Brunch, Christmas shopping decoration & autumnal forest | November VLOG

And we are ready to do some groceries It’s so sunny day! It’s cold but it’s sunny so it’s fine
and the supermarket is just near at house 5 minutes walk Cut it in half because it’s too big This is my plate! Hi good morning! well good afternoon because it’s 2 p.m. and we are going to look for some pizza. “pick up”
oh yeah pick up some pizza we just ordered one well 2 pizzas.
It’s only like 5 minutes walk from the house So this is it we arrived yes pizza! this one is megarabbit, megarabbit ahaha
and this one is the New York our favorite one. Hmm..with pickles ,barbecue sauce,
onions, beef, cheese of course. Let’s dig it! so today it’s Wednesday and
surprisingly it’s really sunny and quiet not that cold outside so I’m thinking
about going out and do some shopping Christmas vlogging to some little and
cute shops like Sostrene Grene maybe IKEA also Hema maybe a Little Extra and
yeah stay tuned alright guys but before I go first
things first I need to get Garam inside the house first Gotcha! mission complete hello good morning I am actually filming
and here’s a little sneak peek these cute items over here are also from what I
bought yesterday from Sostrene Grene and Hema so hopefully I will upload this
video by the end of November so stay tuned! Hello guys we are IKEA! And there’s like nobody here, it’s almost like 7 p.m. hi there is Friday it’s quite cold this
morning and before I go to Meudon Forest I just
wanted to show you what I bought yesterday from Ikea
May I present this Pepermia Polybotrya which cost me 7.99€ and here are some candles with cute form such as pine cone hedgehog
in which I will use for my decoration obviously then I found this gorgeous
wreath for 14.95€ from various artificial plant that will suit my
Christmas decoration this year I also bought two other potted plants that I
found them adorable lastly I bought a pack of three printed craft paper
rolls from for 4.99€ for Christmas gifts packaging. And that’s all! Hello guys! I’m at Meudon forest with Vanesia and Pablo and we are hunting for some acorn chestnut Ouh, look at this. “It’s autumn”

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