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hi everybody and welcome welcome welcome
to tasty mukbang tasty mukbang tasty must bang tasty mukbang tasty bang
tasting with bang tasty muck banging eats yeah I am here today for a
breakfast mukbang this is my freezer fridge and food pantry mukbang cooking
stuff this i already have out of my freezer fridge and pantry i have a list
of challenges that I have in my description box if you want to do any of
them feel free to do them and I will and tag me and make sure you use the proper
title and mention what challenge you’re doing in your in your video and I will
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my community tab so will let’s get it on and poppin and let’s say our Greyson
then I’ll tell you what all we got this morning precious Heavenly Father I come
to you right now and thank you for your love your kindness your mercy in your
grace dual honor thank you for all your blessings and your provisions on my life
I thank you for your protection from all hurt harm and danger and in Jesus name I
pray amen and Harley Oh hallelujah so you guys I am here this
morning I got some biscuits I got some ham some black forest ham from Trader
Joe’s I got some eggs from Trader Joe’s I have some grits and some oatmeal and
some freshly squeezed orange juice from orange juice and grape juice I think I
have like four to six oranges and one grapefruit and a little bit of water
because I don’t like it too strong so yeah I’m starving I didn’t eat not one
single thing yesterday you guys I know I know go ahead and tell me in the
comments tasty you need to stop doing that tasty tasty you need to eat tasty
tasty you need to get your rest tasty tasty what else y’all got the two your
tasty tasty get some rest tasty tasty eat tasty tasty sleep tasty
I guess rest and sleep is the same thing I don’t know cuz I won’t be getting on
neither one of them huh I guess if I got one of them I wouldn’t know but I don’t
so y’all I made my famous oatmeal and I like to make my oatmeal kinda hearty and
my grits and they already have butter in so there’s the oatmeal and
I guess I’ll use my fork for the grits oh I got a spoon in there oh it’s just
me this morning I wanted somebody to come over and eat brushes with me but
y’all didn’t come y’all income so I’m gonna have to feed y’all so I’m
pretending as though I just dropped something on the floor I’m pretending as
though you guys are here and you guys know I do not feed you because
everything is already on the table just grab whatever it is you want if you want
some biscuits if you want some ham if you want some eggs if you want some
oatmeal if you want some grits hangin out of my orange juice cuz I didn’t make
enough for you but yeah you can have anything you want on the table you just
got the graph your flavor fix it yourself that’s all ain’t no biggie
come on you know baby ain’t nobody got to be feeding you so there you go you
guys that’s my plate I got some flowers here that my cousin gave me and they
look like they about to die cuz I still ain’t put him in the water yet don’t
tell her don’t tell her that I’m gonna put them in water yet okay
she don’t watch my videos so she won’t know if you won’t tell her I got some I
never tried this before this is some Trader Joe’s pink grapefruit marinade pink grapefruit that’s right let’s try it so how are my
tingles hops and my Munchie buddies doing today don’t ask me why I got the
scarf around my head and my neck don’t ask me if I’ve converted to another fate
other than Christianity because I have nots I just felt like doing it I just
felt like having a scarf around my Hey okay yes see that’s it that’s all so I’m
not gonna lick this for because I mean it’s nice because I might want some
world later I’m going to put some honey in my oatmeal
instead of sugar and I know y’all ready for me to eat I’m ready to eat Oh put
some ice in the orange juice and this is freshly squeezed orange juice I was like
up some orange juice and I was about the books of the store and get some orange
juice and I was like why would you do that when you have oranges in the house
and that’s a part of the freezer fridge and pantry challenge is to use what you
have so girlfriend make her own orange juice and you guys I can eat breakfast food
anytime I love eating breakfast food at night
but that’s one mmm tastes different guess what y’all I’m not eating at night
like I normally do it’s the mornings on what I surprised myself I’m up in the
morning my glutes already here buttering it I like to put extra butter on top but
I’m gonna bring them over here so they taste good so yeah what are we gonna talk about
today it’s still got a lot of popes I was
watching I was watching is it love about the lockup I don’t even know what
episode it is I don’t have cable so I’m it might not have been the most recent
episode but somebody had posted it on YouTube and they had the full episode on
there so I watched it cuz I be curious to know what kind of woman but what kind of man what date I’d never
feed me on and even marry a male and female why they’re still in prison and they probably been in serial keep a
serial criminal and I have my personal views on that for myself and for my life
I personally couldn’t do it I’m sorry I just couldn’t do it like nothing in my
mind would let me wrap my mind around it and especially if that person is about
to be gone for a very long time and this ain’t my first rodeo nope so it was this lady and I don’t know
nobody names cuz this was like the first episode I really watched especially all
the way through I have seen the clips of it here and there but this was the first
episode I watched so this lady who is very pretty she’s a beautiful lady she just got released from prison and
all while she was in prison she had me taking care of her sending her stuff
sending her money right let me tell y’all something a woman got to have some
good games I’m time I good to be in prison and me the man was she in prison
so he’s not even never physically whole or touching her and he’s gonna start
sending her all his money listen y’all and this a joke but I’m kind of serious
at the same time I’m celebrating single and I’m not about to do nothing okay but
