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Here we are Bridechillas! If you want
wedding hacks we got them! If you want wedding advice well, I give it! If you are interested in
joining a fabulous community Well you are here! Welcome Bridechillas and
groomchillas! If you are out there I am a host the
host of the Bridechilla Podcast my name’s Aleisha, if you’re new to this
shindig, I host a twice-weekly wedding planning
podcast is all about removing the rubbish, getting rid of the whitenoise
and having a good time when you’re planning your wedding because that’s
what it’s all about! You found this other person, you are getting hitched… removal the
rubbish and have a nice time! This week on the show I had such a great feedback-
reception from monday’s episode. I had my very first Bridechilla graduate,
Bridechilla Kate, came on and talked about all of the lessons she learned over the
years of planning her wedding and listening to my podcast,
which was really nice to hear some of the feedback and also some of her
personal stories. She’s also a personal trainer and she has developed a program
called Fit Body Brides and you my friends can win your very own full-year
package with her if you head over to my Instagram account! You will see a link
I’m going to put a link in here you can click through and what we’re asking you
to do is to leave a message for us and tell us what your favorite body part is. How easy is that?! I think it’s really
good and what’s being nice, iIm on the page… I’m looking at my laptop you can’t see it….but it’s just here, what
I’ve adored about this competition not only it’s a great prize and what she
does is so great because it’s not about getting skinny or looking like Skeletor
on your wedding day it’s all about being healthy in your body and your mind just
matter what size you are just whenever you want to shape up or just feel
healthier! I think she’s got such a good
perspective on health and well-being because we know we
all get stressed and what was interesting about her talk on Monday, her
interview with me was the fact she said ‘I got really stressed and I came out in
hives’… I didn’t really know why but the doctor
said actually you are holding in all this stress that you’re feeling and you
might not be projecting in the way that some people do it, like you know like arhhhhhhhhhhhh!
They might not be doing that but they might be coming out in your skin so it
was very interesting and it also really made me realize that you know I should
be talking about this a little bit more on the podcast… about looking after
yourself and those around you so I just wanted to share some of the comments
have been so delicious people naming these body parts. It’s been very successful post and I’m
so glad you can jump in, it will be open for another couple of days just also
wanted to share with you a couple of wedding hacks from yesterday’s Q&A
Thursday episode of the podcast. Where I open the doors to you and you can leave
me a voice message ask me a question or like
yesterday’s lovely guest, she shared some amazing tips. So I wanted to say a big
thank you to Bridechilla Catherine, who recently got married congrats Catherine!
She had the best suggestion, I can’t believe what I’ve never shared that
before all thought of it very simple but very sexy. Her suggestion was instead of
paying for flowers and all this little centerpiece stuff on your wedding day
and it can cost a fortune…. you go to a garden center or nursery and purchase a
bunch of gorgeous potted plants and use them as the centerpiece and then send
your guests home or with flowers or the other ways you ask guests to bring
plants along, they use them as the centerpieces and then you take them home
and you do a Catherine and her partner did. You plant them in your garden
so you’ve got this a wedding garden! I was just blown away with that sort of
ingenuity and also it’s a lovely way guests to contribute. If you’re not looking
for big presents, as well but also to have this nice space she said that she
goes out into the garden and looks at all the plants and things about her
wedding day. I mean how lovely is that? I really think flowers can be one of those
things that…I love floral decorations and if you’ve got the coin
to do it it’s great but also it can be quite wasteful and on the budget and
also at the end of the day. On the podcast I’ve spoken about some of the
amazing charities that are available around and you will find them all over
the place where you can donate your wedding day flowers to hospices
hospitals, old people not just specifically old people, but people in care homes
and I think it’s a really lovely gesture. So if you are taking the step and
ordering a bunch of flowers and you don’t really know what to do with them
at the end of your wedding day thing can I suggest you google one of the
local charities that will come up to your venue and pick up the flowers and
take them to someone who will really enjoy them. Think about nanna sitting in a
home, she doesn’t have any friends. No one comes to see her but she’s got your
flowers I think that’s pretty nice. So I would like to say a very special thank
you to Catherine for suggesting that amazing idea of asking your guests to
bring plants or plaaants if you posh and you know it’s a really lovely idea one
thing I will say is if you are in an area that you cannot transport plants,
you know across state borders and all that sort of stuff just check, don’t ask
people to take plants on planes can you take a plant on a plane? I know where
I’m from you can’t. I’m from Tasmania Australia and you you know there are
dogs at the airport that’s sniff stuff and say ‘NO, we don’t want that in a state’, so
a word of warning there. Also a lovely Adriana, she bridechilla Adriana
commented and left a lovely comment in a voicemail which I really enjoyed
