Birthday Surprise & Engagement Shoot | Krystal & Chris

[music] [music] [Chris] So my birthday is coming up and this
whole month I’ve kind of been picking at Krystal because she’s been busy with her job
and all her clients and lo and behold something comes into play where Krystal
surprised me with this big box. A couple days now until my birthday but she tells
me I can’t touch, can’t feel it, and it’s fragile. And this is typical of
Krystal because she likes to play games. I know I feel like she might try to
throw me a curve ball but no idea what’s going on. [Krystal] Okay, so I have planned the best
surprise for Chris’s birthday and I’m coordinating the strategic surprise and
I think he’s going to be so excited for it. I can’t wait! I’m just nervous that I
don’t feel like I can keep it a secret for two weeks so I’m gonna try to put it
aside and not think about it and figures crossed I can pull it off. Fingers crossed. [music] [Chris] Pretty excited because this year I’m spending it with my amazing fiancee and I’m starting to think that there might
be some tricks up her sleeves. There might be some plans going on. (Krystal) saying not
to plan because she has some things lined up. So first gift! Finally I get to
open up one and it’s the small little box. [Krystal] Today is Chris’s birthday and I
totally planned a surprise for him and he doesn’t know what it is yet so I
can’t tell him but this is the first clue. [Krystal] [singing] Happy birthday to you. [Chris] What is this? [Krystal] [singing] Happy birthday to you. [Chris] I can open this? [Krystal] You can open it. [Krystal] What is it, Chucky? [Chris] And so I open up this gift thinking it’s
gonna be something that I’m gonna enjoy but as a matter of fact it was a timer.
As you can see the time is going right now because in 21 hours 59 minutes I’m
gonna be able to open up that big box underneath the tree. And so now I’m
starting to feel a little bit overwhelmed because she’s mentioning
hints about doing something crazy and she keeps talking about skydiving and
she knows how fearful I am of heights. I told her I’m not gonna be able to do it
because if there’s any shot of me going skydiving probably either gonna A) Die
from a heart attack, pass out, shit my pants, something. It’s not gonna be good
so I might have to say no but like I said 21 hours 58 minutes left we’re
gonna find out what this gift holds. [Chris] Babe, I really can’t skydive. Seriously. Babe, please. I’m going to die. I’ll pass out. [Krystal] [laughs] [Krystal] Everything’s always optional. [Chris] Babe, I’m not doing that. [Krystal] Okay, baby. [Chris] I got so excited for a gift. It’s the second time now. [Krystal] Happy birthday! [Chris] Thank you. [music] [Krystal] Okay I just left the gym. Chris didn’t
get any sleep last night because he was so anxious about opening his box and I’m
heading home for him to open it! Can’t wait. [Krystal] Happy day two birthday, baby! [Chris] Thank you. [Krystal] How are you feeling? [Chris] Feeling a little bit better. [Krystal] Yeah? [Chris] Yeah. Had a great time last night. Thank you. [Krystal] You did? [Chris] What’s up with this gift? [Krystal] How much time is left? Show me. [Chris] 26 minutes. [Krystal] 26 minutes?! [Chris] Yeah. [Krystal] Show me. Oh my gosh! Until we open this! [Krystal] Wayne, are you ready? [Chris] Does it have to be at that time? [Chris] Alright, can we open it? [Krystal] Yeah. [Chris] I can open it? Alright. [Krystal] Yeah, we can open it. [Krystal] [laughs] [Chris] Stop laughing like that! [Krystal] [laughs] Sorry! [Chris] That’s like the Joker. [Krystal] [laughs] [Krystal] Aunt Cassidy says, “Happy Birthday”! [Chris] What?! [Chris] What the fuck is this?! [Krystal] Keep opening it! [Chris] What are you – are you serious? [Krystal] Keep opening it, baby! [Chris] Yo! [Chris] Oh my God! [Chris] Did you go on a shopping spree? [Chris] Did you go to the mall? [Chris] If there’s not a “Louis” in here, I’m going to be fucking furious. [music] [Chris] Oh my God! [Chris] Wow! [Krystal] [indistinguishable] Oh my God, Happy Birthday! [Chris] Dude, this is unreal. [Krystal] Is that the bag you wanted, baby? [Chris] This is unreal. No, you did not do this. Is this for real? [Krystal] It’s for real, baby. [Chris] Baby. [Krystal] Do you like it? Okay, now open up the card. [Krystal] Are you going to cry? [Krystal] Baby. You’re not crying, are you? [Krystal] Baby, are you crying? [Chris] Okay, this is a really nice gift. [Krystal] Now the card! [Krystal] Read it left to right. [Chris] Okay. “We are always having an adventure and I
