Boxed CEO Surprise: We’re Paying For Your Wedding!

So…we’ve got a big announcement to make today A lot of people here today, a lot of expectations No one knows what’s about to happen Neither do I! I just hope it goes well Thank you everybody for coming Any guesses on what we’re going to do? Not at all? OK It’s been a long ride for all of us You guys have all started to become part of the family We thought about what else can we do, and what else can we offer to people? Sorry if I get a little bit emotional Marcel, just the other day, ended up crying at the packing table during the middle of his shift We found out later on that Marcel’s mom
isn’t doing very well He’s worked 7 days a week, double shifts, trying to pay for a wedding that he wants his mom to attend Even though she’s not doing so well No one that works at this company should feel pain like that I’ve thought about what can we really do to help you guys And help other people in the company So we got you to come out of work, and we got all these people here because we want to tell you that we’d love to pay for your wedding so that you guys can have it Everyone here – we’re paying for your weddings in the future So good luck with finding the person to marry! Congratulations Marcel, congratulations Tara Welcome to the Boxed family This is how we treat our own It’s going to be an awesome wedding And we can’t wait to be there to crash your wedding!


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