Career Planning : How to Become an Event Planner

Hi, my name is Stacie Royer, and I’m a Career
Specialist from Austin, Texas. I’m going to talk to you today about becoming an Event
Planner. The first thing that you’ll need to know is that you love working with people.
Event Planners can plan all different types of events, such as corporate events, weddings,
or even birthday parties. It can be a lot of fun and also very time consuming. What
you’ll need to do is start volunteering at different events such as, bridal shops, or
trade shows, or other, other local event planners that might allow you to gain that experience
and knowledge. You’ll also want to take some marketing, accounting, and sales classes to
help you become the Entrepreneur that you’re wanting to be. Start networking from that
point and get in touch with other local vendors that will help with presenting your business
and networking with them. Also, create a website and a portfolio, and just hit the ground running.

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