if you send a woman all your money that’s in prison and she’s about to do
nothing to you can you just send it to me please
I could really put it to good use I don’t know what she promising you but
whatever it is you ain’t gonna get it no time soon cuz she in prison so I could make the same promises to you when you still ain’t getting it so
anyway this woman had a sugar daddy why she in prison and he take him I’m
talking about really good care of her he ain’t just putting no money on her
commissary he sent a net one a thousands of dollars so she get out of prison and he bought
her a brand-new car oh my goodness so I guess she get reunited with her daughter
like I say this is my first episode that I’m watching so I don’t know I guess she
get reunited with her daughter and they living out of a hotel room excuse me and the man is her sugar daddy asked her
to marry him and like I said I don’t know any
background information cuz this is my first episode that I watch so she said
yes so she wanna go shopping soda a couple of days or weeks before
they went after dinner and his credit card was declined so she wanted to go
shopping and she asked him for his her credit card so it’s quick or but he gave
her the credit card first of all I don’t know who could somebody put a card and
don’t tell them they limit even if you don’t have a limit you still
have a minute I’m sorry I don’t want you to go ham on my credit card so I’m not
gonna tell you oh go get whatever you want do you come I want a brand-new car
No so anyway she goes shopping and she
calls up one of her ex-con friends who was released before her and they go
shopping with the main credit card no I thought correct me if I’m wrong but I
thought ex-cons are not supposed to be around people who have been who have a
felony I thought that was a violation of your parole so clearly this is my point
y’all listen to what I’m saying clearly when you get out of prison we’re
not talking about jail we tell my prison when you get out of prison and you at
the beginning you start violating rules and regulations that are condition of
your parole that means you want to go back and that’s why I am NOT gonna wait
around for a person to get out of prison for 20 and 30 and 40 years and as soon
as they get out of prison that everything that they’re doing is
contrary to their parole like you had to follow rules in life in
order to not go to prison and once you go to prison and you get out you steer
that rules to follow so I picked the first rule that she broke was she was
hanging out with somebody else that was a felon like herself so then they go shopping on this man
critical and towards his credit call up to 2009 he’s talking on the phone his
best friend who his best friend been trying to tell him all these years you
need to stop dating people leaving with your pocketbook so not a man being
sending this woman all this money in prison and taking care of her
he about 90,000 and what 90 thousand he say he broke he didn’t used all his
credit and this is my whole point if you if you got to spend your life savings in
order to make somebody love you you’re looking for love in the wrong place did she talk about he don’t want no sex
what girl even if you know 106’s I’m not to spend ninety thousand dollars on you I’m sure somebody that’s been listening
ninety thousand dollars on her before and she even gave them six you didn’t
even tell me somebody gonna spend $9,000 on you and you don’t even feel like you
need to give them no I’m in the wrong business they say a fool is born every day can I
please find me what who I don’t even need to find me a fool if he is that
good of a person and let somebody take advantage of him like that
what I wanting anything back turn I don’t understand how those kind
of people don’t ever meet good people like why are they always needed people
that want to take advantage of him so she went to go use his credit card I
went shopping that’s been $2,000 and when she came back her daughter met her
outside and seen her with all the bags and was like where you coming from
and she was like I went shopping and she was like wait you got the money to go
shopping it seems like such as such a such a sense gave me his credit card and
she was like how much did you spend and she was like $2,000 and her daughter
went off on her she was like you have you spent $2,000 on some clothes that
you don’t need and we’re living in a hotel even if he was gonna give you that
kind of money you should have taken the money and used
it towards something that is gonna benefit us long-term and I 100% agree
with the girl now this is her daughter maybe 18 19 or 20 something when you’re
don’t have to tell you to be reasonable she talked about I’ve been in prison for
10 years and I just want to go shopping but if you were still in prison right
now which everything that you’re doing is gonna lead you back to prison if you
was in prison right now would you be shopping nope you will not
be shopping mm-hmm you wouldn’t be shopping until your daughter’s point
you’ve been locked up 14 years you’ve been away from your daughter for 10
years if somebody is helping you out financially you should be taking that
money to secure a stable environment for you and your daughter to get to know
each other and going buy some two hundred dollars worth of clothes clothes
don’t make you I guess clothes do make some people
happy but I’d rather have no clothes on my back I’m gonna go back to prison
me personally y’all tell me what y’all think about that I’d rather be even
though I don’t want to be but Nikki nowhere but I’d rather be but Nikki’s
gonna be in prison so so Nina was this uh gist of the
situation what is the other man there’s pretty much in the same position I don’t
know if he married certain lady or not but he’s spending all his money on any
and everything that the lady need oh so they weren’t married so I guess when she
got out of prison they went got married so they get married and they still have
to go see their probation officers so instead of being with the man and
celebrating her honeymoon she leave him to go find a fix
oh my goodness see that’s what I’m saying y’all been in prison for how long
