Cartel clock / Swedish wedding clock (chime/function/striking/German watchmaker) Fascination clock

Today I´ll show you a magnificently cartel clock. It has a beautiful chime and … we`ll have a look together behind the dial … … and how the striking system is released. We will listen to the chime outcased. Enjoy yourself! Magnificently / Cartel clock with a beautiful chime & a glimps on the striking system Hello and a warm welcome to fascination clock “Fasziantion Grossuhr”! I have this wonderful cartel clock for you The case is luxuriantly decorated with leaves and flowers. It is wooden made and gold leafed. Inside it has an half hour rack movement. And as you can hear it has a wonderful bright sound. The hands are made very magnificently and very well manufactured. You will see the same at the movement. Because such an antique clock is manufactured more carfully … .. then the normal new bought mechanical clocks from today. Let`s have a look together! Here we are. Nicely made parts, a polished platine I`ll release the striking system for you. The half hour striking. You see the hammer, but you can`t hear anything … … because the bell is missing. Next the hour striking. Now the rack is falling onto the snail. The stiking system is released. The gathering pallet is lifting up the rack. And the striking system gets stopped. You find more information about how the striking system gets released … … in the suggested video. About how the clock news which hour it must strike … … you may choose the suggestet video above. In this video I wanted mainly to show you the beautiful manufactured movement. And how nicely it`s running. Let`s although have a look from the side. I release the striking system. You have a good view on the wheel which lifts the hammer up (“Hebsternrad”) The hammer is striking but the bell is still missing. So I should screw the bell on. There it is. I releasse the striking system for you. And now incased … .. sounds a bit muted but also beautifuly. I´m glad I had the oportunity to show you this … wonderful clock. If you have more questions about clocks … … have a look at “Faszination Grossuhr”! I`m looking forward to you! Yours Ina

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