Bride’s Sister makes her cry 😭 Bella Collina Wedding Video Film Monte Verde Orlando, Florida

There’s no luckier man on the planet than you what you have beside you and what you’re gonna have, what you’re gonna walk through this life walk through this earth for the rest of your life is hands down the best person I’ve ever known in my life Marvin told me she truly inspires me and Brittany’s love makes me understand God’s love I just love you so much both of you and congratulations Our father, God love, has been your richest and greatest gift to this world. Love between a man and a woman which matures into a marriage is one of the most beautiful types of love Brittany is the one person in this world that was made for Marvin and Marvin was made for her Evidently you two are planners. But the thing is… when you make plans, God laughs I’m so excited! There is one thing that we can control and that’s who we pick as our life partner and hope that by picking our partner we are able to drive part of our destiny into the right direction and I whole heartedly believe that you chose right wow you look great I love you Marvin you’re a great guy and I can’t think of anyone more to make her smile for the rest of this life and I’m so glad that you… that you’re gonna do that. I’m really glad and I’m really proud of the both of you and I’m so happy this day is finally here. I’m so happy that tomorrow you guys are gonna be husband and wife. Jeremiah 29:11 says that He has plans for your lives, plans for you both to prosper, plans that are amazing and unimaginable. More than that His word tells us that he created you for this purpose. His purpose and this is the most amazing part. Since he knew you before you were born and he knew exactly what and who you would need to help you on your life’s journey. He created you both one for the other. Beloved bride and groom you have expressed your love to one another your commitment and promises you have just made. It is with these in mind that I pronounce you husband and wife. You have kissed a thousand if not more times, but today the feeling is new. No longer simple partners and best friends, you have became husband and wife and now seal the agreement with a kiss It is because of God and the love of each and everyone of you that we have made it this far in life. We love you and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You know today marks not only the joining of two beautiful people but also two beautiful families I love you so much, Marvin and I are truly blessed to have both of you in our lives. I believe in what you’re celebrating today this is the true symbol of marriage, friendship and love. No matter what no matter where I wish you two nothing but the best cheers my friends! I’d just like for everyone just to pray for them in their own way like I do and just hope that Marvin and Brittany… do the same. You know one of the reasons why I fell in love with Brittany is because your strength and your love shines through her You are the definition of beauty and the epitome of grace. We love you and we thank you God has blessed you two continuously, abundantly and will continue to bless you two throughout your marriage. Nobody is perfect, but… you two are perfect together. To the bride and groom

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