y’all in here no fix and no answer most of y’all hate it and the first thing you
think about when you get out of prison is going get some drugs that mean you
want to go back to prison right see that’s why I ain’t got time to invest in
them kind of people I’m not gonna be waiting for you know 10 or 15 no five
not five not even I’m not gonna be ready no you know one year I’m sorry no I’m
not doing it if you want to keep making stupid decisions and stupid choices to
land yourself up in prison it’s too much they can gone in prison that you might
not tell me about when you get out that could affect my life I’m sorry I’m not
doing it that’s my story and I’m sticking to it
I’m just I can’t do it my mind just won’t let wrap my mind won’t let me wrap
my I can’t wrap my mind around the concept
I just can’t so Dan I guess when she get ready to go see her probation officer they take her you or whatever so now she
back up in prison and her new husband is all mad but you should be mad at
yourself because and then he’s still saying I’m gonna be there for her no
matter how much money I got to spend on lawyers I’m gonna be there for her for
what dude it got people in the real world that need a helping hand and need
some money that would take that opportunity of money that you’re
throwing away and we’ll make something out of it hits me save me the money I
will do something good with it why you gonna be throwing all your money into a
crackhead they’re gonna be live in and out of prison when they get a taste of
freedom they don’t even take it they’d rather go right back to jail why are you
investing your time your energy and your love and even gonna marry a person that
showed you when y’all supposed to be celebrating our honeymoon she go get a
fix come on no it’s time to wake up and smell the roses and they smell so good wake up and smell the roses please they
don’t matter what color they is wake up and smell the roses so damn just a
couple the man is married and half a daughter
but then he got this other woman and I don’t know who she’s supposed to be I
don’t even know is she know that he married so he just getting out of prison
okay Jesus did not prison oh my goodness
he just getting out of prison and he got a meeting with his parole offer officer and on the same day he got a meeting
with his parole officer he got the girlfriend flying into town and he go
pick her up from the airport instead of making arrangements to go to
his probation officer so after he picked up to the Summoner airport they rushing
to try to go to the probation officer and they type in the wrong they type in
the address but for some reason or another they get a different state so he
about 15 minutes late to his probation officer and when he drive up they
waiting on him outside and he was driving and the probation officers like
well first of all you’re late and second of all you’ve been late before and third
of all you’re driving and you’re not supposed to be driving and because they
didn’t allow him to go in the inside and they seen him get off the car they
searched the car searched everything in the car searched the lady that he just
picked up from the airport search her bag and everything if she ever had any
paraphernalia on her that would have been a
no charge on him because he is on probation and he ain’t supposed to be
hanging out with nobody that is doing anything immoral or indecent or illegal so they put the homeboy in handcuffs and
taking him back to jail and he like oh man really so did his mama shows up at a
restaurant with the with the wife and the daughter and her daughter and she
told my wife what happened I don’t think the wife have a clue about the it’s
about the other girlfriend and I don’t think the girlfriend had a clue about
the wife he imprisoned and being a player what he thinking about coming out
of prison and being a faithful husband to his wife and being a father to his
child that ain’t what’s on his mind he going to the airport to pick up somebody
is real any that is irrelevant to and she was the reason why he was late for
probation okay I guess when you don’t do right you deserve to go back to jail cuz
you wouldn’t you wouldn’t planning on doing right cuz you’re going picking up
a whole different woman didn’t one that you may ever – so Deana mama go to the
hotel room where the other girl is supposed to be staying and knock on the
door and the mountain look life’s you wanna be dead girl up and she tell girl that they’ve arrested
him and he not coming back the girl look flew from out of town so I guess she
telling her that so she can go back home but I don’t understand how she don’t
know that he was arrested because she was there with him when they put him in
handcuffs I got back on the plane deed I said I’ll let you say you guys I do
not understand what type of woman or what type of man will be sitting around
waiting on a career criminal who do not even want their freedom as soon as they
get free from prison they’re looking for drugs they’re looking in the community
of the crime they’re due doing things to violet they from probation like I got
time for that I don’t have time for that you’re gonna enter back in prison
I almost listened 24 hours or 48 hours or 72 hours or a month like and like the
other lady said you’d have been in prison for over two years
you’re telling me you didn’t want to be free for the rest of your life you had
ten years to sit up in prison and think about how you was gonna come out and do
things different even if you did make a mistake and you’ve been in prison for
ten years let that mistake count for something and learn from your mistakes
and don’t come out of prison doing the same thing that you win here doing does
that mean you’re gonna be back in there because now you have more than one
strike against you because you are a felon a felon and you’ve been convicted
before and you’re still on probation you got to jump through more hoops than you
did just being a regular everyday citizen and you mean to tell me you
won’t get out of prison and still be doing acting like you cuckoo for cocoa yeah I can’t believe I got all the way
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