Calling All Cars: Hit and Run Driver / Trial by Talkie / Double Cross

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date of the los angeles police department good evening friends we have a nd the type of story usually
heard on calling all cars to bring you something close to the
hearts of everyone the appalling deadliest letters already
climbing to new highs in the early months of the new year makes it a parent to every one of those
that something has to be done to curb the useless loss of life caused by a automobiles on our streets
and highways we are the police department have done
everything in our power to bring to the minds of the motorist the seriousness of this problem and now through the medium of the radio
we are appealing to you as individuals to stop and think before you drive who stop and think of what it would mean
do you or something to happen to one of your loved ones realized at the time to do something
about it is now before it is too late and not tomorrow
but it may be naturally or traffic fatalities are not
caused by a hit-and-run drivers that we have chosen this type of story
tonight because we feel it may bring a little closer to home the fact that the police department is
active every second of the day and night units in beverages stop this masculine and because we feel that you listeners they gave us some small idea of the
seriousness of the situation remember before you drive anticipate an emergency before it
happens and the chances are that when it comes
you’ll be able to avoid it the warm view my evening the you’re already one wayne evening robert venal forty-three
defied the consultant and of the neighborhood theatre frighten befitting
the occasion of it held all that we’ve done with it what would you please through upon them bumping along the line go ahead like lindbergh crowd remarked offering a footprint meant that would be there i didn’t think i’d been doing movement
to give me dream maybe we can do it again difficult uh… group everywhere i go to dahmer working perfectly missed it polo brutal trying to build unplugged
than good that the really offer you my own rooming aka and and his wonderful them down were we’re going to interview with the
regrettable little group of my own report done on
the other but at the done will redo walk will be a growth and that donahue hold on tight to my home improvement why don’t you feel on brown wanna com landed in lafayette hookup in fabrication falling apart and they can be planning extended by the corner happy making them feel absolutely uni on maybe a little different wanted it to you know when problem like we do need one on wanted to confirm lines sleepy blue knowing you often who have been found within a couple free tickets going like radio when make you feel the need to know you know only laterally referred i was only picking up you’ve been talking about them with time and i thought maybe you’d be thinking
about me hugger light mean you know that cannon like it but i can’t help but you know if
you think in our hockey via like a couple the packet but but but but the god that all wanted like it to you meander reporter with the electrical
instrumentation lead to a woman with conduct or else you ok people could and thank you placing the whole thing you know and
then here how is that when you when you haven’t seen the hong kong on problem to keep people off the street without any witness not quite argued hot
now but you’ve got a architect congress and
it would be on the corner and actually this couple’s that happened the other
side was coming over here so you can and all of a sudden this big red truck
comes and out of the darkness and some action just like that use all the time
usually seen like i said it was rather than it had a sign painted
on the side you didn’t have enough but this time said that if you’re a dead
plan is that was right in front of me makers five dixie just like that because
that’s going to help now what happened at the bottom that’s double next setup pulled up at
our next call in it and we web edition a couple other people is not happening we started carman it brought back and problem you couldn’t
get my customer buying never said that was the one thing i couldn’t do
western-style repose in qualified i thought about it won the right pat site
whether they can over there is enough to find out more just let vote they had a woman is can tell about the man he was
at about eighty feet he was ten p beyond that and be in very good shape after
that why wouldn’t the ato where all this policy uh… the fact that hedimo threat
had assigned baker’s pies on the side rated i have unaware that outfitted enjoy that instead there were three of
us are saw the same thank goodness and leave a little bit feeling located but
the logical but that will lead or they were unable
to afford it would will act on hepatic speeding across town part topon no time to get into bakers bakery upon federal poem called all the p_l_o_
baker over the place people brings into the office you know within give them all possible to is really
going to have a president you have twenty five trucks like i’ve at
me while we wait time thing than the one we want maybe on a glove found i was one
of the month of lawrence each driver owns his own car novels and make and also some of the side of the middle
of the low field on some com there’ll be plenty of them don’t but you
know and well here’s a list of cause and others over this together in the middle of the
couldn’t live you gentlemen uh… regarded the tiger with all the negative but it was about
to begin right let’s see as one could have done a good
fit them all is another reason that the senate web used in long beach meat and they all about the freemen over
the list known driver eliminate on top of the other double the third down to what and there
is no twenty five they’ve completed they make a minute inspection of the mcgraw find no evidence on the link them with
legal action their mission of the five day trip in it person call upon begin the tedious
double-checking the name on it questioning prospect but the best beat abruptly on virgil
street review of the driver cardholder variable in the about the approach the house sounds of
music in the catapulted to be on the way uh… on the battlefield among no i
don’t know about that people up on eating ted you want to know alluring not that important and too the the eleven the that all of the and input here everywhere but here are the product out i will talk about it pickpocket mary courtney about out they will have array of your red ford truck you know
about it if you’d rather tonight rioters to work at arrive you look at our hawaiian because
somebody driving a red or truck to alternate the one credited availing you get a man through this time he probably that i’ve been
here all evening i still want to look at your truck okay come on around the garage crystallites yeah right all right uh… the sign on the side one that looks at the front and the more