thought no better way to celebrate your special day by creating a snowman ready
to play and have lots of fun on this birthday. Love you so much, babe, I know
we’ve been working hard so want to celebrate and set out of town. This is
your packing list”. What the fuck? Where are we going? [Krystal] I’m not going to tell you. [Chris] Babe. [Krystal] But we have about 50 minutes until we have to be at the airport. [Chris] We’re going on a flight?! [Krystal] Yes. [Chris] Babe. No. [Krystal] We’re going on a flight. [Chris] No. Babe. No. [Krystal] We have to leave here- [Chris] Babe. [Krystal] We have to leave here at 8:40. We have 40 minutes [Krystal] Please walk over to the kitchen timer. I need you to set it for 40 minutes. [Krystal] [laughing] You set the timer. [Chris] What the fuck? What the fuck? Alright. [Krystal] That’s four hours! [Chris] Oh shit! Oh shit! Okay, okay, okay! Hold on. [Krystal] You can do it, baby. [Chris] So I just opened up the gift. 40 minutes to pack. No idea where we’re going. She got me a Louis Vuitton duffel bag
with a card that says, “pack two shirts, two pairs of shoes, a workout outfit because
we’re leaving and make sure you have your passport”. So guess what? I don’t know
what city were going to but all I know is that in 40 minutes I’m hopping on a
plane and it’s time to celebrate the big three one. [Krystal] Okay. He has no idea that his amazing
surprise totally went as planned. I’ve known this for two weeks so it’s
really hard to hold on to. Okay I gotta hurry and get ready. I’ll
see you guys at the airport. Bye! [Chris] So we get in the Uber, we head out to the airport, go through security and I’m thinking at this point I have to know where the
destination is because I have to get my ID, I have to give him my ticket, but once
again Krystal kind of MacGyver’s the situation where still I do not know the
destination as she tells TSA not to tell me where we’re going so go through
security finally get to the gate lo and behold says it right there on the screen – we’re headed to Vegas baby! One of my favorite cities to celebrate
my birthday. I couldn’t be more excited and happier to know that my beautiful
fiancee set up the surprise trip with a wonderful gift which not only means the
world to me but it just continues to show me a new layer of her and how sweet
and genuine the inside of her heart is. [music] [Krystal] Five things we’re gonna do here in Vegas: [Chris] Eat, gamble, show… [Krystal] What show? [Chris] We’re going to decide. There’s so much to do so we’ll figure it out. [Krystal] I want to see “O”. [Chris] “O”! [Krystal] And I want to see Britney. [Chris] Brittany’s not available. [Krystal] I want to see Britney! [Chris] She’s not available. [Krystal] What? [Chris] Yeah. [Krystal] Are you sure? [Chris] But we can go see “O”. [Krystal] But I wore my Britney pigtails just for her. [Chris] You did wear the Britney pigtails. [Chris] All right, let’s go. Ready? [Krystal] I got to put my lip gloss on. [Chris] Seriously. [Man] Let’s fucking go. [Chris] Oh my fucking God! [Chris] Oh my God! [Man] Let’s go! [Chris] What the fuck?! Happy birthday. [Chris] Just when I thought going to Vegas was the biggest surprise, I was clearly wrong again because when we got to the suite
at the Bellagio, doorbell rings, I’m thinking it’s champagne to kick off this
weekend and lo and behold my two best friends from Florida that Krystal got in
contact with to fly them out, get them to stay at our hotel, and I honestly was at
loss for words. [Krystal] Woo! Vegas was a success! I pulled it off! I have no idea how I did not blow that surprise
because I get a little excited and talk about things. Pulled it off. Chris
literally cried and it was just honestly the most incredible weekend and
