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I am going to teach you how to play a great
game for a bridal shower, and this is called the “apron game”. And what you are going to
do, is to have your bride put on an apron. And then, what you are going to do is take
her into the other room, and, you are going to secure items to your apron that come from
the kitchen. So, I’ve got a spoon ladle, a cheese grater, a wine cork. You can do some
smaller obscure things too. Wine stoppers. Add lots of items to your apron, and you are
going to pin those on. You can use clothes pins, safety pins, you can use some sort of
string if you need to tie them on. But, you want to cover the whole apron. Have your bride,
once you’ve done that, walk back into the room. Have her circle the room casually, and
you don’t want to tell anybody what is going on, because they all are going to look at
her sideways for walking in with an apron with all kinds of kitchen utensils on it.
Have her walk around the room for about 60 seconds and then have her leave. What you
want to do at that point is get all your guests’ attention. Have them all get into a circle,
and you want to hand out pens and paper to each guest. Then you want to ask them to write
down everything they can remember that the bride had on her apron. And make sure that
you have a list of everything too that you had on her apron. Give them about a minute
or two to write those things down, everything they can possibly remember. And then the bride
is going to come back in the room, and you are going to read of the list of things. What
is going to happen, a person who really paid attention, wrote down the most items. They
are going to be the ones that win a prize. This is a great game because it is really
funny and they’ll think of what she possibly could have on that apron. And again, you can
really put some obscure items on there. Put a toothpick on, things that are really small,
that are kind of going to get people. You will be surprised how many things they forget
that is on that apron. And it is a great bridal shower game. And what you can also do, is
have everybody bring a kitchen utensil as an extra gift, and you can use those items.
So that way everything that was on the apron, the bride gets to keep. That is another cool
spin on that game. And that is how you play the “apron game” at your bridal shower.

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