Calling All Cars: The Blood-Stained Coin / The Phantom Radio / Rhythm of the Wheels

falling all cars are copyrighted programs
created by real brandy indeed burbulis county sheriff’s office going
on but intentional jeff go about getting the money by in the document urgently
only kenyan bill information available danjus becuz j until no hand today more than ever before the american
starting in involved independently and collectively he is beginning to body on
recommendations from reliable sources the analyzes the sales stories on
gasoline for example into starts the week need generalities plane what many
brands he wants to know who are the best
apologies on gasoline what its largest users you must know
whether their use of the product is the same as here there is no other testing ground to
compare with the fifty five million miles driven by emergency equipment but
exclusively use israel branding cracked up to me that’s driving like you do all my heart its talking stopping small long miles of
economical cruising acceleration pickup speeding it everything you’d expect from
a car and the governing over thirty of your cities and counties
have selected rio grande the cracked governing over all other brand more police car fire engines and it was
another emergency equipment use real brenda cracked governing wherever it is
sold than any other brian re-open this fails chore that motorists
have accepted re-opened his invitation to buy as the strongest most sincere and
convincing who superior gasoline police car performance real ban the practice an
established but headed in your car it’s a real branded
dealers kamal we are happy to have present again to
calling all cars broadcast representative from the sheriff’s office
will sign the start who jurisdiction mites case basalt we present captain a_b_c_ do well stationed at but mister the from most
but didn’t want you to sign the best to get it social occasion order here tonight what’s needed kluge which to work the options all this case prepared such
a complete a lot of evidence both defendants were caught and brought
to trial in record time you’re probably pictures of our
department work person on the sheriff’s office too that would be a part of the best machine
that makes it its business to see and was brought to justice and they do see that crime does not pay a little how leona canyon boom and
stands starting at the body of a man five minutes before you’ve been alive naal his life lobbed stinging the fights
bob dole lay dead cupid’s before what the recorder to
today monday mo what but you one of those delicious chocolate i’m on taking shape burton what to expect the your combat stops talking it already judge extra weight would be like yourself killing of a
really bucket i think you got a look at me mileage became anyway on the morning of may eighteen unabomber bond over control of the
companion make their way along the winding road leading to the cabin of
theodore wallman world and wallman dilute trouble then
let’s see if my band is the dot was present when mister anthony coatings and
to alaska the debt their insanity does the same old when elected how come
you always call the old man avoidable or piece of final men unite father to me right or to be a song solo recording
them but what does it say that that in that don’t see the old man around anywhere or sees it but if i had and chilly
morning you ought to be out around but this time gold maybe i think so we’re
going to see and he could use some of the ropes needs what has happened is that about gilded
here stranded in the month withdrawal then although at the bottom line hit we’re pretty busy bound to be here
somewhere coke folks on body exile into the yard at least or the whale this look he’s thrilled that you cannot go on the
side of the whale we have to move these boxes maybe they
did it and a one the you listen the but all that well but
the other it will get the constable we better quality shaped wall right but
let’s do it who found the body titania area we found
a similar mechanism and who we got it out of the way detect anything only the
bodies winds was the man whose name was woman many enemies all si senor many i think who want to take it only one i know for sure each night
bennett who was dams uh… teaser trailer who own the land
and other side of the center ever have any problem with mom and cc many kinds all about well you see then using medallions always acceptable
crosses a new one essential to get these house that those people and see trespass c where does this is mcdaniels live all in only that he does i smoked
although the lava might say what’s the idea telling me all this about him
having trouble the old man and when annually wide also if you have brother out they did to or not you know to be
unicycles just how did this daniel tapping the
pipe with your man was daniel one-day these danielski come
to the eventual any topic will be the road and a one you know also spotlight your property
and a half narcotic aka companies cabinets had that happened packet blockbuster com
paintball tobacco get now you want and alcohol which i get it back hearings so budget it here seventy not
talking about ever since i’ve been here an appetite heart again x a crack at uh… right not oldest it cable at independent what little has no focused architects
with thank you eighty-three well outweighing a lot wayanad alone
don’t get it in in i_q_ cat europcar ac bailouts you’ll ones ob you antitank acknowledge women that were not remember
single-parent with dot that’s right ac uh… u where mccann over there and they are surrounding a revocable
within or not the people said no he had many enemies you know any of them well uski sunday on this one yesterday to the stage maybe twenty field please answer okay i’ll see about a murder really ito and if you will be done in
the muddy if your conduct of money well at this place over groton bellota
devotees are much the evidence is in it heat here’s what we found out syndrome and used to sell cigars and
cigarettes and farm programs to the neighbors and little trouble with the following
main mcdaniels and about that whatever and we’ve checked up on most of his
neighbors seem to have a lot of trouble most of them that makes it complicated doesn’t it now where when do you better stick around
here and help me and be rotten pick up the salmon the
nephew questioning tech with a corner on the condition of the body and come back
here when you get to located or new york that silver dollar tree i picked it up here on the floor or by the way and be annotate this
within get approved report on it the bloody thumbprint on your might prove
valuable alaska a hundred let’s see what we can find baby the work student couple of socks with that information
almost anywhere looks like the color came back into
place up cli development looking for money
apparently stand in a good job of ransacking the
place and looks like the old man was sitting
here getting ready to eat on the murder of him there’s no blunder on their anybody gets a scraping you need them for comparisons later and
scrap of paper latest or from a larger piece probably part of what used to scrub up
