Bridal Shower Games : Bridal Shower Games: Balloon Pop

This is a great game I like to call Bridal
Balloon Pop. And this is for all your guests to play, and you’re all going to get to laugh
watching each other do it. You’re going to need as many balloons as you have guests.
And you want to have a few extra just in case you have a few people that didn’t RSVP. You’re
going to blow up all your balloons and you’re going to have strips of paper. And on your
strips of paper, you’re going to write little notes like “try again”, “not this time”, “you
lose”. Funny little strips like that. And then you’re going to have one that says, “you’re
the winner”. And in each balloon, you blow it up, drop the strip of paper in, and seal
it off and each guest is going to get a balloon. Now what you’re going to do is, they’re going
to have to put their hands behind their back and they’re all going to get a balloon, and
they have to pop it to find out if their the prize winner or not. So you’ll remind them
of the rules. They can use the floor, a chair, a wall. They can use anything and any part
of their body except their hands to pop them. And it’s really funny. And a little trick
for getting the strips of paper in the balloon is, you’re going to want to write them out
first. So I’m going to write, “try again”. And again, you just want them relatively small.
No bigger than the opening of the balloon. And you just tear it off. You’re going to
fold your strip of paper in half and then half again so it’s nice and small. And go
ahead and put it in before you blow up your balloon. That way it’s going to drop right
down in there and you’re not going to be struggling with the mouth of the balloon as you blow
it up. If you want it to be more difficult, you can make the balloons smaller because
then they’re going to be a little harder to pop. And that’s going to be really funny to
watch everybody try and pop them without using any hands. And of course, the winner gets
a prize in Bridal Balloon Pop.


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