) – It’s super hard for me
to tell you this thing. So just, like, keep an open mind. – Okay. – Like, I started having really
bad anxiety in the mornings. I guess I’ve just been hiding it. Or I’ll take, like, a half
an ativan or something just to, like, make it
through the first morning or the half of the day. I just feel I’m like letting
people down for some reason. Like, I feel guilty. – By having- – [Catelynn] Anxiety. – Really? – Ya. I feel like it, cause it just- – Honey, don’t ever feel like that. Babe. You’re not gonna let nobody down. – Like obviously, my meds aren’t working. – Okay. – I had to force myself
to get in the shower and like, put makeup on. And like, that’s why I’ve been doing it for the past couple days, too. Just like forcing myself get
up, straighten your hair, put makeup on, listen to music, like- – It’s gotta be something with me. – No, it’s nothing to do with you, Tyler. – Yeah, but if I- – It’s my inner-child (bleep),
I’m telling you right now. It’s nothing to do with what you do. It’s me being a (bleep)
12-year-old and my dad leaving. Or me being like, eight, and my mom drinking all the time,
and not being there. Like, it’s my own (bleep). It’s just coming out when
things go on in life, that’s how travel works. So it’s nothing to do with you. You are awesome, you’re supportive. – No, I know, but I just wanna make sure that I’m doing whatever
I’m supposed to be doing. – I’m going back. (intense music) I didn’t even want to
tell you that I thought about going back to treat
me, because I was like, “I wouldn’t blame Tyler.” Like seriously, if you
want to just divorce me. – Babe! Honey. Babe. – Like, I put you through so much. – Stop, don’t do that. No. – You’re an awesome husband, seriously. Just stand by me through,
like, all this (bleep) that I’m sure a lot of guys would just throw in the (bleep) towel. It’d be like, “I can’t handle this.” – Well, I don’t think those
men are true husbands. (upbeat music) – [Catelynn] Honey, I’m home! – Hello? – That’s my mom. – No, it’s not. – [Tyler] Hello? – Honey, I’m home! – Hey! What? Crazy! Do you want to cuddle? Awe, yeah. So sweet, awe. – Do you know why we’re
making pink and blue cupcakes? – Because. – Mommy has a baby in her belly. So you’re gonna be a big sister. – I be big sister? – [Catelynn] Yeah! And tomorrow, the party is
’cause we’re gonna find out if it’s gonna be a little
girl or a little boy. – Yeah! – Would you want a little
brother or a little sister? – A little sister! – What if it is a boy? Would you be happy to have
a little brother, too? – Yeah! I love him! – You love it? – [Nova] I rock it? – You’re gonna rock it? – [Nova] And feed it bubbles? – And help feed it? – So cute! – It’s gonna be so cute. – [Nova] Yeah. – Do you wanna help me mix now? – Yeah! (mixer mixing) – [Catelynn] Getting
pregnant was very unexpected, since we still have a lot of
work to do on our relationship. I know Tyler has been
frustrated in our marriage for a while, and has
been seeing a therapist. – I just need change, yeah. – You need something to
change in the relationship for you to feel good
about the relationship. – Yeah, yeah, yeah. Because if someone asks me, “Are you happy in your marriage?”, I’ll say, “Absolutely not.” And I have been for a couple years. – [Catelynn] He decided he wanted to try living separately for a month. I was devastated at first,
but now that I have started my own therapy, I’m more
comfortable with the idea. – You guys had talked,
you had filled out that marriage questionnaire when
you went to New York that time. – Yeah. – What is the status of the idea of you guys doing couple’s counseling? – We wanted to go to couple’s
therapy and things like that, so obviously I still want to do that, too. But I wanted to see my counselor a few times before,
like, jumping into that. And then we went to Sedona and stuff. Basically, all I want to
share with the cameras is that me and you learned that,
you know, we’ve been together for so long, that it’s like, “Who are you as a person by yourself?” You know? – When we were down there at that retreat, that’s why I said, “I think
I want to live separately.” I just felt like it was the best place to- – No, it made sense. – Bring it up, I guess. I mean, construction is