the blood wearing clothes in there yeah i wonder what they were used for under i’ve got it uh… this piece of paper maybe the
answer to this case pol nevermind but i’ll bet my bottom dollar
that the killer west classes weeping that makes it simple simpler than you think couldn’t have been many persons
acquainted with woman’s habits well enough to know or believe that he had a
lot of money assuming that the motive was robbery that should be obvious from
the way this place is drawn up anyway it ought to be easy to find out
how many businesses were glasses or makes you think it’s a neighbor whoever did this was from that he would
want to help with some of the place this was a well-planned murder officers mega blockbuster to the house
without on governing further clues about him the that night right under impending commons at were divorced right now it looks like a martyr for revenge to me an element was killed at day look at it split three times i’d checked all of the gun developing
none of them were classes eighty on the day could hold me so two men in the four
truck headed toward the ranch and the that there was a mistake in the body of
the legacy any s_l_ down and look back and one of
them head-on blesses dino either of them nomo detective let some of the people
living on ended in two men seen in the canyon from time to time went to the descriptions but in order one of them is a but notice one of the
daniels one old up dead last month is that the
other filled with woman c who was the other way daniels brother-in-law uh… uh… now regarding somewhere alleged
administering spending another many of us will manage with people of course is
land you would let them build a road to the
starting with a list kicking about especially you do waldman have enough trouble with
anybody to make them so went up to do the job i don’t think so looks like to me is
that these two young fella design of the old man had a little money in made up
their minds to get it at all and that’s the way it looks to me too assuming that they would are the ones who did the job i’m going back up in the morning but the
place over again the stick around and check up on that
finger printed ticket looking w right hope to the plan using role just might be might be rooming but you can pick up a gag witnesses there’d him men and him in making do with the money
was mind and spirit come back light gold on the ground he told the
woman article two women wondering about the place impart and group you see mister adams line no was mister adams on you see it we just got back from the time to get
the furniture limited seat all here’s here’s the furniture q we don’t need that come out looking at a
press people read blackie he stated that there is anything that
you can and indeed last cure this is the right place choosing a is having a man in a box equipping and i think dole interests within a month it means to women about leasing adams the today seay cc you think that you’d be out this tactic
originated in the last in the top we look at it first economical on the back seat that would be a very good idea and i’d like to waking him much longer
though well i’ll tell you what i’ll do i’ll be
around here for a while mister adams shows at the hotel in that you were here
finally give you my name and address in yet and you can give it a genie becomes
regular here would be fine yes items crime that’s yesenia and stands uh… standing there you are victorians allison those treatments a well missus gonzalez albeit with some
time mister adams comes out giving a message
packets again thing up leaning over the door the woman’s up
before the gotten underway ryegrass obtained at the address you’ve
given him with authentic pick up at the lectern some of the book than if you go the way that it will be
the only car into the balance agrawal integrated about and two o’clock in the garage door
flights or carpool rhode island the and continues over the past one of uploaded and around came back you are going man car both were young dark one were killed and buses writes all the bases missed it but facts
that caught many people the homegrown what kind of board you’re tuned into the
crew will be operated one man turn whispered to his companion the choir complaining here the cut like above the garage door backbone
about the impact uh… level op ed markey hot he’ll come back and alike on i’ll take you in any way get a buddy later not what product maple
suspicion of murder at the moment on similar charges were not not not not
and i thought when it was totally some-odd people here we’ll find out about that and uh… fortunate part of the club or the other pple we don’t want okay rincon their and review the cart
linger for telephone and we’ll pick up my stratton within half an hour off you’ve got to be
covered in the briefing station altman one neighbor congress bob dunne
bob dole i pulled up in the field of your view about they found him calling about arms
all double-digit article adams went on with a couple of course really atoms sure it is in william granada sometimes in on them and wallman along the northern who usually going to happen ever have any trouble with him on never had any problem with him what do you live on her ranch i heard you mean missus mcdaniels here you know anything about her husband well
she thought of me died i don’t know you don’t know whether you get michael it uh… mister mcdaniels ever having
trouble woman ink that problem same problem with time you see missus mcdaniels on sunday the
day that woman died booked one o’clock ranch she was with that proved they can own who else was with it any other man missus anybody up there with you when launch of a brother he was with me other admittedly done let’s get to the
right she grover that other federal loan he was with her what was said to you by either shape don’t say nothing about it just give me
the money keep quiet o_j_ moaning about any problem how did you happen to go to war monthly those frozen alfonso along with her and she and you wanted to talk to him so we all
went up there waterman you wanted to say something intention not to anymore with it they
killed him afonso and with that picked up the money woodard women to wear you pick up any money no you didn’t pick up the silver dollar never picked up anything how much did you get not six dollars i think it was and some
things there may be a and would develop cancer do he shared i’m going to division mon don’t say nothing about this business oakland so cute what’d you do if you kill this man i’d
never care ltd lawyer issues of the reported we’ll learn what did they do with it going nowhere buggy boards in boxes up on it what was this is the guy who’s doing all
this time he’s watching wrote otb run by the barn absolutely sure she was there washroom
he she remembers that actually which is absolutely sure alfonse if you want to
be a short fun so clearly this is the picture them in a few
moments that’s a poncho he did itself onto this woman brother larry she tell you she wanted this man give
yes many times did alfonso hitting three
times i think you think and they take adams the other room and
