Breast cancer survivor gets wedding of her dreams | Humankind

we are here today because it’s my
girlfriend’s Gillian’s last day of chemo it’s been a very tough road as you can
imagine but it’s a happy day so I’m planning to surprise her by asking to
marry me Gillian held hands will you marry it was
just already such an exciting day that I just felt like how could it get better all my friends around me it was the last
day of chemotherapy I had my favorite nurse doing my chemo that day who I love
more than anything I just didn’t think it could get better still doing radiation still recovering
from plastic surgery I just wasn’t in like that mindset to be getting ready
for a wedding my friend Bianca who is another breast
cancer survivor her and I are part of a nonprofit called
the breast skis she’s like I was just at a press key event and there was a
wedding planning company there one wedding they do pro bono every year Lauren asked me a lot of questions about
my journey and what I’ve been through and she just was like I think that
you’re just like a perfect candidate for somebody who’s deserving of it now I got to pick out wedding dresses
and flowers and not like okay well we’re even heat after chemo and how are your
levels they just really made a lot of things
happen that we didn’t think could happen there’s these people that come out of
nowhere they’re like I want to help my hair was at a really odd stage it was
like super short I felt very pale and sickly I just was
not feeling with that self it was hard to envision like how I was
gonna look and feeling confident and feeling pretty the second I put it on I was like crap
I love that it’s like oh my god really like I read the pay anything for it at
all oh my god yes hair rows back and everything but
you you’re a different person physically and emotionally so look in the mirror at
like this is what I’ve been through this is what I’ve had to do it was very
difficult to get confident and comfortable in yourself again
so to put on an article of clothing that helped me feel so much better was just
so amazing to me she looks beautiful way more beautiful
than I could have imagined it felt really good to have positive attention
on me over that cast and even still a little bit
I have attention on me for cancer treatment and care and the doctor’s
appointments but it’s not positive it’s you know like the chemo go today or how
was blood work like that’s not like so to have it be on life you look beautiful
like you’re you know the food is so good and are you having a good time like everything
was positive I want to freeze time right now because
everything is just we have all these people we love and that love us and just
this one space right now and are here for just to celebrate our love it was
more of like a celebration of okay we’re getting married but everybody watching
got us to where we they are now you you


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