Cake Frosting Recipe with Heavy Whipping Cream

Hi It’s Lorelie welcome to Wedding Cakes For
You Cake Tutorials. In this video Evynn and Harrison are sharing
how to make whipped cream. Hi I’m Evynn. And I am Harrison. So the basics of this video is making whipped
cream for our dads cake and this is Star Wars. And these are the three ingredients to make
your whipped cream. If you want to make whipped cream first put
the heavy cream in. One cup. Next put some sugar in. One quarter cup. one teaspoon of vanilla. Put your beater on your mixer. And it’s mixing! The whipped cream is done when it holds the
shape. Don’t whip the whipped cream too much or else
it will turn to butter guys. Yeah don’t do that. Thanks for watching. And don’t forget to subscribe.


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