bring them up okay man sunday and often serene com uh… that would bet they worked on the paper offers some
writers and saturdays from saturday night you see you saturday gov nancy and norm somethin like lol with it uh… tormentors fester missus make them
the other that you have to be there well i had just returned from uh… san
diego rather than a boy uh… broken down there with me on saturday you were to prevent something royal slut uh… or and they have rehabs back in here sit-down adams out when did you say you saw this man
month stripes on the you’re right or about tonight ni stitching woman tops you pick up the money that’s a lot of
woman’s pocket uh… where where you said ant farm airbus and san diego requesting
my brother-in-law where did you go are at door that they are more than a at
left san diego but the work for in the afternoon and at
bank arab out land and then produce from the night way with you belive it says make them available at
robert gave us that man on that and the thank you robert holder you that’s cool yester i’m neat eighty five the that’s great robert do you know this man run sure i want to san diego website what time did you leave mindset that well how do you know well he was supposed to be there at
twelve fifteen like so out that the clock igcar and if you go to san diego five o’clock you know that that was a clock ka if you stay in san diego overnight yes i i stated mister luntz estes house buddy up there land sisters husband cameraman and help missed a lot going on for we have party
cake attentively sunny afternoon about four thirty you got home one at nine thirty looked at the park again
and again yes fish edsall robert thank you ted is next and here’s you’ve been pretty
quiet during all this suppose you tell us about this trip you made a direct
five didn’t make any truth to the rent you know no i think that the afternoon at the
hospital with my other boy london taken up at the san diego within when i got home my brother was gone you told me that this atmosphere wanting to go to the ranch
with them beginning sunday night and go upstairs i went to israel told me this fellow items it killed a
man he said he was killed estes and wallman through the senate was there when we
come into play he didn’t pay he did mention anyone else you gilded no it
make any explanation using anything about the clumping there london san diego missus medallions you’ve listened to
this man story this adams here thomas’ story jack it’s nothing but nice it’s like to start to finish about the
bindle that with them that’s true when he said that was a nine may be
divided they resign you know what you don’t you adams you
know you’re alive we’re still picking on the court that
you know what trying to hide behind a pack of lies
about how much no i’m not looking at collab you see this bill almonds code on admiral nazi these clothes fees to
model the well on the right rear that they’re not mine ras player see this
dollar bill with a blood spot on it i took that your pocket when you were
brought in here it’s not my neck i from a fun to see the silver dollar got your palm print on it i think you know i picked up the money items were here for that no you didn’t let them in the skull
wallman schools that you were away from woman’s house or specimens applauded the rams rob
alleges i can do it citizens scrap of paper at the piece of paper you use to wipe
out that that is is yes uh… used what the product of that is
because it was standing behind brahmin but it was killed watch yes sandy west up from the time all right at him start telling the truth who picked up the money heated you
didn’t pick it up well you get a part of it that you can actually respond or adams let’s hear your story land over to the house who’s very soon afonso et in a house i went to the fact while idly sound unit cigarettes dodson between the exit doctors beyond give me a pack well-heeled about it at your money ka catalytic and it careful project called product or service
yourself development abt talking friday market alice cold-blooded bonds really haven’t best the murder of you
know what just a moment we’ll hear again from
capitol hill to continue our story about the american
consumers being an increase in the careful intelligent buyer we depart again to the fact that he
wants to know who are the authorities and most important users of a prob this time we’re talking about simpler
more broad seven player writes the laws of the
location eight major airlines one hundred and
fifty railroad great pizza chips send millions of motorists in forty five
nations of the world depend upon sin parallels to protect the billions of
dollars invested memo trick with there are a dozen important reasons why
you should use unparalleled in your border but this one is certainly sufficient most of the or would you buy contain
petroleum jelly which turns into a beyond detrimental to
fit in your most apartments unfairly finding process
completely remove petroleum pollutants into the royals don’t gamble with incomplete refined
oils vincent openings on the twenty five cents a fourteen tamper proof cam and follow the lead of those who know
the most about goswami yet we’ll brenda cracked that’s because talking foster
accelerating longer by the government will give you a new conception of
football a police car performance with real
burned the cracked kathleen at two independent real brenda dealers annul captain tool for for perfect investigative work done
by captain right at the and the importer other officers who worked on that day will be on the shuttle dot willie adams had killed ullman grandpa at that point you’d never brought to trial and
convicted of first-degree murder without recommendation at prime deftly failed to pay like you couldn’t you the muslim majority shareholder going
all colors and nausea guard against laser broadcast two hundred buying
regarding the murder in the only genuine love specter’s gays are now
investigating national indulgent living assistant director but but but but living you good night for real-time calling all car copywriter pogrom created by the
all time being no we did not hear the oldest boy oh boy
you know you know you are not getting two hundred suddenly going to murder
daniella line by a nine-day lunar they would need a whole new meaning man when one hundred and fifty of the world
leaving child specialist plays the scientific method you adopted
the following his stop in caring for the beyond to help it’s little wonder that many of you
parents all of the cream waldman cutting for your own children it is natural for us to profit by the
expedient about lives another experiences crown success until it is easy to understand why so
many thousands of new motorist above the lead of the most noted gasoline
specialists will recommend a new real brenda cracked kathleen these men the driver did your police
cars advances fire engines and other emerge into public service because
choudhry lb undercut over although the company ordered because starting
steadier acceleration longer bothered greater reserve out on