difficult days you’ve been here all evening pavlovian radiative cool than expected like that but you are correct and how about your friend walter would
be great for the struck up a check of painful the statement image is the place
we had to do some work in a well i guess we have to take it or not there they come back here that is if we met
him out there let me get in touch with right away with
it well it’s important norton time later hurston called harmful
to the top ten public sector company in poverty in spite of the length of the aisle
alight unified indicate the someone’s build-up they find the waiter on duty i whitewater yards years back in the
kitchen wasn’t dishes wasn’t gonna mobarak we’ll go back and say i have george wallace yeah that’s right so what all i have to be enabled waldo that’ll
you got an accident your i’m getting sick a displaced but trouble all night
long might be quite a lot i mean i got to do the study what lot of other things
when you start popping questioned buddy take it easy way out i didn’t have anything to do it is a
short walk out on you you know what you think you’ve got a report out jacob i come in and i said i think and i
loved it last up on the kind of his memorabilia
meredith that i love to have died in the group names policy making a difference might if they want to your truck ran down and
killed a woman and i’m in trouble huh actually if you were arriving at your
plans for most of the at i’d love it i didn’t talk about eight thirty back to
the bullets and deborah populace had yet more promising localism why of course not mood just
fine seemed sense at all they wanted all of
that i don’t know i’ll tell you what kit or not you find this poor pilot but
i think if you don’t have all that sellable not right away understand it i said all right he comes back at the air washing dishes or in part is not a private quarters
ordered run down every lead the curtain call
upon topic over to the police taken and fell apart in think gary through cal
be on the lookout for the prop well it was beautiful and lightly but but but more according to the dr bennett look around
between with their with of the level of the rated i think that the we can not get mad uh… day what i think it is that uh…
windshield in your qooza we look ahead well you’re right repressive from a baltimore suburb of
that but i think that paste made we’re not going to be able to identify the
trucks we get back matter of fact maybe one of the part or
the god we looked at with the one one of the past that wouldn’t you and back with a slightly different
complexion of brings if they would take them back to the
ticket uh painting water and or might be back u_n_ regulatory rebutting it over
tonight like that’s what they have them all one of the approach to the committee of
the better company call upon public rappers farm wants to an object on the st louis that
look at at at at that but at at at annotated red reasonably
about fight problem i didn’t look at uh… may be elected heads take a look at that point and or
crippled up applied it’s not going to be in a lot of
automotive the law but not logged on and will find it
alltel epixtech recap a at all l she worked probably going back to walk or are you done with a situation cokie looking at your friend paul
comeback at and asks i have a year the founder pat water plant couple brought to react than in iraq border that’s the reason
that kind of a comeback probably afraid to tell me busted my
truck up out of all of you would expect that the believe all that a lot all that stuff about police taken
your truck whether a back door of the product of
the above dot that whitewater hollowed out by a
continent but that’s not the way our yet if they didn’t have anything to do it color campout thing i’ve been telling you the truth paul because we’d like to hear you know
where exactly yet complicated i’m not gonna get mixed up and so i didn’t have
to do it all but there is somebody who can take the rap without me i think that uh… independent of the
road it or not but that products please cabrillo regrouping like this i’m
running up and up on our site will break up the night one of the latitude
question i know but that happened my mi vida it doesn’t have anything to do with it i’ve been here all evening less time talking about that the crux of
the boy it was a bit maybe you get run over on some of the
way i i don’t know any about that but that’s no reason why i should get called
upon to a commodity show you a list please hidden or met well the good old rami only one-third of
breaking away reflector i will not a lot more dramatic windows governable older bandwidth between them in the
pumped into the car hurt and problem bribes rolling in the book comprise easing up episcopal collected at the white house
complex plot okay at the bottom of the strike but water if it’s not liberal prime witness right all right military before were not that’s the correct walk i’ll tell you or walk along with each other that we
get a lot of people that okay ko wait a minute won a ball idea well private client we want to talk to
your problematic problematic budget remotely property problem about that you’ll get it back to water and even
company okay sort this is all about i’d call that one
on the door typically statement i think that uh… okay one the part of it that way at that overplayed it oh no i don’t know dover de tocqueville sunday at what they
are open and where they got one of the great and what are you lol yeah yeah yeah car california probably going to be quicker
than who were not little swallowed a little winningham
sunburn what all about dot i’m fine boss talking out into the whole thing
that i have no bearing on the case but the defective thickly covered by the
publicity going all the way and longer completely ignoring their captain
problem the what regal but uh… that although i have a great
private car redeker don overdone but in a junk yard and attitude
dublin ireland that the way done that aguilar another thing i get them out at
a cap on that i can get a prior what they want the
government probably back an out of the company president for
twenty five away awful wig out front if your wallet widening it i can’t afford it plenty of water you’ll come with a plan phenomenal that yes sir apan in on the lawn mobile home tonight and not no not
really a bit you know woman you one on one of for vital
impliedly you brought it up i’m definitely we had to put up with a gun i
don’t know what you’re talking about and wait a minute made it up and etc dot dot i couldn’t do it bought one o’clock tonight injured no
ended at ten o’clock did type i don’t remember not enough order together not idm cannot in oakland where most of the old
friend rectangle brought in for receiving
stolen goods the limit golan shamanism platform the state of the timing of the world
wanted nevertheless we have a printout of why
without an export economic but followed a truck they have been reported a minute i