really bonding for us, like, Chris taught me how to play roulette, I got to hang out
with his best friends from back home and it was just so great to see Chris in
his element and with his guys. [Chris] I was shocked to know that she went out of her
way to do this and it was incredible. Vegas was insane. Had an amazing time
definitely understand now a little bit of how it feels to be 31 because halfway
through the day I was taking vinegar shots and cayenne shots to help me rally
and to fight through the tiredness and the pain of gambling and partying all
night. Can’t take it much but it was a crazy
experience an amazing time but I’m happy now to get back in San Diego and to kick
off this engagement shoot that Krystal and I have going. [Krystal] Today- up bright and
early. We got an engagement shoot so I called in the glam squad to kind of like
put this together because I didn’t drink green juice the whole time I was there, I’ll be honest here, and so uh you know got to rally one more day
and get these photos done. [Chris] So today Krystal and I have this engagement shoot
and I’m very excited about it. It’s something that I’ve been waiting to do
but also I’m nervous because this is the the next chapter, this is the next phase,
this is actually happening and the more stuff we do together that symbolizes and
solidifies this wedding and this marriage you just continue to get
nervous. [Chris] Natural nervousness but you get anxious – the fear of the unknown and it’s just something where you’re excited and
nervous at the same time but I’m not comfortable sometimes when I’m in front
of the camera. I know that sounds crazy but today with this photoshoot I could
see myself getting a little bit overwhelmed. [Krystal] I am really excited for
these photos because Chris and I, you know, when we came back from Paradise we
just kept kind of saying like bull once we move in then we’ll talk about the
wedding and it’s one of those things that you just, like, push off, like, oh yeah
when this happens then we’ll get there and now we’re here because we’ve moved in, we’re settled and now it’s time to actually start doing stuff for the
wedding which is exciting and crazy and honestly nerve-wracking because, I mean,
Chris and I both said in “Paradise” that we didn’t really believe in the concept
of marriage so the fact that we’re actually having an engagement photo
shoot today is really kind of mind-blowing for us. I’m, like, I got this.
I’m kind of feeling like Chris might freak out a little bit so uh cause he
was kind of, like, let’s not do this shoot and I don’t know if it’s just because he
came up back from Vegas needed like a green juice refresh or is kind of
getting cold feet. I’m, like, anticipating him having a moment on our shoot
today so we’ll see what happens. [music] [Krystal] We’re here on mine and Chris’s engagement shoot! Oh my God.
I can’t believe this is happening. It’s really starting to sink in that I
have a fucking ring on my finger. [Chris] We are here at our engagement shoot which I
thought I was actually gonna be really nervous about but in the first scene of
just looking into Krystal’s eyes I just had a sense of calmness and it just
brought me back to that moment when I was looking into her eyes the last day
of “Paradise” before I got down on one knee and as nervous as I looked and I
may have sounded, on the inside I felt so calm and so today she helped me out a
lot and just it was easy to know that that this is the woman that I’m gonna be
marrying. [Krystal] And honestly I know – I didn’t know if Chris would get, like, anxious but
we’re having such an incredible time and to just finally be, like, moving forward
with our life together. [Chris] Today just made everything more real and I think just
looking into Krystal’s eyes and just knowing that this is gonna be my wife –
wife! It’s crazy to know that six months ago we were in “Paradise” not even looking for love and I’m just so happy to know that here
coming soon this will be my wife and I feel truly blessed and thankful and I’m
very appreciative for her so thank you, baby. Love you. [music]


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