higher speed capacity their continued an exclusive use of we’ll burn the crack is
based upon fifty five million miles of experience during a single twelve-month
people profit by the valuable experience those
who drive the bones of the problems really into your directly around the
state in the model morning began getting police car performance in your own paul with real ban the practice but don’t believe that is prepared by
thinking motorist throughout the west path inasmuch as the story we’re here tonight
was taken from the confidential files will be alameda county sheriff’s office we have asked sheta and the driver about me to come up dwarf inoperable leading ladies and gentlemen new series
of programs rio grande a and its law enforcement workers
constantly played in one key the failure of crime to be a pain proposition if an individual contemplating a crime
no matter what the motive could know what every law enforcement officer knows we would have no crime problem vaultbreaker in his by an opinion of himself thinks that we can pick his wits against
the experience of a host of officers such a man likes intelligence if he was intelligent you wouldn’t think that way for a moment’s com consideration of the
situation will tell him that his crime won’t pay i hope that this broadcast like others
in our sponsors history will prove the futility of crime ticket for me you can’t get away with it the stream of aspirant night dividend of
abiding rainfall as if the fed up of the slip bends over
most of the government uses london nobody had parallel you know unattended com there with a
holiday how did it happen doorman and romance get a good look at
in called daniel villain cotton collar and emailing a that place politician that in develop back toward
the sky left by the prime graded illiteracy turned them into your many or
else voted dirty old man with over-the-top amazon and um… non-degree
well maybe this case to be a good chance of that reported record copy of your
also brigade believing pleadings replied through the rain frenchtown into the
spotted saddle countryside while on the farm house include a police car spiral
costing the storm talk at night all the fury of passport and parade
because the windshield probably more than whining please and screenings are run by the looking at
some of your problem in i’m in charge plus the cost one that will probably and
that the most often thought of a house in finding out you healing that hill other let’s go ahead u_n_ at walking in blood dot to look at
the floor old something about it dot about that catalogs with your name com picking up nine please parker product has been
taken to the hospital when did you find out about this within a few minutes ago orchestra was here leaky eastern
extraordinaire it my father not for state and sent to
the hospital article but here is an issue wheelwright nice japanese radio off little workshops quiet without that thing uh… mrs mitchell please tell us exactly what happened people very much i can tell we got home about twenty minutes ago
everything recently testified don’t talk to you and thought that maybe fathered there
can’t wait walked in there into that hopeful hook one antes used to treat
this as brief as possible john my center in the hostel initially to see
you then she can stand very much question you that line one of the snows very much about this
problem after we got home to disprove looking
movement was about as this doctor find out about che’s father staggered into
his house and chuck new building but managed to
guess pop it had been shot by a masked man here in the harley and evidently demanded waiting for him
your father not have any enemies that you know i know anything about your potluck most
of the day he has just returned might after-school local his father
didn’t know the man and couldn’t get any reason for the attack
have you been to the hospital yet more you would have gone right over there but
we knew you officers would be in little island or we want to be here when you
came and you don’t know of any enemies he might have been removal when he was the kindest ingenuous man i
ever knew occurs in a person living with her and
at someone and then uh… and they look to see if any
valuables are missing we haven’t my wife is too much upset by the way removed on julia surely but don’t
disturb anything else dr king admitted to having escorted not all about early
that they wanted to take that their
headquarters web keep these people busy parliament
paramount’s okay but the southerners characteristic of a
california rain was comparable incubus moon shouldered over grizzly
peak has to be tomorrow white flight in and prepare to survey the scene banana trees wave their monsters v like
crowd for the dead all palm brussels and toppled another
bold idol of diabolique bleeding with his flashlight motivation noble
watchdog trail of blood over the semester park that would mandible at the corner of the steps leading to
the mitchell whole mal discover the footprint he was preparing to remove the terror
from a police car pool to curve right now and has found what looks like a pretty
good footprint i got a call on this few minutes ago it is about time the chief of police got
on the job so far we found absolutely nothing in
the case except his footprints let’s have a look at it thereby that bush in a fairly large men and evidently in a hurry you must have been jargon but the distances produce from
the steps so far that footprint nobody wrote for the people’s exhibit in
this case jack and i got here at two forty clear print robert taylor to the middle of the mud and look at
what someone in that plan amber take this magnifying glass and
have a close look lamp right there was on the man’s but before he came to
this house how do you know you’ll notice there isn’t another piece
of muck around here exactly like that one on the print what’s different about
this one see those tiny readies particles in
there there are no or some other metallic
substance vishu tim allen’s sort of gleam under
the light well i don’t piss out is that the killer
picked this might have been some of the product out country shoe rack with a huge runs a
sole and when he jumped down here was jogging when the script that position in the
footprint it may sound fantastic i’m an idea that if we find where that
might came from will know a lot more about who shot down and orrin hatch
doping it out to a fine point well it’s not impossible to send some
march nomination i meant no every inch of this town
except they searched with on the spot that matches the specimen those like
that refund it will investigate every house
in person in the neighborhood that we find somebody who’s seen the man who
made that ben you know you can think of the hardest jobs and there’s no telling
what will uncover redistrict this little devil mad witness
on movement a good witness where where they go biggest print up and jane and have the
boys make them more logical all that and uh… i think it might be a good idea to
try a young mitchell she was in that too then it was for that matter book friend vernon jordan against
everybody will do it could have made in that no one was bound would be near the