yesterday talking all about how she’s created her very own wedding Instagram
account because she said she’s the queen of procrastination and she’s worried that
she is just bleeding time when it comes to her wedding, so she said look I’ve
created this accountI can just log on whenever I want get it done, click on things, find
inspiration and then logout so I’m not just living in breathing weddings all
the time. So she’s gonna separate real-life… IRL Instagram account that she
goes to, she doesn’t daily daily life stuff but then she’s feeling in
wedding-planning mode she logs on to the Instagram and does it that way and you
know if you’re using Instagram on android or iphone which you know 99% of
you are you can now change between accounts… (this is my fake iphone here my
hand iphone) there that you can simply change accounts whenever you want you
don’t have to log in or out of the app, which i think is really great. Whatever you can do to sometimes calm a
little bit of the wedding noise, the white noise, as I always sort of say is a
really good thing. If you’re just tuning in in the replay, if you’re just tuning
in now live hello I Aleisha the host of the Bridechilla Podcast and its really great to have you here. It’s morning in London, it’s raining, it’s
a little sunny Well I’ve got a lot of light coming in here
it’s good for the old face. I’m really happy that so many people are enjoying
these bridechilla live sessions as I have labeled them and getting lot out of
it! I’m meeting lots of new bridechilllas and groomchillas via the
facebook and I asked you, in this, in this below me above me wherever it’s going to
be you’ll see a link where you can learn more about the Bridechilla Podcast,
I’ve created over 200 episodes of the show so far and i have covered
everything from I don’t know well guest problems, mother-in-law’s and
you know lots of other things. Now Yvette has just logged on and she says ‘it’s
nice to finally see what you look like nice to meet you from California’! Hello,
thank you for those hearts I this is my face this is my little you sign and i’d like to introduce you
to my favorite thing that I’ve bought recently and that is my Koala egg cup. Isn’t it cute. He’s got and egg for a brian. Rich doesn’t like it but I think
it’s cute. Also I just want to say yesterday’s show…
what else do we have to say here…Oh, Lulu Lulu asked me a question about how
to jazz up her honeymoon and I thought this was great because here’s the thing
about honeymoons. I’m going to let you in on a secret are you ready for it? You’re going to be
tired. I don’t care how glamorous it is. I don’t care how much effort you put
into booking something romantic and stunning, you’re going to get to wherever
you’re getting especially if you’re traveling with day after your wedding
and you’re going to go ‘phew’.. Well let’s have a quick sit down. I will
be honest with, Rich and I aren’t very good sitters, when we booked our
honeymoon to Bali…that’s how you’ve got to say it ‘Bali’ We probably
underestimated just how down tired we would be when we arrived and not from
the travel just from the adrenaline of planning wedding, doing the wedding packing up the wedding because if you
listened to the show you would have heard my story about me over … DIY-ing- the sense that we probably should
have had a wedding planner to return all the shit that we hired. We’re
actually Rich and I, after the wedding packed up the venue with her friends. I’m not like a solo hero here, we packed up
our venue, we packed the back of our car until it was about to burst, it was SO full. And then drove back into town and
spend a couple of days returning all the stuff. That wasn’t super glamorous, it saved us a bunch of cash but if I would do it again and I think my husband is in
the background ‘would you get a wedding planner’ Would you get a wedding planner? yes… well we wouldn’t have to have returned all that stuff. fine. He’s into it. The idea is that you maybe
would hire someone to do some of the menial tasks and can I just say there
are lots of great websites out there now to outsource that sort of stuff to which
probably weren’t around four years ago when we got hitched. Alieen is here ‘We would have
gotten on each others nerves so bad sitting by the beach so we chose to go
to Florida and hit the theme parks’ yes she says ‘best decision ever we had
so much fun’ Oh my gosh and I ok let me just say that
is such a cracking idea this is a very good suggestion as I was
saying before, Rich and I aren’t very good sitters and we sort of got sucked into
this idea that we would go to a resort and we would relax like real people do
relax and we got there and then we like help! So what do we do now? What we sit? Ok and then we sat for a few days because we were tied and then we were like ‘oh gosh we don’t
know what to do with ourselves’ and then we were basically going to the hotel ‘Hi have you got any tours? Just something to do because we are bored? And you can only sit around and have so
much sex and then you just like I’m done now I need to go and do an activity so
Aileen,I love that you have just suggested Bridechilla Aileen has said that
they went to theme parks they had a great time. I bloody love a roller
coaste. I really do I think you need to find
something that you’re going to enjoy and don’t necessarily get sucked into this
idea if it’s not your thing to go and sit on a beach or go to a resort because
you need to plan a honeymoon that is something that you want to do not just
something that a lovely website with a picture of a beach says to do as much as I love
beaches, I love activity as well so Aileen thank you for that suggestion. I theme
park tour is like one of my dreams. I really want to do that one day. I just want to do a
theme park America trip and go on as many roller coasters that I hurl every day.