done on the new house, and we’re gonna do our trial separation. We’re gonna live separate. – Am I jumping of joy for it? No. – I don’t think any of us are. – [Catelynn] You know? – [Tyler] I mean, you took it kinda hard. – Ya, I mean- – The intention is not to
bring out your anxiety or to make you feel any of your core
wounds, you know what I mean? – [Catelynn] No, I know. – All right, yeah. – [Catelynn] But in that
moment, it did trigger me. It did bring up wounds. It was scary, it was sad, it was hurtful. Things that I have been through, like when people say
that they wanna separate, and they wanna leave, it seriously does feel like somebody died. That’s like, bringing up
the old wounds from, like, the miscarriage, and that’s traumatic. – [Tyler] Yeah, I know. And that’s why it was so
hard for me to even say it. Because it was like, I
knew it was literally the worst possible thing
that you could hear. – [Catelynn] Our 30-day
separation is finally over. Tyler has been getting the
new house ready for us. So we just need to move
in the last of our stuff. – We’re a team, we’re a team. – Yeah. And I really hope he got what
he needed from our time apart. – This is what I was thinking. I was thinking of doing those
two wooden frames, bam bam. And then doing that
horizontal elephant, bam bam. And then doing these three
little ones, just doo doo doo. – Yeah. I woke up early in the
morning with contractions. So it seemed like the baby is coming. – [Tyler] I’ll grab it. Hey bag, car. We have to go! – What’s wrong? – [Tyler] Come with me! Nothing’s wrong, nothing’s wrong! Hurry, hurry, hurry! – [Nova] Why? Quickly! Baby sister coming today! – [Nova] What’s wrong with your baby? – [Tyler] No, nothing’s wrong. – [Nova] We have to go
to the hospital quickly. – [Tyler] Yeah, we will quick. Here. (soft music) – [Catelynn] It’s really
nice spending time together without our kids and reconnecting. We need to communicate more
if we want a happy marriage, so I want to open up to Tyler about how I felt when we separated. So what are we gonna do when we go home and it’s just, we’re just by ourselves? What are we gonna do? I’ve got some 4K movies! – That’s what I was just
thinking though, go watch movies. – [Tyler] I got the good ones, too. – You got the French Onion? – Oh, yeah. Thank you. – [Waitress] You’re welcome. There’s the salad for you. – Thank you. So do you think, like,
in the beginning of like, this 18-months and stuff,
do you think what made you want to start working on our relationship was when I told you I
was pregnant with Vaeda? – Yes. – [Catelynn] Yeah? – Oh, yeah. For sure. – ‘Cause I feel like
right then, it was like- – Exactly, since I
knew, I knew, I was like “Oh my god, I cannot
constantly bring another kid into the world together and not start working on these things.” – Yeah, like, I remember, like, even just like crying, and calling you and being like, “Maybe I need
to, like, have an abortion, and not have this baby.” – Which really freaked me out. – Just ’cause we were
going through so much, and I was just thinking crazy. – [Tyler] I know, and
remember what I said? I was like, “Absolutely not.” Because you know what’s crazy? I knew in my heart, I knew in my spirit, I knew in my soul, I was like, “No, no.” – And now that I’m older
though, and I’m like- – [Tyler] Because we
are gonna be together, and we’re gonna parent this baby. I don’t care. We’re going through the (bleep),
you know what I’m saying? – I know, but I’m like, I hope
she doesn’t like, feel that. – Whatever happened in the womb, honey, your love and life and giving it to her, is gonna outweigh anything that happens in nine months she was
brewing inside of ya. You went through like a
tumultuous (bleep), you know? – Well, you did (bleep). ‘Cause you were going through it with me. – [Tyler] That’s the beautiful thing about relationships, that’s how it works. You’re really strong. – Well, so are you, and thank you. At the moment, as of
now, I just want to like, keep communicating about our relationship. To think about it, what
this year is, what? 13 years together? All the (bleep) we’ve been through. – You wanna toast? – And I can’t wait to be that 88, 89-year old lady on our rocking chairs. On our porch, watching our
grandkids, our great grandkids. – Goddammit, get out of my lawn! (laughing) – I love you. – I love you, too. (pop music)


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