couldn’t talk i think i don’t get me or that putting a stop in the middle i
didn’t do it catholic away for the report puedo wanna talk and i’m going to talk about out of the thought about a ball now all brian thanks a lot feel that they know i don’t know you know what the answer is only a
sprint with it one count on the truck and the ones on
the quality are identical label rembert an accident how did it happen time alone hide-and-seek summoning when economic i stopped and come back and waited along lol so we have a list of things i would like a dog with their own
deliberate got there i didn’t see him that the woman most of the month are closed go do it to people annuity from amber i thought i’d missed a lot like that catalog with reported mister at the same you didn’t like it only on
wednesday because there are quite what to do before you leave a lot i believe it hi sample let me know i’m sorry for the
games up report before and you’ve got to get up
and down the street we can call it what up although that’s
what it amount to what we can pull it meant thought on that one all that you’re all going to go where
people public-private alone the penitentiary after a short while on the morning
mobile number twenty nine nineteen thirty-five it one color all time and like grade and report prepared opened for the word bring many years on time ping-pong everybody’s got to conserve
manslaughter both of them from getting a good around approval cold-hearted con at all but i was i sended you decide the
time up from one to ten years only to the manslaughter counts and from one to
five on hit-and-run job onto these uh… concurrently in bolton penitentiary or in the aids duct work was done all
plant that’s probably a revocable back but the cannot ignore the law of
unintended not reported in the end remembered that in the original document
created by manikandan the actions of an individual all the intakes of an accident blend of two hundred cuban apartheid the to korean with my own word who have lived with us the tragedy of
reckless driving we’ll run the deplored this modern
vision and dramatizes in the hope that all the more than drivers may be induced exercise and consideration their driving
old the story also emphasizes another side the woodlands or and incompletes in this efficiently real bambi prob
depends upon throughout this territory more emergency
equipment is publicly opened a cracked up coming than any other brands in open marysville fresno santa barbara both
anglers propaganda monterey park san diego orange county medical county arizona and coconino
county overblown police caught fire engines and into the
mouth of emergency equipment have been powered with rio grande depart
government bond up tomorrow lance a call to discuss many of them are lubricated through with
the nuclear motorola befitting companion to be around the
clock gasoline in providing police copper paul when you go to your nearest
independently of going to be that the securities products for your car us info three copy of colin will cut you there and how you can earn up file allen real bramble park kathleen by helping police cuts criminal we copy wasn’t please cardinal cardinal card
cancellation broadcast one hundred seventy three people you get an accurate but myspace
knowing testing group well the the clinton reignited or real bad calling mokar copyrighted program
created by rio grande e absurdly on all colors and all but don’t
get one hundred more got to get an explosion empire at seven
fifty three ballroom them in metal freelander overall point cost the the hiding of firing that did not get mildly year they drive
that did not get mildly it would be open mic but definitely made dark blob ruble long economical mining coming up
if you do robbery at nine thirty four marlon avenue nine three more modern
liberal environs remained a breakthrough in the debate development your line
company real grandiose part of the problems of
the distinguished service rendered only by park happening and power and more
police caught fire engines and into the northern regions the equipment wherever
it is sold than any other brands no other test forgot the mean compares
with this nearly fifty million miler it is the most conclusive convincing
proof of quality ever presented to western milk the exclusive spending plan every
finding profits is responsible for the difference between rio grande the
cracked deafening an ordinary brian fought in the west only real branded can
use this process why you’d old-fashioned sluggish yet for me profit on the exhaustive tests of
government engineer feel real branded deductible specify the rio grande a cracked
kathleen for your own car and get police pop up all night tonight we have in the studio detective
lieutenant r_a_f_ lynn head of the detective division of the
culver city police development that story later tonight one that we have a culver city police
department are proud of the case fire from the very beginning the odds
were against every move we made was blocked by the
one thing or another until that time seemed almost impossible
alliance with their promptly thanks to the more than willing
cooperation of a lot of fun with sheriff’s office we were able that the money just that’s appointment to solve our case in place to crumble
and custard it is interesting to note at the main rios in identifying one of
the promo the only time on the record such at them cedure have been filed and clothing i would like to express my thanks we
have to the culver city police department jack eugene best food and cap the number of head of the law thing with scottie
verified and appreciation for the valuable assistance they gave in
this case number nine nineteen twenty eight shortly before ten p m the seidman
occasional autobahn mulholland break we still have the right elicited at one of the people want out
of a farming community inside a larger than a deserted bar
overland avenue dot outside the proper a figure of a man can be seen moving
about in the him like cuts from one green shaded electric light bulb all about him huge hanger after he reached out and give for the
strained order holding for an instant before one of the
union the man reached into his pocket expect that cigarettes reaches again return to the mat bubble
of is banned looking about admitted like amanda by time the cigarette let another pic just just denver’s
bouldering mat saving across the room to land in the maze of binding copper pipe
spread lives ordering beeping role a dying out then suddenly or come to light began
with renewed vigor seems to gain strength ignite the thin people of liquid run
from a leak in one of the grotesque looking tank liberal enough in real fleeing the apart
the probable really devote the fuel before it have
directly above the base of the tank and at that meeting with hoping things
will clean up before the boot the man turned the zip makes one desperate lunch ever hand outstretched to pull the plug
on it but it’d be a crepe i’d watch the flame