house on the big all night every resident of finding out what was
questioned but no one had seen or heard anything of the ordinary next morning web among the compare notes
on the investigation i thought about this case all night i’ve got an uncanny feeling that we’ve
overlooked a bit someplace not did a little appear at the cases
that though that i refuse to believe in and absolutely
clueless cry would be in the included all there’s a clue somewhere if we can
only find eddia figure this one is clueless
there’s the footprint let’s take a moment though i’m not forgetting that
but that footprint is good only a circumstantial evidence after we get our
men how about that mud and between you and
me dug in two thousand one shot the cheap stories man will never find a
place that came from i got a feeling with overlooked
something this vital yet it’s so obvious that we haven’t noticed why don’t we go out and take over the
place again i got it o’clock remember that radio what about it when we started talking to mrs mitchell
cheery to overturn it all remember knowledge you recall it idu less right
he was a also why should the radio have been playing
at all george remembered eat they say they had just
arrived when they came in the place open but on the floor it’s not very likely that under those
circumstances they’d turn on the radio with not very course people do strange things under
the stress of abortion but i doubt very much whether they’d community as program maybe dan you know he couldn’t have
according to the story told dr st louis was shot immediately after stepping into
the house you wouldn’t stepped in on a radio after that no not very likely his
main idea was to get help election dot there look into this mister mitchell we’re checking every
angle on the shooting it just occurred to us that there was
something a little strange about that radio playing at your house last night
radio that’s right pretty wasn’t working yesterday morning
but wasn’t working we heard it played last night room remember my wife shutting it off we didn’t notice at the time but degree has been broken for about three
days are you sure of that in positive i remember when you hear news broadcast
yesterday morning in my wife reminded me that i pick up the call the repairman you’re going to send it to the shop
today yet it was playing perfectly last night you’re sure you’re white didn’t uh… have a man repair the radio
finisher matter of fact we talked about on the
way home last night since you and your wife or a poll that
was obviously impossible for you to turn it off doesn’t seem very likely that your
father in law beb that leaves only begun and that’s
fantastic or maybe but it’s the best theory we’ve got right now at by the way and mister mitchell did
you find any articles missing from the house who he has uh… several pieces of silver dawn and small jewelry we kept upstairs in
brother’s bedroom i think we’re going to take a look at
their radio let’s see if it works now written on it literacy it’s a little time to be done it when i came in a movie well that settles it here’s where i get busy with a
fingerprint n pictures of our resolve this time rented you’ll probably find piling up how can you tell which is the new and
you can when i was planning prints on the radio
going to help catch the man who shot my father in law exit job on identification
expected had undermine insurrection attack was made
about the radio cylindrical into my companion career part of the radio all of them were possible suspects but
one by one meets with the dominican meanwhile the were could you please open
his men was going on another part of town them on the debate after the shooting
called daniel dot slowly him also stayed the night of the
law tightened around the slayer hello selva i came over as soon as i got your call
what’s new guatemala i’ve got a description of your phantom gunman plot
that’s right you’re looking at the time what that’s
right to are where we went over this town practically
inspite finally we found the same kind of our
going out on the edge of town went over every square inch of that dr lord mehmet that awful about work we
don’t worry about that when it’s necessary to cut the killer went up to
define well at one point in the gallery on what
was left to burn much you know shows pieces of bread sheet of waters of newspaper and uh…
that’s what we figure wetlands musta been put up by some
housewife it was a penciled notation of some sort
of a margin of the newspaper i meant about not taking of a house in
the neighborhood trying to find out for that lunch came from author fifty six hundred homes in this
town okayed which i como we find below that much of that newspaper came from itself was picking i’ll be right up he’s found the woman who put up that
much missus golan what up rate let’s take a rundown of c apartment got
anything definite on those prints if we can get something for that woman
who identified idm or they found out about those print
from the benefits eliminated five of them six belongs to a man named greed is a cut and we’re getting properly and family an answer on david sandpoint and twenty three song brandlew served six years right got a picture of his work on them yeah right here mud picture thus ought to be able to identify that
it that time you’ll have a hard time explaining how
its fingerprints or or mitchell radio at the end our man by the way the deal is
that still looms over into the pawn shops yeah what every shop in the bay region
good that’ll help that show this tough time as a role in
and see what she said ahead roman we’re trying to get a line on the man
who shot programs one of my men reports that you recognize
this newspapers one year after lunch in a few days ago effect the paper alright remember that man come into the back
door here asking for something haven’t made a mistake and overshot i remember there are a net was arraigned
in at the time of the matter happen do you remember all of the man looked like
we know it very cgl after side rather docking added almost and she fresh art and buried deep in the end of the credit
market between e dot g uh… is this picture anything like the
man hypochlorite are you sure that clamp
ousted never forget just how that may not is right here state out a little just if
it does right there in the picture nor would we want to be certain about this
flag down stirs at the picture them and i a balanced life remember which way you end up to get
them into an the anti downtime battle creek area at delhi down in the next
month thank you mrs berlin for we may have to call you again if we
get this man need a personal identification well that’s all right
i’ll be glad to identify nick and i think again rogue rover looks like we’re getting
hotter there look that way but i still don’t get the motive for the crime well i have many got about redoing the
jabo view home if there are a lot of things on
explain that radio right we’ve got me to i can figure that one
out cordova check up on this regard little
corner three-month bovine officer continued to be on the lookout
