Brisbane Wedding Planning – Episode 1 | Checklists and Tips to plan your wedding

Hi I’m Tamara from Platinum Event Planning
– helping you plan your wedding from the start. Today we will be talking about the 4 things
that you really need to do before starting ANY of your wedding planning.
Your budget, your theme, guest numbers and choosing a venue.
With your budget, it’s important to do this before any other planning.
Be sure to work out a figure that you’re both comfortable with.
Be realistic to what you can both afford, and pay back.
And if any parents or family are offering to assist you, get a monetary figure, rather
than an item they will pay for. For instance, they might be thinking they’ll
pay for Photography, and are budgeting one thousand dollars.
While you might be thinking of choosing a photography package worth seven thousand dollars.
And that’s really important to get that out of the way early.
Are you both on the same page? How do you vision your wedding?
It’s important to see how you and your partner both vision your wedding.
If you choose two things that are each important to you, you can see where you both lie.
So, it might be really important for one person to have a five course meal and a big 6 tier
cake, while the next person might be thinking finger food and cupcakes.
Or one person might be thinking they really want a live band, but the next person might
be thinking they want a DJ. Very important because they can really affect
your budget, and if you compromise these things it’s going to make it a lot more stress free.
Remember this isn’t all about you, it’s about your partner as well – even though sometimes
we like to think otherwise. Pre-plan each aspect of your wedding budget
based on these visions, and the things that are important to you.
You can see where to take money from in your budget, and where to add money to – the things
that are important to you and the memories you are going to have.
With your guest numbers, be tough. That is the best tip I can give you to saving money
on your budget. Anyone you haven’t had contact with in the
last twelve to twenty-four months, even if they used to be close, shouldn’t be on your
list. Even if they were your best friend years ago,
if you haven’t made contact they shouldn’t be there.
You’re paying between one-hundred and two-hundred dollars per person on average and if you can
get ten people off your guest list, that’s a couple of thousand dollars.
With your theme, there are so many different options to choose from. You can go with colours
– Gold, Silver, Black, White, any colour of the rainbow.
You can go with a traditional church wedding. You can go a beach wedding, rustic, a glitzy-glam
wedding, a country wedding – there are so many different options.
But it is important to choose something that really reflects you and your partner.
It’s no point choosing something out of a magazine that looks great, if it doesn’t reflect
you and your partner. Why is my theme so important early on?
Your Save the Dates and Invitations are the first glimpse your guests are going to get
of your theme, so if you can choose your theme early on, you’ll be able to use that in your
Save the Dates and really show that off. It’s important to do your theme early so you
can choose a venue that suits. For instance, if you want a beach wedding
there’s no point in booking a city grand ballroom. Your theme will also reflect in your dress.
For instance, you wouldn’t wear a ball gown on the beach, and you might not wear a mini
dress in a church. Your theme can help you choose centrepieces.
For instance, glitzy-glam, rustic – you can get some beautiful themeing, particular colours
– there is so many different options. The gifts you give your guests should really
reflect on the memories they’ve made on your day.
Your stationary – your placecards, seating chart, menus, your ceremony program – you
can carry out your theme in all of these. And if you get it early on you can have the
same calligraphy, you can have the same fonts, carried out from your Save the Dates, your
Invitations, all the way through to your wedding day stationary.
Now when choosing a venue – Does it suit your theme? Does it fit within your budget?
You should spend a maximum of 50% of your budget on venue hire, food and drinks.
Does it fit your number of guests? Are you able to use your own suppliers?
A lot of venues have their own specific, favoured suppliers.
But they might not fit your budget, your style – it’s important to be able to use your own
suppliers. What are their deposit requirements? When
are they due? What’s the refund policy? When are the final payments due?
What is the wet weather back up? This is so important if you have an outdoor ceremony
and/or reception. And you have to love it! You have to be able
to make it work for your day, in the event that you do have wet weather.
You need to be able to fit everybody. There needs to be space for your guests, for the
photographer to be able to take photos. Are the packages flexible? If there is something
on your package that you don’t like, what can be changed?
Can you do a bar tab instead of a beverage package? If you’ve got a lot of non-drinkers,
a bar tab might be a better option for you. The same as if you have a small wedding, a
bar tab might be a better option. In the next episode, we’ll be helping you
choose a photographer, choose a celebrant, and our opinions on having a videographer.
In future episodes we’ll also be talking about Invitations, Themeing, Choosing a Wedding
Dress, and important tips for on your wedding day.
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