with the destination lingered a brief but second fen-phen eased president for miles around during the
trial of the devoted much from their homes fighting the fight in equipment between
under the big here above all the remains of the old barn and in the players taken colombo
informed hike held the knife her himani such development covered by probably on the public at
police apart hello dalam problem at fort bragg company-wide premium pickup truck cap criminal code beginning to think about
it have anybody being eleven at that point among michael right whatever that when it looked like a man
like son corporate planning kind of alcoholism electrolytic pickling together historically applicable
applicable don’t get that the other anomalies of ocean away a lot of
alcoholic obviously pulp politically correct expect selling some of the atlantic
instead eavesdrop on the street dragon the
sacred issues last week outfit industrial yet people here please there is no kate now we can carry on the
outside we’ll see what we got yes please never get identification of this
statement that had demand here easy that today but capital baseball cap bubbling under the weight of the burned
my hand and a companion manage reaps the open-air at the end pyrotechnic barney
would not be in the black with campbell the burning wood want there looked like like review of
the body people badly burned in the third defendant finger who worked with
them exposure we were wasting our time in
there you’re going to plan and this woman was
when there’s nothing left and frankly i don’t know bullet pleasure when that moment no chance of anybody recognize a myspace
uncertain no clothing left page med flies down a little closer we
did and i’ve got it looks like it had too much here on the
back of that you see it wouldn’t work manila need died ninety rather than having a romantic calling
what’s going on in a hollow steel and still blew up menezes out of this bird yeah and economically and in time to get the
excitement providers that’s a good and i’ve been trying to get in and is known
in the field where they live in and out of the spent too much manila the nineteen nineteen dublin next sailor soldier what’s the reason for wanting an
identification for that mainly the fact that i’d like to get eleven twenty women
still went on the planet for a month now that
i have the only person who might be able to tell me anything and went to a crisp my book all of argument for him into the
morgue much we can do on your list bars
overhead wilson doesn’t get in the control team
is not good enough left over to bother looking group so uh… come on at home for the wagon didn’t pedal is
nice well several hours keep welcome directed
to park in an attempt to extinguish the alcohol doubling i’m finally have a
verse rays of the mornings on another newbie elapsed clean give waves open
bottle and fired was born up more supplement and happened seafood buffet head of the most likely to be more over
the burned body make another vain attempt to find from
that of identification this bottom is cracked looks as though
they’ve been more territory mention and what does it say that i couldn’t and
disapproval that no one bit of tattooing on his own
which is practically no good led to another nickel how about the difference went over to
get anything there most lenders understand something that the print with that’s kind of a blues repeatedly
demanded almost growing up your disbelieve moving
the something if you can help us and that a lot of nuclear britain and in
the kitchen equipment in there let me know determining these things work stopped all the best
and that’s just a moment ago internet phone options in response to interpol happen during the at the end of the gate
bureau drive to pull the city holed up in vermont want inside he meets
lynn completo uh… not much to go along with this not
much when is the thing no chance of a print pants would we
figured lives wants milton though that we control and something i’ve never done
before plants that attempt to restore the theme of the finger normal buzz
soaking them in alcohol and probably it might work good concluded that the leon
and know that it still possible that will be experimental completely out
for me as a lead strat sportswear head that doesn’t a little according to a with all arrangements
made lindbergh return laboratory to make preparations for the experiment welcome
telecommute by police just rambled drive to the print shack begins an
investigation uh… lid yeah battle and that day above the fold all hang out living
quarters or some other dot brand at the beginning but don’t know where and looks protect her something they live in
the didn’t learn now exploding you’ll get an error that the
different dead people i don’t know jams mentioned previously accurate mohammed without the telemetry data hello process unbending that’s more than one vincent an agreement wasn’t papers nancy seasonal speedtest we wait a minute it’s not so old made out on december eighth they deploy today yeah effect may have the name on it harry moved over carrying a holler we all remember that name dr judge say what do you think that we had a
problem leading a couple of times right made you know i’ve been trying to
connect him with a big time still for a long time that looks like we were right messing with their view nearby loaded with him yet here the author’s name again sorry i’ve got an idea that there’s a
little bit of a government a lot of defense in this case judge protect but look like much but the doctor who
concludes with a part of the puppet elliptical one of the freeman the knowledge celebrate but the
publicity on clinton then the two officers level down to
await the arrival of nuremberg and the start of identification existed attend
the next morning happens to be was my favorite fingerprint expert started to
the morgue and going about this nine-member caliber
has been recovered those that person from and that at the capitol building
then that if we can go wrong what we have the time to get it spoke of the local readers but sure tore
through a period of three of normal at least the multiple them if everything goes well we
photographed the result and get a few fingerprint court dot love that we won’t get
anything the that point in time that i wanted to work numbered strong aunt and so glad to let them out of his that
right come on let’s get started called throughout the morning killed
surgeon reverend on intimately and sixteen of
alcohol purple the nervous talking tough when on the up
and pretty written document work about the branch davidian companies all
elements along suppressed are released ovr how would be long days a week
lindsaytruesdell pick up a former of evidence bottom the colin or mimicking other
pernicious paper container evident style of bottom unit line one the my person system used repeatedly right the rich history uh… statement creates temporary out political on the right track always got to do with the pine orton pin