for the play or carl daniel and one rainy afternoon the doctor
rebound for the day for the time of the murder upon the updated about prolong probable beating options what do stuffed with ten times in amman five
dollars is all i could get your no more than my own mother you’ve been harmony you sharecroppers frantic all
right here all right away dot yeah warner all that or were you during the excitement
another call european fences jewelry the government
we strongly suspect of killing kar lenge you also tried to put a few slugged
intimate about every uh… which you jerry q uh… anna it the reported tell us about or use anything you say i guess who you know
that issue you demand that israel to give the handout to yes yet was broke by placing let’s get a break in and see what i
could find that she was home sweet justice department up ought to do
that with anecdote in that which he can’t
breathing and he would never think a week’s worth of the into places yeah folks at home you can do to get seventy how did you happen to get into the
mitchell place that was wicket in action didn’t pick up a notch special reading
just started working at the time who’s going to work my way along the
black how did you get in used to skeleton key on the side door
that you tried on that radio sure joe you always do that significant reported at don’t expect the
metal radio daughter uh… like that it depicts reducing where islander how come we didn’t find any fingerprints
except on the radio hit we switch gloves when i worked keeps my page please had to take them off radio that was a mistake i know that now how did you happen to shoot them well-lit it was just disappointed
dresser drawers and out well one basket coming up until eleven have but black all besieged site two weeks what did you do after you got away went over to crystalline admiral if the jury might bill clinton cheated get ready to attack took away from but
that’s not the solid capture hill rated girlfriend out went down to
mexico city samplers it many times that we’ll ask them for your
being with pablo what do you think you out to be telling
the liking the we don’t like him up at this and i found that he’ll you are going to do it i say safe and at him and then you up to jail
indeed i know it to me for boyfriend eighty subframe equal about
lou he was life law then walked out to parking acts exclusion at to back what do you think that title orgsubject all right i remember eckstein i want to let you look so easy arraignment way so that jewelry who said the city
gave you will be collected it to me right or do when you went to some
countries will not become back without money something that could get money with me i’m not lying will be taking apple ipod that why comeback came back public usually a leg to bring the money vehicle alignment preoperative why not flags from you dramatically crystals or anything autographed calicut we talked a lot hancock shop contact without haha invite cake ac act commuters who was welcome would leave most recently worked ship
radio and we got some pretty good friends over that radio in the future
vision and take your but the but your leptin that footprint in front of the
metro curriculum note mileage was right you always told me to white tomato might speaking of crime some motor fuels are guilty of trees and
on the highway in that they contribute to the
delinquency of your motor that kind of crime does not paid its advertising world is filled with
extravagant claims and blowing probs but you cunt who all the people all the
time as a matter of fact account cool the
truly motorized any of the time the official thirty leading citizens
counties throughout california and know what they’re doing when after putting
all motor fuels through their pieces they issue orders that only rio grande a
cracked up an angel be used to follow their emergency equipment they were looking for gasoline that
would deliver maximum performance at a minimum expenditure of the taxpayers
money and they found it in rio grande ikr we do not ask if you take out word for
it we do believe that the experience of
these officials is an eloquent unsolicited an unpaid for testimonials such a convince every prudent motorists to find out for himself do this very thing tomorrow morning drop in with the newest we are going to
stick fill up with real blunder cracked
gasoline you will discover the meaning of real
police car perform and read in view of his confession received
a life sentence in san quentin where he’s now incarcerated offender the case that was a mixture of
modern criminal article science an old-time tried and true policemen buses added to the records and other
crime that did not alameda county share so much going on
buzzards o_j_ regarding cancellation about getting abused and neglected and
needs but in this case and i’m going to be absolving man now this is your director at the kremlin
continue but not oreo banding and do id more and more power republican program
reward were reward one moran overwhelmed sub-prime the your probably that morning for complete gordon development people
were buried if you remember that included you with
the breakdown the employees with dr you’ve got the lima dot p we have on the part happening at the
mall formerly of when the final vital to the federal poverty predictable and
telephone democratic competitive market in the
entire world in the bullet wound in the evening or in the kingdom that they’ve done real democrat inuit thicker one point
started w velvet moving telerate and greater the
longer manage and the men abundant supply of nuclear
power who tocqueville almost exactly a bet qualified then the
government to be found anywhere the men who died at the mo at the pilot
of your party car under the gun island and another emergency equipment yet the official thirty leading cities
and counties throughout california at the time you know when the cracked the dampening the beautiful to be
imparted all the related to the public curtain call many thousands of mourners have profited
by the experience of the smoked salmon and republican until now you at the time opelika performance japanese
waiting for you with the new that aren’t quite speaking of your family we are
going to be there guide them tomorrow morning and call
reported by determining rio grande a cracked all that police copper famine happening they mean nothing pack all right present at the present in but uh…
anthony problem good evening friend that never take the holiday and crime
never thesis the plumber lining up there with a plea irrespective of motive murder is still
being considered a crime and the paper daily tracking down men and women
without the could kill and getting away with it acadian requirements of cleverly
disguised but apparently the criminal both get away with his prime with were
later also cool i will unravel the finger food that leads eventually to
the captain punishment of the offender lead story the stranger them fictional case obviously we cannot do the name of the major
motion picture studio in which it occurred for the named the start of our
directors but that in no way beat that that the nation of it and feed and its solution the nunn-lugar natalie lou but there were
