Casamiento por Civil en Buenos Aires! | + Preparativos

Hello everybody! Welcome once again to my channel Today I’ll talk about the preparations of my city hall wedding in Buenos Aires. For those who don’t know, in Argentina is required to marry at the city hall before doing a ceremony. And because our wedding was a Destination Wedding, and most of the guests wouldn’t be able to go, we took this opportunity to celebrate with those people. We didn’t really think too much of this gathering. It was just a small celebration with loved ones. So I didn’t worry about anything else but to take the confetti bags. Once again I used the sandwich bags the very same I used for the ceremony, and filled them with confetti. It’s a tradition to throw rice to the couple But we weren’t into the idea of wasting food like that. So instead of rice I used confetti. Unfortunately, I forgot to tell the rest of the family not to take rice and so they took their own rice bags. I can certainly tell you that rice is the WORST It stays on your hair forever and goes into every corner of your body. It took me 2 days to get rid of every grain of rice. Seriously. It also hurts! And what’s worse, when they started throwing rice at us, all the doves flew at us too. So if you’re watching this video let’s make this tradition DIE! Let’s talk about my outfit. I had in mind that the ceremony was at the beach with a nude dress. With a softer and more of a romantic feel. So for the City Hall wedding I went the opposite way. As the wedding was in the city I thought the styling could be less romantic. More of a minimalistic and clear-cut look. So I went with white to differentiate from the nude dress. I also didn’t want to wear a dress, so that they could be really different from each other. I wanted a trouser, or a jumpsuit. But it was actually really hard to find! It took me months and months until Adrian found this suit And though it is not my favorite. I think it could have been a bit more flattering specially the trousers. But it’s not that bad and it met my requirements: It was an all white, except for a thin silver line but it didn’t bother me at all. the fabric was proper for autumn. It also looked good with what Adrian chose to wear. And it looked good enough. When I first tried it on I considered the possibility of wearing it by itself I really liked that deep neckline. But as it closed with only a hook, the idea of not wearing nothing underneath was a bit too much. So I needed a top. I tried it with blouses, shirts, tops, But nothing looked good. I felt I was losing that deep neckline that I really liked. So I thought of wearing a bodysuit. Something a bit more sensual but not provocative because GRANDMOTHERS! Hello! To find a bodysuit that didn’t look like lingerie was a hard task. Luckily I found one at Victoria’s Secret and bought it online. Yeah, I know. Once again I ordered online without trying it on. I must admit though, that when I got it it felt a bit tight. But with all the stress I was in during all those weeks before the wedding I was not eating properly. So for the wedding day it fitted good enough. But when I tried it on with the suit I felt it was bland. It needed something I tried putting on accessories but it felt too manorial. So I thought I could embroider to the body some beads in a Dior kind of way. So I went to buy the beads and try to decide which color to embroider. Maybe white or silver? Maybe transparent or a bright color? Finally I decided on a silver that it was transparent enough to be a very subtle embroider. I liked it because once the embroidery was finished you can only appreciate it if you’re close enough. And for the accessories I went for a white and silver theme. So the clutch was also white and silver. My mother in law gave it to me. And for the shoes I wasn’t able to find a white or silver high heel shoe. So I went for a nude ones. And for the bouquet I didn’t want something too big or romantic. After all it was only a city hall wedding so I was looking for something small that could follow that same clean-cut pattern Not sure how to explain it. For my make up and hair, Josefina Mendez did it. Both for the city hall and the ceremony. We wanted to play a bit more with this look and took inspiration from the fashion world and made a strong cat eye. But with a brown liner because I’m too white to wear black. And matte lips. And for the hair, a high pony tail with wavy hair. And I also had a small clip that I made, that said “mrs” To have something fun. And here you have the wedding video. If you enjoyed the video, you know what to do. I will see you in the next one! Bye!


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