at all he won’t have a leg to stand finding bootlegger area powered up to date the men cut down on his own
on find that they meant our development team sometime open edwardian britain buddy one denied
any knowledge of all available above the morning of the third bateman
errol began to realize it being the mob dot what they might be albuquerque for holiday five continually
nuremberg peta and laboratory of molecular clinton-proof tell what actively of the five begin second step that’ll altering the welfare of the pope
thing to do the fear of robust enough envoy resume
disappearance of cuban film rather than full in villages or anomaly thank you for me it’s a pretty
uncomfortable and fender with the unlike the usual mouth of the fingerprint and
that is rolling the finger lincoln and getting an impression from pressure on
the pad we’ve got the autographing line naturally the way they are the will
conquer everything looks like or like the thought other preparations that into the crevices and we or the that that protecting gelertner very something hopeful what not photograph that’s right that length thirty reconstructed fix-up
close-up picture of the small uptick now i’m going to step that looked like
and that form the end of the and that is our here with the later mean you’re going to have decided to
applied that big a fix-it that’s right flow book if that works or they define the kingdom of a bigger bloomberg would not be applied
at the one hand repeat with the fire from the other unabomb opportune all the paperwork
completed family development impatiently bill clinton held a weapon walked by other than a given to them weight you can hear the bridge
government began physical happen on the flight either photographic e looks
decent something coming up and in the conflict in their mind
fingerprint makes almost unbelievable anyone could stop at what number again and proof of that have accepted now that we’ve got a moment be useless that’s right only somehow i have a mon all right well they are lieutenant per picture clean as it was along we have to wait no
about five minutes certainly get acrobat to fix them and they’re all your own
perfect and if you could make that four minute
that appreciated man over at the point no one extra minutes i think they’ll
busting character appearing too enemy busted merit lying around here rob
portman a darker uh… and give me a lot of time linton propelled
by anger built in possession of a long-awaited print immediately that star parker moon photo
identification uh… checking with the pilot behind
whatever fingerprint bureau also a copy of the pins with a
description of the path to mark bomber batman promised into the water pump
request for information regarding fame at what time they refer to the pilot
problems in the book and debit card bearing the name game be doing and identical stamp that a bigger print
come to light every part of the dayton identical under the name of the line which read held forth on principle believe and
connect with diamond there obviously that dead man has no other
than wanting to be doing experiment beat and two days later at work come from the
water poppin the appellate type starting out request for information leading to print
general description that upon dedicated credit lifted united dictated that bhutto april sixteenth nineteen
ninety chieu made ninety benefit then conduct all of that karen is that it’s a little
bit that they have a new alameda california effectively toward their home
commander in charge of naval personnel washington d the and respond to a telegram the rain aliens curtis all the make the trip down from alameda identifies discomfort mains and put them
and once and for all won’t speculate with them and mention coachella began a minute
search for the missing howard but this time of the poor the repertoire
blocked at every turn nolan over how it is no one knows anything about it connect
with the burnsville no longer found an old anything that
last up to two month of constant seeking the opposite conclude that their man has
left home for good reluctant at first then one day length three people call
from a comfortable you know paul often haha how how left out of district in order to come from and what obama dot
com according maintenance drive over became possible aggravate you look over the arrest
warrant and spada mr brings to attention e the valley are gone after era or and a bit ariel his brother-in-law repairing roads
and fishermen i’ve been looking for a month eleven and one of the biggest feel abit
sometime i’ve got a warrant for the rest of my
pocket and get their doesn’t gaze at meron
emblems of them it with his albert’s got further with
him was mixed up with a couple bootlegging ref would never know it on claims to be his brother-in-law his
family albert is one wrote that there was a and
lifted up to this house i’d like to get the once-over and see if
i can get a leader to wear how it is as one person i’m anxious to get my
hands on her brother won’t find anything people like this or that we they’re
calling for a fly around however i still one of its own bro one bhopal constable banning the man finding no one home mega quickstart find in a drawer in the bedrooms
something that resentment and this has got a just the
thing i’ve been looking for her was that this letter if you carry a card with a
return address in ontario california and i thought he was smart come undone
ingrid or they get their steward on burial plot no but you’re right now i’m
not wasting any time two months of spent looking in every
l_a_ talk shop foreman bootlegging joint not looks is already up on it among next
up on sarajevo appalling to waste but i’m not prepared
to return to cope with the iraqi crude fell and companion comfortable coming bottom
at blackboard dot com ontario my laptop while the private breakneck
speed and by the thirty minutes before the binding stop in front of the ontario
please victim a brief stop there long enough to enlist the aid of a local
officers and there is an independent this times up and down the street more white house having had that problem
eleven quietly lynch make a plan issued instructions there’s no way of
telling how many with a plan in their will benefit if we surprisingly a good
chance of getting them before they know whats happened southland jennings oppose
you take the west side of the house you the back door oakland berkeley high you hear me and said you come into the
back door pledged they set out first name eleven window
window and all we have understand okay in the careful i don’t know much about this other leads and the senate carries a gun even
particularly uses of a if that mine were in the next improvement okay then let’s
go agreement approved for the white house work birthday pending think his position
that the five for the winter the underwater about your and with all that matters heated up the front step on the poor quietly frontdoor find that law a moment’s hesitation and his mind made up lieutenant lynch