the one of the time with little more than
ever or foghorn appalled no i with that home bernie republic but you know that about that that badly banged up my pocket right again another wedding old all all all probable
chrome balls bahrain all one will hopefully a little proactive lab
notebook shot at that that then theater productivity friday go back to the heart of hearts
are very well you’ll yet you’ll mature women something although dot dot
dot com out battlefield well what itself invented netbios there brill the the left i’m bob garfield right now and i want one road three lol layer earth another one that notre dame itself at one not appellate leading problem that aftermath fallout i
think that the president for it archipelago oquawka actor event rightful or while will vote for it all hat hotel huh or poplar outright side co-op aa or to with want with that about well what but might come out compact that grandpa iraq with all our
top about loving phil gramm like reacquainted with one proposal apart the
pad that have that we’re with them separate effect of problem well them and have but they’re going to
happen up apartment low-profile gotta be rocket i don’t know about my family
family this is the writer who wrote the poem you know way and that the that may be
looking what that what weren’t buddy i mean why not pregnant who
developed the parthenon nuance i don’t think you’re out that the lady i
dot com tanggal number that i know that i think there’s
nothing other if you’ve got please delete anything cute product a
per capita thicket democratic photo making bad about the back of product and a by
product line hilda asap telecom why won’t the highlander now wait a minute
wait a minute for rate no company it whatever the locale at the top of female implement lou you know i don’t think it anything you’ve got to
thinking you can’t say that media alright rightful hated it uh… overnight if you can’t write back i vote for the
light happen product that you had to get it done with a couple of quiet dole will
probably they’ve met that the other that maybe we can get their valuable new york and i think part of my panic i haven’t had anybody to do it what about that lower-grade it my way uh… give up notebook vacate with they are not get
that all the time now up to the radical whatever that opened a
new picture okay bob if i go to a lot more about that uh…
you without your not proudly with and nothing in little rock that about war ample room for them you that i can’t take anything you can add up the in role right there where is it that in battle but dot app there ricardo alarcon parenthood that baloney not with maple yelsin well-known removing if current one bogged down with me whiteman week one will continue dramatically winning wouldn’t let mcmartin it current form lauren hutton mile or were good loan roland rather um… event planning with more apec economies that meet green wouldn’t know blog required to do refused to pay anything within
mind-blowing balu and the are they doing rerouting wouldn’t bring economy could
be fall in love with numeral k will probably let no hot debate if time for you to fall in love britain time on golden goldman with me mad movement in the grueling rather uh… isn’t value will continue behind them that meet green bloomington apartment i thank you living with me he pruned uh… well at it they got it well that while i think that the kind of
tough but that victoria make then you look at that they were prob appear that
i’ve gotta get back to the vent that content does now what really happened account therefore andy what play more under my feet the mana the the or on that much level that it that
for that that walked under a lamp slap it on its
way to the or click that walk in the garden with it anymore and baby and i think annotated in the little unusual development the
ball work but i thought without proper atma reported problem murder within that or that something though
order didn’t they didn’t which ho hot that all uh… connor lol lol where uh… net aditya not well welcome unido rotted work note
that the uh… want that on in what would you like that them all or or or wall where were you seen here is not enough time for me
lately why not melodically to fill in the world the advocate met that family lived in one or fueled by over fifty for your
trip like nama they won’t bite he lollipop we’ve been waiting for relieving the night we’re going up was about it on the guidebook women gathered at
the without due to the for the people in should be fun about all the stuff i care
about the cotton with a condom duty will be a without the packet the part of a that cop labeled made it clear
that the bible hotmail that ball that it but well i have on the other plan landlocked apparently them on but none of that they’ve met through a grant the perfect
new york pretty well below the similarity in rhythm between the
flicking over railway cartwheels the park buffalo buns all over the last name back in the opposite that that will
continue app amigo if you’ve got a devil from the email and
let them in ten different when the police department lawyers they would like to ask you a few
questions about the alleged unjust anything i can put up a let it go senators about at that moment well i a m i think the check to see if you say yes uh… happening i talked with the girl
that there are certainly thought about the political level uh… that was after he had a spot and
look for adults and it was just so excited and everything
you know hoopla health net electric in the studio though well at this time and
for except five level but they’re anecdote that they didn’t think the i
think they where with the u_n_ uh… yeah apocalyptic talk with paul simon within
this to be a problem with the pace that everybody out there that left four women data which and i’m just outside
the really worked on art video and or without the there but that would ever happen here’s critics and a question in mind that that
is part of what that pushed meaning which doesn’t make sense to them at the figure
that would become losing by vibration in the studio that’s built to eliminate
vibration that make sense to though somebody had a reason for
eliminating family fabian assuming that why and who attached daisy at this and they said the killings was
stolen what happened you know hunting that’s not clear kathleen turner almost laughable vast or that they
deserve that oc then what and natural thank you update coupled things at the likud candor uh… where they go from here or enough of
that with for a set of max fingerprint compare with those we plan on the lamp i hectic skit from together you hampton-el please clicking clicking had anybody in the hague click yeah outside in a minute the monica and ho unlike hand headache i can i get out of my mind had federal accounts okcupid horrified had had a lot it i as a family counseling out seed company grow hadn’t gotten to know
what it is japanese nothing’s wrong i_b_p_ i’m trying to work how can i work
but you’re giving me take a look so all the time why should i think that you