It’s a personal thing it’s just a Personal thing So the homework on
Bridechilla Live, home workfor you today is to hit to my Instagram page and enter our competition. It’s such a great
comp and I would be feeling bad for you if you didn’t enter it basically. If you are
new to seeing me and my face like Yvette and hearing my voice, I use this
microphone to record my podcast Twice a week, I would love to have you on
board also like this page because we have such an amazing bunch of bridechillas and groomchillas that are on Facebook sharing information, chatting
to each other. I’m like a proud mama, I just step back
and go you guys chat you guys help each other out and I jumping occasionally but
it’s a really lovely community and so very supportive and certainly not bitchy
or crazy or judgmental like some wedding forums. Can you believe people get on
there and have a go at each other? I just think it’s so gross, everyone does
that in my books, my facebooks, my accounts Fuck you, you are banned. That’s how it goes, don’t like any bad attitudes. Weddings should not have that sort of attitudes.
As well as saying we’re all about positivity that’s what we’re asking you for the
competition what you favourite body part is? We’re not asking
‘What would you like to improve’? Its all about saying let’s have a nice time. Let’s enjoy ourselves. Let’s be healthy
and have a good time. Lastly before I go, I have to go to work,
I have to get on a tube, with a lot about that miserable people. Lastly before I go, I
wanted to say a big thank you to the Bridechillas who have said that they
would like to contribute a blog, to the Bridechilla Blog. I put the call out
earlier in the week and it’s not too late to get in touch and get a part of
this because it’s really fun just to say if you’re getting hitched I would like to hear from you and share
a bit of your wedding planning journey and it doesn’t have to be a big
commitment ,you can literally write a couple of paragraphs put a couple of
photos and updates of what you’re doing. Sharing your Bridechilla tips, hacks
suggestions problems putting it out there and i’m going to post them on my
website because I can’t believe I haven’t done this earlier! I’ve been doing this podcast for 18
months and I literally like a little brain wave and I was like why have I not ask my
Bridechillas to write about the wedding planning journey? So that’s what
I’m going to do if you would like to contribute, as I said it doesn’t have to
be a big sort of commitment all you need to do is send me an email, comment below if you want to do that all
go to the post on this facebook page You’ll see it as a big picture that says
‘would you like to be your blog?’ up and get in touch because we would love to
hear about your journey and every Bridechilla and Groomchilias journey is
different and you all have so much to share. Just like Catherine saying ‘hey get
your guests to bring some plants’, what a great idea I’ve never thought of
that so I’m all about supporting and having a good time All that and more on the Bridechilla
podcast. Thank you so much for tuning in I’m going to do these once or twice a
week so if you have a suggestion as well for a topic or theme a chat then I would
love to hear from you. So nice sharing this time with you enjoy the rest of
your week wherever you may be and I really look forward to sharing
more of the Bridechilla podcast with you next week and more of these lovely Bridechilla Live, if you can like and love this post, give me some hearts, thumbs-up little
smiles will be great thank you happy days! Visit for more info x

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