goes into two hundred and fifty pound action it
date hack cclc has that god not that epic clear pat echoing and i think i think that i mean
uh… well-taken as well and carried it for about two months now
just waiting for this moment a lot about your after autograph in a
couple of pieces of paper that are good for about ten or fifteen years in the
pan the time that that’s alright to i think there’s no way antalya debbie and the still it blow up you know that because without your
signature over those sales lead i thought i become part of that amount acutely talk about remotely back today uh… right outdoor i’ll tell you something called the prize
yet so got up at your planning and eckhart that all at that culvert related haven’t
argued about writing up their own twenty benny mauritania dot at the podium doc behind
barred her from time to come uh… the combination of the alamo them making compliant what might have turned out to be an
armed vault gave ended with the criminal in jail our record mark followed by
buchanan rio grande decried is known as the definitely not police
top performance in the emergency equipment of the second
largest company in the united states coconino county out of them the largest city in the west open marysville fresno santa barbara possibly moderate popped san diego other barbara county orange county of
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kathleen gets you a copy of calling all cars new you’ll enjoy the featured article pictures of aborted criminal with reward
up to ten thousand dollar only scoffed almost with re-opened the
cut japanese and fin traveled royals after
independence rio grande a dealer and over to the police patrol car
tendulkar cancellation about getting one hundred seventy four and guarding an
explosion and fire but you know in custody that they don’t have a car fabric mandalay predicted for tonight or real abandons falling all-cause copyrighted programs
created by reoffended you’re going on but you know one hundred
seventy five you’re going to be rubbing with a
million dollar beers exactly offices there metal with do you remember the scene if you make
the finest miles about the world will be the pop report that’s true about mousetrap happily or
any other problem bought two years real branded that all
of the gasoline percentage in sales increase the well-informed moderate avidly beaten
a path to the north of rio grande if you have to get police proper forms in their
car engineers purchasing agent police and fire department those who test governing both of them
dot really means most at specified we’ll broaden the crack gasoline in all their
emergency equipment month after month looked into this network news since the first to be a after being out moderate pollen marysville vinod orange county california coconino county
of a poem about vegas nevada annulment what california at the latest
predicted by the rio grande urbana and have proof will be proper bauman in
her emergency equipment living with it but i think that there
are few and far returned and provinces and take pride in their
well-kept houses pools and more importantly we have told you many times about most
things open quickly fresno santa barbara san diego medical county arizona and
many many other cities and towns nothing can stop the launch of progress applicable definitely superior product the oligopoly nonetheless required by
the stanley player cracking profit except most up to do while police car
before kept the added mighty quicker starting
increased pol we’ll go on the part company needed up tonight you’re independent real-time
video from now on once again we present keith james lee
davis below find the list released a father keep date good evening friends sat night yuliya restrain story of
intrigue petty jealousies suspicious business partners and to top it off the old and well-known act the double cross sand officers were first notified of
this crime they proceeded to investigate it in the
usual ways sought after a few hours of answers that
made little if any sends they were forced to rely on their own powers of
deduction even then they found themselves faced
with one of those unusual situations that every time a leader started to
develop into something it suddenly in a family with no
reasonable came to an abrupt end it is a story like this that illustrates
a well the patience and vigilance of the modern
police officer he has a job to do and until that job is marked solved his
efforts never sees c may put it aside for another case that
always hidden away in some portion of his mind
reserved for that the driving thought remains monday morning march fourteenth nineteen
thirty two pending before the cube sleep in his office senator george adams all to the moon for confide in building
up the bulk of the fight that will be divided in a moment implied the state more than three thousand dollars in
buildings over the weekend retreat to the theater and taking off momentary preoccupation
reveals vocals walls of a bigger begins arlington listening to
propagandize was appointed mark come up again sodomy a small but the point com wrote approach to the pendulum manager
evidence-based means with satisfaction of the door swings open salads with uh… and that is we’re stuck to big he knows the combination he was here
first this morning why can’t him will self-destruct so much let’s take the printouts is thought
everything god compete simplicity impossible it’d we
have helped spends money on investments that does
not mean that the other business son i lose money for my safe so could be totally to people of the
culmination here you are one of them school so call the police want know things i want to know something stupid through called the police are side city to police please c_s_ that’s right police i want a reporter robbery since that’s right and in response to the called up and
bring problem bernard and part of the state detail look a bit of a detective
lieutenant george jones nancy apple bond cover the poor behavior in a minute watching upstairs to the man who
publicly funded failed why should you have in the battle their
way into a identical watering this morning public out by a it or not quiet by it that one of your people adjoining arbitrator i got my idea about
the what do you do it hotmail attack popular embryonic at and that i don’t
know if the money would not be a loving myself and it’s been credibility’s t and who was the one the public on that
one project and take the manager yet department away but which one put the money and i just
felt like don thought he’d be asset manager seattle the man and i don’t know
the combination of the state veterans over that i just put the money in the
black early can vote for me it was mister earlier if they manage at
historical theater left and right here come on guys but i what are you doing here last night eighty maybe tonight if i might be a
great week even jackie i didn’t see this evening unbeaten involvement event i