peking duck cannot which have been but talk to people about me to think i’m
crazy i think i’m crazy but i don’t i don’t want to be a come on out the
application platform we can talk it over talk a lot of about seven talk or not before we left new york you have not
gone through all of you and what happened in there him on of course i remember when we
bought it hit me with happiness to people could be and you can become room weaving undertaking three days you’ve
accomplished nothing you’re criticizing you know we are not created thank you david did not beat him what you’ve been waiting for some of
them you’ve got to have far-flung couldn’t
get opportunity window don’t you think that i don’t make good
on applicable make enough money to buy you leave simply are not married yet you can’t
come in here indicate to me i’d like to have fallen they’ll be ready i_q_ talk
like it’s going to affect the dodd bomb off patrick demagoguing yet the cup
grated on bomb celtic man i read it gop defeat the had local look what you might like to get
some of these i’m awfully busy sure go ahead will expedite the production with
thousands of dollars ability at the end of the indict house albeit lately at the moment breakdown
unification pertaining or alone while at work uh… he hospital now anybody you know of a mile of not
wanting to get that downloads center making an alabama out of this case rabin’s hoping now that we cannot and
all of you got picked up your fingerprint kentucky on sammy’s pagan it for a connection his big band of matt maybe just a
coincidence fuckin and for me oxley he’ll calling maybe a bonnie buying out there as usual without them as usual going to my office when i listen to the
company give me one here i don’t mind they are so it was not well in a much song we
found in her office yet and that’s the name of the song she scribbled on that
scratch pad economic aid on the hollywood go travel
office and check up on a telegram living in that week aberrant i like you know but coming like a plan that panic dot records show that a woman entering this
nelson then general description the senate telegram debate metzner about a
week ago here’s a copy of it arguably comparable landslide whether
did you make it gave me he’d be uncanny e no picnic anywhere we
came out you can get it something like three thousand people
equal destin europe can still meet up with me don’t even i’m going to go wait a minute and the tennis tennis this is probably
better than usual that i could help you learn more about that occurred on the headquarters advocating what about the fact that case women on the phone atomic emit act up and they got the mustang and a couple of other come up with on
the top of the part of the new york police at them called me back as is a description that telegram l six five dash one seven i_c_i_ vp uh… and hollywood california twelve fifteen pm audited by corporate that message right
away where and telegram at the back well receipe that woman before nice picture id and see if the woman who spent their
lives updated it so that golden after that that that wasn’t faking okay put him on economy active down the
or call it atlanta number c_-one nine four seven six three eight okay deliberate breakdowns july and august i got him and i’m glad i think that that this
feeling that ms manuscript billy says though that okay right its infamous nelson’s you’ll be in the
moment uh… coming of content in a lieutenant anderson and missed a
deadline acting around they would like to ask you a few questions i told him he
wouldn’t mind what kind of question because the police usually ask myself
and for me the amanda i am club the top analyst and the late mr fabian didn’t
think much of your music i didn’t think much of the lake haiti understand dot what do you mean by that outsole gather that you didn’t care for
one day of metzner architect comparing you it doesn’t directly shakespearian copyrighted works is
handled by the federal not we’ll get back toward the com without a doubt of amount that your
police strobel however that play in the city now that the bet that he stole a song
consent of the mcnulty kara probably found burn copies of both song how did
you go to my apartment we can also prove that you sent a telegram dimension in an
attempt to roll in naked anyone’s life i think i think he was back with me and
that like you can’t have an apple act across
alco post uh… it without ever telling them and still to be settled you’ve got
your net making tech activation began ny you can’t prove update list out to the
police don’t go about making statement but can’t prove uh… we’d like to have your side of the
story we must remind you about it being used against you they actually had a lot of police car pixel kitties wash in a moment top man none at all you won’t need it though
roughly uh… going need modify your publicly thank was interested examines the data to keep your eye on events and the no
other daughter that place you are runaway hello attn italy dot studio kid lieutenant early status now the police
department following every possible who succeeded today interesting for a nelson
for the better wait a minute hello ed collapsed all right here then natalie faced with the rest of a murder family fabian studio events director and
possible charges of stealing copyrighted songs for adults and committed suicide
this afternoon by shooting yourself in the washroom ought not to make a headband on beacon non hyatt is afraid that
applies to very few football teams and to only one that meet re-opened the
cut it has the unbeatable purple but
combination of greater speed power an economy and know what the plan has been able to
cut the quicker charging got away under smoother acceleration of rio
grande the cracked up to me when that’s fine i want to move on the
assignment of power in the emergency cause of thirty leading california
cities and counties it was pitted against the toughest sort of opposition last year to give a perfect performance
in fifty five million miles of law enforcement bright no wonder then the files of the motors cheer the winning performance of the
government goes to every season with an unbeaten in private if you have an experienced frills such
performance joined a growing army of lawyer he was a
real round the clock governing not later than tomorrow morning got into the game itself we limit the nearest red and white
station of your rear brenda dealer take on a tank full of real brenda
cracked kathleen and it will win police car performance
or your car naal inspector collins obviously the names in tonight’s story havoc section of the officers
involved and petitions at the mall saying that sleeping dogs live i think that applies as well two crimes
of the sort as i mean i think that’s the session windup apply now since prime did not pay like
you buttercup we’ll definitely going on in our
national guard and they did not get into a meeting with our team in this begs
misdeeds committed suicide in the middle resting on the national building the narrator patrick glynn that you’ve
got nine oreo brandy but it


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