Cabo San Lucas – Pueblo Bonito Rose

We were invited to yet another destination wedding this time It was our friends Andreea and with an awesome in Kabul We checked into our room at huh DeVito Rosie rights to it After pounding a few drills buying some hat Reader boards Sound like a good idea. Yeah sexy, bitch So we negotiated ourselves in the buying about five of these things Aha Once we settled on our collection of crap We thought it would be a good idea to go sit down and have some chips and salsa To our surprise. We also got some tableside guacamole at the mango deck And it was good, I think we finished the entire bowl So then there was a work off on the stage After the twerk off we moved on and Finished off the night Because the next night was gonna be full of activities with wedding activities So we woke up the next morning and walked the marina and Found ourselves some more chips and salsa and Tacos at tacos Gus our favorite taco place in Cabo Later on that night. We took a shuttle over the pablo bonito sunset and went to a white party We had some dinner and then we stood around a bonfire and that’s a good conversation and drinks as we roasted marshmallows The next day was the wedding Which kind of brought everything? Together It’s interesting that These people we met a few years prior at the same resort on vacations have invited us graciously to their wedding We were not only thankful that we were invited. We were also honored To be there. We also had a chance to have a really good time celebrating the marriage Well now that the wedding was over we had some more time to relax and Relax so we went to another one of our favorite places in Cabo. Happy ending After a couple of drinks and some lunch at happening we decided to move on and go check out, Cabo Wabo What year was it established don’t now I know that the bar is not owned by Jimi Hendrix, but Who was I’d argue with my wife We went back to the hotel and it’s some more cruising around or relaxing On the last day of our trip we Booked a cooking class at flora farms with a couple of friends that we met on Our way down to Cabo Who happen to live in? Arizona This place did not disappoint After we Had a couple of drinks and relax some more we took a tour a guided tour of the flora farms grounds before our cooking class The cooking class That we did used almost exclusive Ingredients from the gardens here and we even got to feed the local iguanas We made tamales Who made salsa we made guacamole? Caesar salad And then we got to eat it I Highly recommend doing this cooking class if you’re in Cabo With all of these dishes I would have not known where to start but he gave us a cookbook and walked us through everything Took about a total of four to five hours I think my favorite part was the Caesar salad dressing Best users salad dressing of every This guy said grow some balls he said he said grow some balls boys Oh Where you go We

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