doubt that i know you’ve propensity all right now but i just sat down and
try to get some more documents remember your all under suspicion it acted on my own money here and i’ve got
that event apne antarctic that automatic even putting the paper paperweight we’re
not getting anywhere someone will give me a modest quiet on all things work
around here maybe can get something done about cubans character like this lactose talked about and seven depart down the ticket i
believe the box office index dot and the antarctic upstairs i’d open the
statement done watch here but the money in and
it’s supposed to lock last night the same thing happened i
open the same about and getting the cup anti like andrew by that what content of the time at the bottom
of the republic you could have come back after not mistake again nobody large com about all those who was the last one
actually see the money inside the same i guess i want to watch right that system left at the last performance
out of the box office we got the money box in the small tonight to get up and
come up with it took us about fifteen minutes in the
small left right away and evans came in an open the state is right when he says he left at ten
thirty did no i was alone men until about eleven
o’clock a scouting out a hundred dollars which
is for the next day when i finish that i put it in unlock the door the innocent
in a safe place to live in yes of that one of the smaller wednesday it you know
the combination of analog loaded with mister evans mister koppel dylan history here ect dot again about locking the saviors
or about that i am absolutely certain that i like the inner city alright
alright but what to do well at eleven o’clock i want to check some of the ip
phones that we have for patrons are part of his projects are careful we got oxide
servicemen who fought the good you had no idea rama rao benefit of the men that
i have a written order from the main office to investigate a complaint that
the reforms were not working properly i can produce that order if you’d like me
i don’t believe yes i have a alright let him finish that’s about all officer i
left a little before midnight right where it is going to let that the
other was a little bit my laundry little place
around the corner at the district or bundle on re-opened at midnight no
laundry was an open reportedly show prepare what kind of a container with
andrea refuge in the you’d think i might about
the money wrapped my laundry well had a shirt with regard to the baseboard
boxer side if some of the best part all right
but i’d like you to remember that i don’t know the combination of the state
well it was an inside job that’s it wasn’t blown ojha meet someone and
looked at by using the combination event and coffin act or they are they want to
have a common late even if i’m not that what we’re up my
aunt after midnight i cannot comprehend devane add their didn’t do it i think
you should put somebody in jail swipe at two o’clock i got my calicut laser them in the mall a particular
headquarters critique managed question are there a football game level contented building failed to take
your questions for you all repeatedly often the popular ones
you know the culmination of the state they’ve got to come down to the polls
failed to put the money in the table evanston the state for the can prove it
left the theater before the money was put away about a release the mountains of
pittsburgh or not long ago of appeal in their quest for parking you’re the kindest or tells of seeing
what i can suspicious into the theater on the night of the problem the employees of the other high in the
both of them a factor devon coffin the condoms in
monday’s suggest the robbery might have been performed for the insurance would
be collected opposition personal feelings all into the case all eaten or where the developed into a hopeless time the police are baffled because two
people are known to them and forgot by the suspect altered the speed of underdeveloped
drama enacted on the night of marketing simple friendship of gainesville one
group record for evan the man who would be addressed at the state for the action the two people are in view of the park the end of the other jewel that’s i like it blitz lead the way the and it’s a i
don’t know what was right i think yeah was going on why did you give me that funny look
after the show in there with evans in the office no just decided on the money with nancy with them hostess women you notice that these people one of the civil rights sleep lamination little no with him and i can say that i that money in it eleven million she may be impossible to do anything and threatening about it at the time and children time passes the fault of the money in the state
rosenfield mind then what happened with three of the
government of apartment evans is having on account uh… lunch prepared by the becker within the kit in washington d deals alt looking out the window day went down got to do after the benefit of the house floor uh… if i go to sleep with you lee with me uh… they keep most of the way surely
go ahead articulately thirty kinda sleepy myself though get to yet debt hint uh… thank you here yes mark is with the couple in less than a minute accommodation came in college the key you’ve got to be expected because of a locksmith in twenty min is
the difference is safely hidden emblems of the way to make him number
wise stage is set and shortly before midnight on sunday
march thirteenth dust four days into the key in combination with stolen illinois sector or in a car near the theatre unanimity here goes alright that’s an icon of the people involved in
a minute nobody there and joining time around the block with
more no it’s not clear and let him ask uh… looking and uh… about the black electric standing on
that one including technical you wanna get caught we won’t get caught
last week’s bombing a lot of the allen go into the back exit plan okay but at the moment that everything goes
out and return to a cotton bud and a half an hour the cambodian dot a few
half an hour ok it looked after all graphic becky date the feel it s astrakhan here telia prophetic project work ok here picketing
tak at all that colorado expected to come up but not now on one of another step with heavy nearly five
about instead of a with uh… rendering about it or you that economics editor mel would do with it in the meantime half properly allotment rounded if anything
man unlike than anywhere else it’s not about a step in that that their
faith in the world for nobody looking out for me beefing gene mine i think it’ll be ok via novelli them sir
i would like them i hooked up the paper yeah who thousand dollars hahaha marriage human since it’s a lot you do with you know can it around going to be read as many vacant land stand back that i had a whole nother so
they’ll be all right thank you if yes some dot the quickest eighty-five all at that time but it was because i want to do which will get them you let’s just keep here call na will put it
someplace where needed one of the business right here me straps do you think would be better to have a
template for you wouldn’t let me keep it with you
place your occurs you anywhere within cannot be sir rejected put the money ones dot that’s happened data bc we should not have to get him off thank you quickly mitsubishi i’ll get to feeling well you have a great anything at work but i
do that tray i don’t think you two s media at all unfold planned for completing the money
are completed approved leave alone with the flu return
than an hour telling a story about your buried walked
back to our house unilever carpenter by a small green from put the money in
it for the plan and soared from hill
commendable rock aloft to steal the flat whose whole wheat flour the olympic committee for the time i can
go out for the moment finally he received a phone call with
the proper you have decided that enough time of the
lapd called for a memorial monday march
twenty seven who cover the drive for the play level
to the store i think they can take the money now and anybody wetted down again and hearing about it in the papers two
guys are going to do that job i’m were sent a letter to the police the benefit
of the book by these two bangkok bagged and don’t worry about and you worry
about that make it but yeah and uh… relented pot uh… they should be glad to get my
hands on that bill i’m blown i will be around that ready you have not gotten what could happen
nobody know if you get the money started to really you know if you get the money
that’d be afraid of townhome at the wedding product gave you don’t need to be unit
to get out of the kaha go get myself how did it i know that you get any yeah fun here we are they’ll wait like that for me out but i
don’t hear or maybe a minute yeah go human activity i got just about to be a tugboat they’ll
have not and a few minutes you’ll emerges
walgreen on of hyping the bomb a public right now package odd typically properly contact pattanaik celiac work hat on an economic dramatically he got away here by that selectively i don’t know how to get away from them i really don’t know i don’t know they
get away from here got a letter to start em i forget the license number you’ve
got to get an event hall on that worried about that part of the pick up a number but i do anything about that of your life david that pepsi epitomized begin about me he didn’t well i think that’s all for that that is
not what you have it explaining it became an effective way to
get the plan academy tended to get over it collimated dot com let money one of the compound selected i don’t have it done now i think the bark of the friend of mine cocktail unique he’s not happy about it now i think i can get okay i’ll be there bopping hill on the street corner group
disappears in her car raleigh-durham he was with her house if twenty five dollars that’s all i could get escondido butterscotch let me give me d the pick up a simpleton why i and i like your friend box to a friend who is this land the state unknowable grammy getting on the stand footage about it but i thought i was
blocked off friend of mine that kidnapped that aveda tribesman benefit haha mr jones and mister smith in a
message on undecided lang and i i detected it mr dot dennis dad’s at oh meticulous what do you know i voted for you to
credibility i think it’s got to do that cigarettes
day-to-day i can’t read it radio automatically prime anecdotal responding to a call report a wild lab
bring remain personnel apartment a lot i might happen they departed cap include reliable awkwardly half sure on that house every window at both the product you know something about robbery when
they got him because i’d like a clam acted like a crazy man all the way down illegal delicious mr pawar but because of a single men to do the
work properly ended up on it on in the park killed at the office at the couple lines
over reports and proceeds to build u_n_ are checking that out they’re coming to uh… working now according to this report you your info suspicion of burglary the collective you know that they could not happen secular that the other either divided
right now with you talk about this million-dollar
agenda enacted uh… didn’t do it a costly you’ve got to she was it was
fed up with the who was in the video would never collected carrot i cut it back to cut yet but i still i
could look at it if i could look at the club the uh… if
you look at the time that look at what i think the president oldham angle complexity of the case or
straightened out of hill continued historian group but for a speedy
arrested without palms yet but i think the vocal
a man with whom she assisted in planning and executing the
crime seems awful problem frank marino
apartment and walsh bays of another burkett the poor people or of an effort to tampa
primakov filed on june third nineteen thirty two you’re a half-an-hour deliberation find
the whole building a strong despite a people being in critical support at first but then pure court judge william theodore bound
to lose their staff e sanders have a greater tens of thousands of
others whether wrote in the bottom line of fire i think that well uh… adequate
thoughtful today i think that the book but it is the
state i have always thought probation often
and probation therapy and accept about therefore it would be the dot look below will be effectively incompetent whipped
and that be confined in the state samyuktha
prescribed by law touched by a strange chris to come in
nature what might have been attacked a case of
also western imprisonment exposed itself because of a man and because james hill mentioned that
one word robbery he said himself as well as his
accomplices to prison the paper that unhappy experience with
crime as a business like if you save it on my way to the studio tonight i stop
lightly about disturbances my rebounded either gave me the new
april issue of the calling all cars news as an unusual detective story of the
paid meg teller an exclusive personal story from jimmy
cagney new crime mister it’s a very interesting you’re free copies available at an
amiable and distinct when you buy me around the deafening
don’t fail to specify a stem claire motorola iverson for pennsylvania house
internal police refine from behind crude oil in uk they are be wax speedily
then sealed in tamper proof plans sinclair oil argues in forty five
countries of the work a hundred and fifty railroads flat major
airline by every type of industry you know the finest mobil oil you can
buy it for your call got police cop waltz with real bamba
cracked motor lubrication with intel motorola an interesting reading from calling all
cars needs see your independent rio grande the
dealer boston at least calling all cars are
sold by the cancellation broadcast one hundred seventy five regarding a robbery respect in this case and i want this internet radar but that meant that hitting you good night for rio grande


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